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Adopt a Soldier - Stop the War

Write a letter to a soldier to let him/her know what people really think of this war. Send a photo of a dead Iraqi civilian. Send a photo or message about an anti-war protest.
I found this organization Soldiers Angels maybe there are others. Outreach to soldiers is the best way to persuade them to stop killing civilians. Maybe they will even begin fragging (killing their officers) like in Vietnam. It's worth a try. At least send your newly adopted soldier some real news instead of the Stars and Stripes propaganda they hear 24/7.

Here's a suggestion: Make nice the first time you contact your soldier. Then send anti-war information or whatever. Once you have the address/name and build a relationship your mail will get through. The first time it may not if it's clearly anti-war that's why it might work best to make nice at first.


Making nice 27.Apr.2004 15:43

Dennis Rybczynski

This is one of the sickest things I've ever heard. To "make nice" and then stab the soldiers in the back with the anti-war garbage you're talking about is as low as it gets. We were attacked by terrorists on 9/11/01 the last I heard and since they started it we should be out to finish it, not worrying about attacks from the enemy within. The soldiers and sailors are there putting their lives on the line to protect you but you want to hassle and harrass them. (pretty poor!!!)

Dennis Hubbahubbahubba 27.Apr.2004 15:51

Eduardo Anger

> stab the soldiers in the back with the anti-war garbage

> 9/11/01

> since they started it we should be out to finish it

> the enemy within

> putting their lives on the line to protect you

The hallmarks of a Freeper.

Dennis, with all due respect, you're a Saturday turd at a Sunday market with this sort of commentary.

Are you on crack?!? 27.Apr.2004 15:53


You must be high!! Put down the crack pipe and take up something usefull. And they don't get stars and stripes as you think they do, but CNN. They know what is happening. And they are over there making you safer and protecting your right to spew your bullshit propaganda. Maybe instead of backstabbing the soldiers, you should thank them you piece of filth.

Quality of the Gene Pool has reached a new low 27.Apr.2004 16:09


You sir (and you certainly don't deserve such title), are an asshat.

To even suggest such a vile thing makes me think you have trouble rubbing two brain cells together to form a cognitive thought.

If you had a clue about the military, you would know that our armed forces go above and beyond to minimize civilian casualties. However, such losses are inevitable in the field of battle, especially in an urban environment. Gone are the days of wide open battles, where the only people on the field were that of combatants.

The only smart thing you've done in your post is to give a way for other people to support the troops that are over there. And for that, I thank you.

Good idea 27.Apr.2004 16:11

not a troll

Infiltration is a fine idea. ignore the trolls they are brainpoisoned fools.

Many soldiers cannot get real news because many internet sites are blocked. some may get cnn but so what most of the "news" on that station is biased and nothing more than fluff pieces. adopting a soldier is a good way to get information in - like books to prisoners.

Soldiers 27.Apr.2004 16:15


Jimmy, you are a fine example of someone who has a remarkable talent! Tell us, how exactly is it you remember to breathe regularly? Do you have to wait until your body forces you to breathe, or, do you perhaps have a timer that lets you know when to take a breath? It's soldiers like we have in Iraq that have for years preserved your right to even speak such pathetic tripe. And you want to demean them? I guess that for you, this might be a revelation. I really wonder what this country has become to spawn people like you.

amazing! 27.Apr.2004 16:16

this one

really brought out all the "learned" trolls didn't it? What a hoot!

jimmy 27.Apr.2004 16:19


Good idea! Looks like you have realy riled up the sheep-fuckers with this one. You must have poked a soft spot.

Veterans' groups against Iraq war 27.Apr.2004 16:20


Letter Signed By 1000 Veterans for Common Sense

Veterans for Common Sense (VCS)
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20003 USA
Tel.: 202.543.6176
Fax: 202.543.0725

Citizen Soldier

Military Families Speak Out

Veterans Against Iraq War




Adopt an Insurgent... 27.Apr.2004 16:21

Johnny Sadr

How bout "Adopt an Insurgent"?

You could mail them some bullets and first aid kits....

US soldiers in their finest moment 27.Apr.2004 16:36


I think this is a good idea jimmy.

Here's a video of the wonderful freedom fighters the inbred shit eaters trolling this post this site admire so much. Look at the brave soldiers - they can't even shoot straight.


I'll adopt a soldier hoping I can help one of them not become a murdering psychopath.

