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Blue Mountains Survey Blitz May 11th - 16th

Blue Mountains is sponsoring a survey Blitz of public land timber sales the week of May 11th through the 16th (Tuesday - Sunday). Please join us and volunteer to drive carpools of citizen surveyors out into Eastern Oregon for this week of direct connection with the best Eastern Oregon has to offer.
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Blue Mountains is a very effective environmental organization that monitors four National Forests and other public lands on the vast east side of the Cascades. They use legal processes to stop illigitimate timber sales with a high rate of success, but they are volunteer-driven and need your help to gather evidence to use in lawsuits.

The schedule (loose) includes:

1) check some categorical exclusion fuels reduction sales that the Bush Administration has authorized but may very well be ineligible when checked by on-the-ground surveyors.

2) check the Crooked River Grassland, fun hike in this massive area, checking on some livestock grazing issues.

3) a new fire sale, the Davis salvage project, which may be pushed as an Emergency Status Determination sale (excluding it from environmental review and public comment) on the basis of the "crisis" that the financial loss from the rotting of burned timber would create.

4) possibly reviewing the Flagtail Emergency Status Determination salvage sale to review green tree units that are being appealed. (recent update is a judge turned down a temporary restraining order on the really burned portions of

This schedule depends on which sites are accessible. Snow and other factors may require spontaneous reorganization. Prepare for all conditions. Read more about Blitzes in general at  http://www.cascadiarising.org/or/2004/04/216.shtml, and remember to prepare for ALL WEATHER, including snow, rain, and hot weather. Food is an essential, water is sometimes hard to get so bringing extra couldn't hurt.

Please go to the announcement at Cascadia Rising  http://www.cascadiarising.org/or/2004/04/258.shtml and leave a comment there if you can drive or need a ride in a carpool. Contact Cascadia Rising if you have any questions about this event, or call Blue Mountains at (541) 385-9167 to leave a message.

homepage: homepage: http://bmbp.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (503) 493-7495