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Protecting Your Assets

Protecting your assets from those lawyers woh advertise on TV.
In my last article I taught you how to disappear. This week I was stranded in a hotel room held hostage by daytime TV. I have to admit, it was a horrible experience yet enlightening. Like a thunder bolt I realized that I had neglected to explain why one should disappear or perhaps at least consider protecting their assets, by going offshore.

So here I am, lost in hotel hell, flicking from one talk show to another. Trust me, no fun in that act. However, there was one consistent on every station. Lawyers advertising on Local stations and networks too. In big bold letters "HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED" , "IF YOU'VE BEEN WRONGFULLY TERMINATED". I'm sitting there wondering who their target audience is? Perhaps the unemployed, the lazy, the unmotivated? It doesn't matter, cause you are their pay day and the attorney is the hired gun!

There is nothing wrong with lawyers advertising their business. I love capitalism. However, when some ambulance chasing hack is trying to dip his hands into the pockets of those who worked hard for what they earned, its war! Truthfully, lawsuits have turned into a lottery system for those looking for the easy payday.

Most of us have heard the story of the woman who burned herself with coffee and sued. Why was she not more responsible in holding her coffee cup properly? What about the parents who sued because their child became obese eating fast food? Hello, we as parents do have a responsibility towards our children's' intake. I think common sense tells you if you suck smoke in your lungs it can't be all that healthy. The recent trend of class action suits against tobacco companies have become quite successful. The tobacco companies paid back millions if not billions. Just curious... did the government ever repay all the taxes they collected to the people who sued? Of course not!

The devastating part of lawsuits are not always the results. The cost of defending the suit can actually be more crippling. Your attorney will most likely try to settle the case, since the cost of trial is exorbitant. The results of a law suit in reality have nothing to do with who is right or who is wrong. Never forget the experts in court cases want the money up front!

Learning how to disappear was a tool for the hardcore. Learning why and how you should protect your assets is for everyone. If you are reasonably successful and have any type of savings you should be offshore. Whether it is an IBC (international business corporation) or some type of trust.

No one ever expects the worst, or plans on disasters. It would be cheaper to protect your assets than fight a law suit. Prior to most suits lawyers will do a preliminary investigation to determine if your pockets are deep enough to tap. If you are judgment proof most likely they will not pursue a case. Why? because there is no money in it.

There was a time in society when lawyers represented people who had been truly wronged. The legal system has evolved into a money making machine for those who have a license to practice. Justice does have its cost, she is not blind! There is a price tag attached; it could be the house you worked hard for all those years.

"But I have insurance." Yes you do. However, it does not cover punitive damages. Remember, your insurance company hires the law firm of their choice. Those firms actually work for the insurance carrier and their best interest, not yours. Punitive damages comes out of your pocket, your savings, your, child's college fund, your home equity. When it comes to a judgment most things are attachable. Judgments on your home last for twenty years and accrue interest. In some cases treble damages can be awarded, in which the amount becomes threefold.

If you read my first article you would be aware there are companies like Ahearn Group, Ltd. that specialize in locating people and their assets. Most of us that do it are very good at what we do, its our payday.

Part of the solution is to educate yourself on offshore living. Besides websites such as Escape Artist , there are great books out there for you to read. Its very important you speak with your accountant or perhaps a tax attorney. There go those attorneys making money again for specific tax advise.

There is a recent law that was passed that supposedly stops individuals from locating assets  http://www.senate.gov/~banking/conf/grmleach.htm. The law states that an individual cannot pretext a bank or a financial institution. This law put the asset searching community in a frenzy. Some companies have yet to change the ways in how they locate assets. Most investigators or skip tracers invest $250.00 and mail a copy of the judgment to 675 institutions that surround the subject's place of employment or home. How many banks and brokerage companies are still out there? The odds are in my favor for a hit. If the above do not work, I can have your trashed pulled for old statements. There are more ways than to locate assets. Protection should be a part of personal and business planning.

So I thank daytime TV for my epiphany and words to you. Remember a little offshore protection is a good thing. However, a little offshore living is a better thing!

Frank M. Ahearn


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