Ted shut up 27.Apr.2004 16:45


Do you think that video supports your cause? Do you think site even makes any sense? "News you won't find on CNN!" Then the video is straight from CNN (or didn't you notice the "CNN" in the corner?). Also unless you're an idiot you can see the video has also been edited, so apparently you won't see this particular clip on CNN. I guess you have to cut out sections of video to show the "real" story... right. Also what they also cut out was the part about where that guy was setting up a bomb to ambush US soldiers. I'm glad they killed him. Why don't you go back to having gay sex or something.

lol 27.Apr.2004 17:56


"Also what they also cut out was the part about where that guy was setting up a bomb to ambush US soldiers."

lol, where you learned that?? pentagon?? lmao

'Greg' 27.Apr.2004 19:00


"Why don't you go back to having gay sex or something."

--what's the matter, can't handle it?

ReichWingNut trolls reveal the true depth of their hateful psychiatric insecurities.

btw, USA is going to get its ass kicked - or thrown - out of Iraq. Spain has already made a formal request:

Fantastic Idea...... 27.Apr.2004 19:15

Patriotic Warrior

What a unique idea.This is what we need more of: Creative ways to communicate ideas.If we can be bomblasted with corporate shit 24 hrs a day, the soldiers can stand a doze of the truth. They need to ask themselves what they are there for?And all the trolls on this page. They didnt go to fight for me honey, because I asked them not to go,Ok!
And as far as freedom of speech which they are dying for! Ask the 15 year old kid who will probably be drafted what he thinks of his right of free speech when he is investigated for drawing an anti-bush cartoon in class. Give me a ***break.
The soldiers are over there murdering women, children, men and destroying a country. They knew and are accepting of thier place or they would refuse...please, they arent dying for any so called freedom we have here, cause we dont have true freeedom in this country. You trolls are to blind to know that.
We need more actions like the one suggested above. CONGRATULATIIONS,your a true patriotic freedom fighter.My salute to you....

all this troll traffic is a drag 27.Apr.2004 20:11


There's alot of troll traffic today because some right-wing mouthpiece planted a story on the newswire to discredit Portland imc. On the positive side Portland sure is getting a lot of traffic today. Maybe some sense will wiggle it's way through into their brains.

Kill a commie for mommie 27.Apr.2004 22:21

5 miles from ground zero

I hope you lw scum come to ny for the repub convention; I am an old man but I will kick your stupid sorry asses into next year.

And when we are done, we'll send your asses to Gitmo where you belong, so you can kneel to the moon-god worshipers you admire so much, and service bin laden before we hang him.

Chia Liberal 27.Apr.2004 22:55


I'm not sure how "corresponding with a soldier" is the same as "stabbing them in the back." I mean... if the soldier finds the correspondence or opinions stated annoying or disagreeable, won't he just:

A) Stop reading them
B) Make fun of them with his pals
C) Use them to wipe his ass

I don't see how getting anti-war correspondence from home is going to in any way unbalance or otherwise harm a soldier. If anything, they'll probably get a kick out of having the equivalent of their own pet Sea Monkey or Chia Liberal. Sort of like a pet.

Actually, I think dialoguing with the soldiers is an excellent idea, but the real issue here is how is any of the correspondence going to get past military censors? Do you really think the military is going to allow you to send correspondence back and forth to soldiers deployed in Iraq? It's not like the military would keep anything from their troops. That never happens in a democracy, ladies and gentlemen, does it?

Priceless comedy gold 27.Apr.2004 23:40


This must be a good idea. The keyboard-chewers are practically having seizures over it. Between the contradictory "these soldiers protect your freedom, so stop using it right now!" crap and the "you just wait, we're gonna kick your ass" nonsense from morons who probably believe Rush/Hannity/etc. about us all being wimpy little pacifists, I don't know what's got me laughing harder.

These SheepSodomizers Are Indeed Pretty Goddamned Funny 27.Apr.2004 23:54


perhaps a Picture Show will help their comprehension:

Your Own Government Is Responsible,
Your Own Government Is Responsible,
The Joke Is On You,
The Joke Is On You,
And THIS Is The Best You Can Come Up With
And THIS Is The Best You Can Come Up With

Personally, I like best the piece from 28.Apr.2004 00:02

5 miles from ground zero

as I could visualize this old geezer snapping a salute when he heard Rush and has spent all day working
on his little rant to send to all of us here. What really gets me giggling is the part about commies,
as what the fuck they got to do with any of this? The commies? Guess it's once a commie-hater, always
a commie-hater! Thanks for the laughs pops...that was a good one! Visit us again...great giggles!

