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Forest Service Raids Straw Devil

Cascadia Forest Defenders had over 500 dollars worth of climbing gear confiscated in a raid yesterday afternoon.

Forest Service Law Enforcement as well as their stash sniffing dog paid environmentalists at the Straw Devil Timber Sale an unfriendly visit yesterday afternoon.

They began their visit by pulling over a person who had been visiting the forest for not wearing a seat belt on a logging road. They blocked her in with two forest service SUV's, took all of her information and issued a ticket before speeding off to further foul deeds.
Another Straw Devil Photo
Another Straw Devil Photo
Another Straw Devil Photo
Another Straw Devil Photo
Forest Service Law Enforcement as well as their stash sniffing dog paid environmentalists at the Straw Devil Timber Sale an unfriendly visit yesterday afternoon.
They began their visit by pulling over a person who had been visiting the forest for not wearing a seat belt on a logging road. They blocked her in with two forest service SUV's, took all of her information and issued a ticket before speeding off to further foul deeds.
They went first to the general action where they encountered no people but did find a pile of trash that they promptly confiscated (thanks for doing something useful) as well as cut off about ten feet of two ropes that had unfortunately been left hanging.
Relatively disappointed I am sure they headed off to the womyn and trans action. When they arrived they found what was seemingly an empty base camp but seconds later the barks of ewok dogs rang out and a security whistle was sounded by nearby security. Everyone working on ground in the unit at the time grabbed as much climbing gear as they could and disappeared into the woods but alas many a line where left for the taking.
The person who blew the whistle was charged with a class B misdemeanor for attempting to build and maintain an illegal structure but was not arrested. After which that person acted as a witness as the freddies (forest service) confiscated over five hundred dollars worth of climbing gear including all of the ropes used for working in the unit. Their dog (Officer Neko) also sniffed out several things hidden nearby.
Up until this point the people in the trees had remained still and silent and Officer Casey Buttwich happened to notice a line dangling. She grabbed the line and used it to bang the person up there against the tree as she had a temper tantrum about how she was a police officer and people in the trees had to come down if she said so. The security escort however assured everyone in the unit that Casey, Burkle, the red head and the police dog have no real jurisdiction over nature or other people. The person in the tree despite her assault remained where she was and later laughed about the entire incident.
Another laughing point on this episode of the freddies visit the W+T action was when they noticed a practice traverse about 15 feet in the air. The traverse was left over from the W+T action camp that was held on March 30 - April 4th. The freddies were determined to get it down. Casey and the red head seemed to be trying to reclaim there youth as the did what looked like attempted cheerleading moves to get into the tree. After almost seriously injuring themselves Burkle (the big strong man) pushed them aside and declared that he would free climb the tree. He tried three times and each time branches broke and he landed on his ass. Hell if I were a tree I wouldn't let freddies climb me either.
The freddies loaded up their gear, the dog, and their bruises and headed back to the Willamette Ranger station to brag to their friends (I am sure they left out the part about cheerleading).
We may have had another wonderful round of freddie bloopers but they did get over five hundred dollars worth of gear. You can mail donations to the Cascadia Forest Defenders to help replace the stolen supplies at:
PO BOX 11122
Eugene, OR 97401

Also more hands helping both in the woods and in town can help us ensure that they never make such a big score again. If you are interested in volunteering your time or resources please contact CFD at 541- 684- 8977 or email  forestdefenders@riseup.net.

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977
address: address: PO Box 11122 Eugene OR 97212

hmmmmmmm 28.Apr.2004 23:31


hmmmmm, well it sucksa to get raided byr freddy, i lost a few very important items to me in a freddy raid, also lost loads of equipment. but never ever ever lost climbing gear. i have to ask why were lines left down, thought it was standard procedure to always have all lines up unless someone is on that line.
i totally sympathize with the dog situation, hard to hide shit when they got a dog, maybe cayanne sprinkled liberally around a stash area to turn their little noses off. iknow who much we love to sprinkle cayanne on our taters and tofu but a little spared for the cause might help save a stash.

or better yet 28.Apr.2004 23:33

just keep your

gear in the trees!!!

Eco terrorism, or rich white kids with mom and dads Visa card ? 29.Apr.2004 14:41


It's always fun to see young rich white kids playing the rambo eco warrior role. Rambo wore cheap army clothing, but the rich white kids in the tree's wear thousands of dollars of high tech, non hemp clothing made from non-natural materials . This high tech outer wear is sewn together by slave labor in third world countries, clothing pimps like Patigonia and North Face have raped the 3rd world nations so they can sell RWK ( rich white kids) toys to play with as they live in trees, smoke weed, drop acid and pretend to be defenders of nature. The rich white kids even name their attack dogs after benign fantssy characters like the humble ewoks.

Why do you give a shit 29.Apr.2004 15:34


obviously you havent been off your ass and had a look

hey hey 29.Apr.2004 22:32

gingerbread man

you are suffering from delusions.....why dont you go up to the willamete and check those kids out, they aren't clad in all that wear as you say, what i see are a bunch of kids just scrapping by and patching up their already patched up surplus kick down wools. most of them dont like that high tech crap cuz it is crap, wool works

Shoot the messenger 30.Apr.2004 10:34


" what i see are a bunch of kids just scrapping by"

These Rich White Kids have plenty of cash from mom and dads Visa account, they have 1000's of dollars invested in climbing gear, how many poor kids can afford 2 thousand feet of expensive ROPE LINE used to scale tree's. Plus the CASH it takes to travel to and from the climb site, costs involved in gear repair and upkeep, food ( tofu aint free ya know), first aids supplies, good micro-brewery beer ( rich white kids HATE large domestic breweries) but the weed is free, they try to grow it on federal forest property.

