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Indy Reporter Returns To Canada To CHeck On Tre

I returned to Canada Monday to check in on Tre, and to testify to his good character at his Immigration bail hearing. I found that violent cops and despotic rule are every bit as prevalent in Canada as they are in the US, and justice every bit as rare.
I also found one of the most amazing groups of activists I've ever encountered.
Tre's friends and supporters packed the lobby of the CIC (Citizenship Immigration,Canada)Monday. CIC public relation manager Mellisa Adams had assured us that we would have the opportunity to speak with Tre as he was brought in. However, when the marshals arrived with Tre they didn't even break stride as they moved through the lobby and immediately began shoving people out of their way, going so far as to throw punches. In the process Tre was thrown against a wall, and two people, including myself, were thrown to the ground. At no point did Tre or anyone [other than the marshals] make any aggressive moves, even after being assaulted. Charges against the Marshals are being filed, there are also charges against these same individuals for assaulting members of the cooperate media during Tre's hearing last week.

In the end, Tre was denied bail. Although last week bail of $2500.00(Canadian) was approved and paid in Tre's criminal hearing, he could not be released without bail also being granted in the immigration matter, now that it has been denied it will likely be several months before there is another opportunity to get him out on bail

As a character witness at the hearing, I can not disclose what was said in the court room, or the reasons for bail being denied, without potentially causing problems for Tre's case. But, I can say that the refugee claim has not been heard yet, nor have they actually made a decision on whether to hear that claim. In addition, Tre has not yet had his Admissibility hearing, which is critical. If Tre is deemed have been admissible to Canada when he entered, then he can make a refugee claim; if he's not admissible then he may eventually be deported to the U.S.

His next hearing dateils next Monday, but lawyer s may try to have it adjourned in order to be better prepared. After a successful Admissibility hearing Tre could potentially be eligible for bail again.

Tre has been on hunger strike for 44 days to protest his unjust incarceration and in solidarity with the millions of people without food all around the world. Tre has lost over 20 pounds and is visibly weakened from the fast and inhumane treatment he is receiving in jail. To those who have expressed doubt that he is "really" fasting, I can tell you, as someone who has seen him in person over the course of his incarceration, there is no way he could "fake" his dramatic weight loss or deteriorating health, and there is no way the fascists who are holding him would miss the opportunity to "out" him if he were to start eating again. In all likelihood he will need to stop fasting soon, but has not done so yet.

Tre is currently being held in solitary confinement with NO access to the outdoors or the sun after being transferred to Vancouver, the jail withheld water from him for two days. He has only limited access to the phone and the jail is blocking phone numbers of some of his most active supporters.

Tre needs our lsupport more than ever now. If you're in Victoria please attend his hearings or visit him in jail (detail to come) he needs to see people there for him., write to him as often as you can (On recycled or scrap paper please!). Visualize him surrounded white light. Light a candle for him.

You can send your letters to Tre care of the address below (his amazing attorney, Tim Russell)
Tre Arrow
c/o McCollough parsons Blazina
2nd floor, 1011 fort street
Victoria, BC
V8V 3K5

Tre and his many supporters would like to thank everyone who worked so hard collecting resources and information since Tre's arrest, and all the friends who have stood by him in these dark days. My respect and heart filled thanks goes out to the Victoria crew who have been working nonstop for Tre since day one, the folks in Vancouver who found a place for me to stay and shepharded me around while I was there, as well as Tre's Canadian legal team, Rudi Kischer, Negar Azmudeh and Tim Russell, who have all worked long hours and small miracles for our brother!

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org
address: address: $$ 125 NE 83ed Portland, Oregon 97220