I have reported 28.Apr.2004 07:53

Patti Patton-Bader scarlet48@hotmail.com

I have and will continue to report this vicious attempt to hurt our troops
to the appropriate authorities. What you are attempting is terrorism and we as a group will not allow you to hurt our soldiers.If you join Soldiers' Angels with the intent to harm any boots on the ground I promise you we will find you and we will report you. We run a full comprehensive report on EVERY Member which includes your social security number, your driving license, your relatives and your neighbors.
I would think twice before you put your career and family on the line.
Patti Patton-Bader

Interesting 28.Apr.2004 09:41


Is that a threat, "Patti"? Exactly what do you mean by "I would think twice before you put your career and family on the line"? How would giving the soldiers another perspective on the war be terrorism? Is a dissenting viewpoint now considered terrorism? Can ANY friend, family member or acquaintance of a soldier sending them correspondence that doesn't stick to the party line now be considered terrorists? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to know how much freedom you think those brave soldiers should have to protect. I guess the less freedom we have, the easier their job is, huh?

where does this goddamned goose-stepping 28.Apr.2004 09:59

Patti Patton-Bader

come from? What a load of bullshit? Pictures with "angels" wrapped in the American Flag. Get real!

Seems like your "religion" is a fancy of your own making there Patti.

Where in the Bible does it state that Angels scurry forth wrapped in American Flags?

Please...chapter 'n' verse and which version! Preach to us Patti! Lay the "words" on us!

Dear Patti 28.Apr.2004 10:59


Dear Patti,

I see that you have misconstrued the purpose of this post. To clarify, I would like to communicate with US soldiers not engage in what you call a "vicious attempt to hurt our troops". Truthful words are not weapons. Really now, there is no reason to be so scared. No soldier will be harmed, maybe eyes will be opened, but harmed, no.

Just remember: Words are not terrorism. Words are words.

So, you think "appropriate authorities" should stop friendly informational mail from reaching soldiers. How sad. Everyone likes to receive a letter. Your site states as much. Go ahead and "report" there is nothing you or the "authorities" can do to stop me and others from sending letters, news clips, videos, gifts, etc...to soldiers on the ground. It is not against the law and it is not terrorism.

And by the way you can run as many reports as you like about me and the other people who will infiltrate your site. You see, on paper I am just like you. Your little group would gladly approve me as an acceptable Soldier Angel. In fact, if I stood next to you in line at the grocery store you wouldn't know for one second that it's me and what I think. I can't wait to join.

Finally Patti, your comment "I would think twice before you put your career and family on the line." sounds like a threat. Caution my warmongering friend - threats ARE against the law.

Happy letter writing.



Your mail won't get through. 28.Apr.2004 11:27

Seatac Reader

Because of the last Anthrax postal scare, they've discontinued unsolicited mail to servicemen in combat areas, or so i'm told. I tried to send a letter to a friend over there and it was politely returned with the message "unsolicited-will not accept". When I called about it, i got the above answer.

All personnel are required to submit a list of mail they expect to receive and all else is returned.

Besides, A lot of soldiers would simply throw your "messages" away anyway. An anti-war letter will never come before a letter from family.

Just call me angel in the mourning . . . 28.Apr.2004 11:39

Ms Represents

from  http://www.soldiersangelsfoundation.com/Adopt-A-Soldier.html:
>If you wish to adopt a soldier please submit your name, address, and phone number. For security of the soldier we verify all information. Due to the costs of verification we ask for a 10 dollar donation to apply. You will receive an angel pin along with your adoptee. If you are under 18 you will need parental permission.We will get back to you very soon. Please complete the shipping address for immediate response.<

So, where do you inform people on the site that you will "run a full comprehensive report on EVERY Member which includes your social security number, your driving license, your relatives and your neighbors." ?