What I see is delusional bravado and a good dose of testosterone driven mochery and machismo by the RWK's upon the forest service workers. The forest service WORKERS !!! thats right WORKERS!!who have a family and children to feed. These forest service WORKERS !! swing their legs out of bed every morning just like the rest of us, but then have to endure the immature taunting and misplaced anger of RWK's.

Next issue of RWK's will involve the fossil burning vehicles the RWK's use as transportation into the forest, and how they are causing yet more treadway degredation and erosion on delicate gravel and dirt fire roads of the federal forests.

Or we can jump right to the next stage of RWK's where they burn, pillage and destroy other peoples property in the name of some nebulus political-environment philosophy.

Hah 30.Apr.2004 14:43


Everyone who has ever done anything for anyone else is a worker.

You have to decide where to support workers, and where to stop them from acting out the absurd deeds of a boss that is serving his (or rarely her) own profit. Hitler's soldiers we're workers, as were the folks who built the bombs that fell on Dresden or Tokyo or Hiroshima, as we're the people who made the weapons that killed over 700 U.S. soldiers in Iraq...

So there are times when workers need to be stopped from acting out the duties of their superiors, and have pointed out to them the wrongs of their ways. Logging old-growth for a corporate profit is one of those times. If the Forest Service wasnt so damn corrupt and in the pockets of the corporations, maybe they would concentrate on serving the forest instead of serving the timber companies.

If you want to support workers and you give a toss about the forests, help unionize the loggers, who have few unions and do the most dangerous job in the country (according to the labor dept). These folks are the ones who are risking their lives for poverty, placed into a situation by timber corporations that they cannt escape. Their jobs will surely move to the Phillipines or Mexico or Indonesia as soon as the Timber corps are done raping the lands in the Northwest.

These loggers would work for more pay, less hours, and have a more enjoyable life if they were re-planting forests or maintaining forests instead of clearcutting them and stripping nature of it's (and our) resourses. Stop infighting and let's go save some forests (and some people's lives)!

Workers of the world unite fight for the Earth!
Save the Siskiyou!


p.s. A women's/trans action camp is very from being a "rambo" event...in fact, it is rejecting the rambo macho mentality, but obviously you seem a bit scared of a challenge of such nature. Furthermore, your attempt to illegitimize the forest defense movement by talking about "rich white kids" is absurd, for many reasons. There are many people, whites and people of color, rich and poor, who are involved in these campaigns. People in the Phillipines are fighting the same way we are fighting in the Northwest, and they are certainly not "rich white kids". Same with Brazil, Indonesia, India, and many other places where U.S. and Japanese (and other rich nations) companies are stealing trees and land.

There is 30.Apr.2004 17:18

no doubt

The forest defenders are of the highest integrity-they don't get paid for what they do, they do it out of love for intact forests. The timber industry is one of the most corrupt, ruthless industrys in the world. Industry always wants more more more, the timber industry is so greedy they would cut every last tree on OUR national forests if they were allowed to. The grassroots efforts of Cascadia Forest Defenders, Cascadia Forest Alliance and Cascadia Rising are very important to protect quality of life here in Cascadia. To knock their efforts is to declare yourself an idiot and the comments above are evidence of that. The person knows nothing and is likely missing most of their braincells. To hell with you wise-use fucks. If there is any good use for prisons in this world, it would be to create a special penal colony for wise-users. So here's a toast to all the forest defenders out working hard to preserve our heritage forests-and after we stop all logging on public lands we will move on to stop it on private lands(raising my glass of $10.00 a bottle Lambic ale to you). You deserve the best beer money can buy!

There is 01.May.2004 20:11

no doubt

This new wise-use penal colony's first resident will be Gingerbread man. And your sentence will involve you glueing chips of sawdust back into trees, 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, chip by chip. You will be fed a steady diet of used motor oil from the crankcases of SUV's. The only visits you will be allowed will be from Greenpeace, who will fill your mind with retoric for extended periods of time. Oh I think we're on to something here.

this is why message boards become useless 02.May.2004 18:31


if you have complaints, do something better. Stop complaining and bickering on a website please.

stop bitching and do something! 04.May.2004 14:37

supper freddie #1 nok@riseup.net

ok, look Gingerbread_man, by what you have stated above, it is quite clear that you have never been out to straw devil, nor have you really interacted with any dedicated forest defender. For example, to rationalize your complacence you accuse forest defenders of being rich white kids and attempt to prove it by saying that we use our privileged richness and our parent's visa cards to "buy" all this gear, food, etc . First of all, the food is donated or dumstered, and second, a good portion of that gear is gotten though non-monetary means. And that thing about growing weed on Federal land, what the fuck are you talking about? So look, instead of bitching, go out there, see how it is. No one needs your defeatist cynical critique. That's all we get from the reformist left, critiques upon critiques. Get off your intellectual complacent armchair and do something! The revolution begins with your life and the actions you take in it. So unless you've been there, don't tell us what we're all about. We bust our ass out there, we work all day, we eat and at night we rest. It's not easy fucking work and your help would by appreciated; not by taking cheap shots at people who are trying to do something, but getting out ther and involved.