Sheesh, so you do that comprehensive report with just $10? PLUS an angel pin ? What a absolute bargain. Most companies charge more for just verifying name, address and phone number. I know you must do comprehensive checks on EVERY member because someone so smitten with flag wrapped angels would NEVER misrepresent the truth, would they?

how about we send them gay porn? 28.Apr.2004 12:42

LeRoy Divine burt_reynolds_pants@yahoo.com

we know all the soldiers are really homos any way.....
i know from my time as a " friend" to may of our proud service men thoughout my many years of service that what the fighters of our freedom really want is a slab of americana. now gay porn might be a little too far for most, but think of the type of man who joins the armed services..
he knows he will see lots of mens ding dongs and ba-dunka-dunks naked( training/ showering/ p.e. etc)
he knows that he will have to carry his " buddies" into " fox holes' and trenches, drive the tank" ...all well known homosexual old school anachronism's for gay acts....
my point is the modern day soldier knows where to place himself with the toughest butch alpha males into serious guy on guy action today. that place is the us armed sevices.
SERIOUSLY FOLKS: the army airforce marines and ofcourse the navy are chock full'o swishy lil boys!!!!!....you wouldn't believe the business that i do with several officers and nco's in the state of oregon.
outcall only

Your freedoms and our military 28.Apr.2004 12:43

Viktoria Carter

While you sit here wanting to send anti-war messages to our troops think about this: 1. These men and women are away from home trying to help another country become free to have the same freedoms of speech that you displaying here. 2. With having their mail, supplies, etc. blown up around every corner you want to further the demoralizaion of our troops. 3. You speak about your lack of freedoms, yet you continue to verbally attack an organization that has one mission in mind and that is to support the military. While you sit here patting yourselves on the back for being rude and offended at what our military is doing why don't you think about what your comments and actions are doing to them. This is a job for these men and women, they are told what to do and when to do it, just as you are at your job. These men and women believe in the nature of our freedoms and regardless of your political beliefs you should respect them for the job they do. IF it were not for our military who knows where this country would be. If it were not for the actions of our government whether we agree or disagree we would not have the freedoms that we have. YOU say you have no freedoms, remember that the next time you open your mouth, the next time you go to the movies, the next time you get in your car, or the next time you go to the grocery store. There are countries where going to the store is limited, but you can go whenever you feel like it. I do not understand why you would want to trash a group of people that want nothing more than to show the military that we care about them as people, and that we recongize their sacrifice to our country. They are willing to give the ultimate, theirs lives, so you may sit here and try and find ways to bring them down. How very sad it is that you are willing to use your freedom of speech, but you are not willing to put on the uniform. I find it very sad that in this day in time, you want to revert back to making the military feel as they did during Vietnam, instead of showing them that the American people care about them. Oh and before I forget, I showed your statements to members of the US Army Special Forces and they are not a happy group of men. I figure that the members of the military should know that there are those who think that they are not worth the time of day. Maybe you should remember that when we are attacked again and you are looking for the military to come save you from harms way. Viktoria Carter

2 words for you 28.Apr.2004 13:05

yo mama

ass hole

"Viktoria Carter" 's freedoms and her military 28.Apr.2004 13:26


Letter Signed By 1000 Veterans for Common Sense

Veterans for Common Sense (VCS)
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20003 USA
Tel.: 202.543.6176
Fax: 202.543.0725

Citizen Soldier

Military Families Speak Out

Veterans Against Iraq War




why 28.Apr.2004 14:45

seymour butts

is this crap still up doesnt the people the run this site check contents

YO 28.Apr.2004 14:47


Send Your Letters To Bush And The Politicians They Are The Ones That Started It.

heres my comments in jive.... 28.Apr.2004 16:10

LeRoy Divine burt_reynolds_pants@yahoo.com

we knows all th' soldiers is pow'ful homos enny way..... i knows fum mah time as a " friend" t'may of our proud service min thoughout mah menny years of service thet whut th' fighters of our freedom pow'ful be hankerin' is a slab of South Car'linana. now gay po'n might be a li'l too far fo' most, but reckon of th' type of man who joins th' armed services.. he knows he will see lotsa mens din' dongs an' ba-dunka-dunks naked( trainin'/ showerin'/ p.e. etc) he knows thet he will hafta carry his " buddies" into " fox holes' an' trenches, drive th' tank" ...all fine known homosexual old skoo anachronism's fo' gay acks.... mah point is th' modern day soldier knows whar t'place hisse'f wif th' toughess butch alfy males into serious guy on guy ackshun today. thet place is th' us armed sevices. SERIOUSLY FOLKS: th' armah airfo'ce marines an' ofcourse th' navy is chock full'o swishy lil fellas!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!....yo''dn't believe th' business thet i does wif sevahal officers an' nco's in th' state of o'egon, as enny fool kin plainly see. outcall only xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Is thisViktoria Carter 28.Apr.2004 17:28

Viktoria Carter

the Angel Nutcase? That was FUNNY! I didn't realize that these sorts of crazies wrote in here to PIMC

I am sorry to read that you people want to hurt our soldiers 28.Apr.2004 18:08

Sara - Proud Army Mom

As a mother of an active service member and a (honest) member of Soldiers Angels, I am shocked to read of your intentions to harm our soldiers. Yes you have rights, our soldiers have rights too, and so do our soldiers families and friends. Would any of you want your children to be used to further someone else's political agenda? Do all means justify the ends? Isn't that what you are complaining about in the first place? Yet you feel that hurting someone else is justified because it works for you? Please rethink your advice to encourage soldiers to harm other soldiers. Is that the good you are working for? Are you willing to sacrifice the peace of mind, careers and lives of young people who are doing the best they can in dangerous and difficult situations to make your own political point no matter what harm it causes?

Soldiers are not "troops" they are men and women, your friends and neighbors, our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. They do not deserve to be treated as vehicles for your anger and frustration. They deserve our genuine support and caring. The sole purpose of Soldiers' Angels is to provide aid and comfort to these young people far from home and in harm's way. I have not supported soldiers as part of a political agenda and I will do all I can to see that you do not do that either.

Each of our soldiers is encouraged to report any unwanted or offending mail to their superior officers and to send a copy back to us for follow-up. Please think carefully about any correspondence you send to my son or to any other soldier. They may be far from home but they are not alone.

this guy is an idiot 28.Apr.2004 20:18

concerned mother

This guy is an idiot. He should not be alowed to speak. My son spent 6 months over in Kuwait and my Nephew is now in Afganastan doing what they can to stop the terriost attacks on the US and you let people like this idiot speak things against them. All I can say is on judgement day God will hold you accountable for every word that comes out of your mouth. I am glad I am not in your shoes......

Reply to Artical in you paper 28.Apr.2004 20:19

Denice denice_hocott2000@yahoo.com

I can't believe this was prblished. We have a group of women who are working very hard to get care packages to send to our Troops on the front line! This Jimmy person is one of those people who is bringing this Country down. This War is not only for our safty but to keep any Terrist attacts on the USA. Anyone who would write such a stuped letter needs to get a life and grow up. We are in Iraq to ensure our safty, mabey he should go and be put on the front line and mabey he will see how stupid he really is Our American Troops are there for us not just to have something to do. Get a life !

With God On Our Side 28.Apr.2004 20:24

robert zimmerman

Oh my name it is nothin'
My age it means less
The country I come from
Is called the Midwest
I's taught and brought up there
The laws to abide
And that land that I live in
Has God on its side.

Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side.

Oh the Spanish-American
War had its day
And the Civil War too
Was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes
I's made to memorize
With guns in their hands
And God on their side.

Oh the First World War, boys
It closed out its fate
The reason for fighting
I never got straight
But I learned to accept it
Accept it with pride
For you don't count the dead
When God's on your side.

When the Second World War
Came to an end
We forgave the Germans
And we were friends
Though they murdered six million
In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too
Have God on their side.

I've learned to hate Russians
All through my whole life
If another war starts
It's them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side.

But now we got weapons
Of the chemical dust
If fire them we're forced to
Then fire them we must
One push of the button
And a shot the world wide
And you never ask questions
When God's on your side.

In a many dark hour
I've been thinkin' about this
That Jesus Christ
Was betrayed by a kiss
But I can't think for you
You'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot
Had God on his side.

So now as I'm leavin'
I'm weary as Hell
The confusion I'm feelin'
Ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head
And fall to the floor
If God's on our side
He'll stop the next war.

Copyright 1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

What is your stinking point? 28.Apr.2004 21:17

Proud Angel & SoldierMom

The military personnel that is serving our country are doing so voluntarily. They are willingly ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to stand up for your rights and in the case of this war (which is not over despite the announced end on May 1,2003) for the rights of people who cannot stand up for themselves. I have corresponded with a number of these soldiers and you are right, the media does not portray the truth. We are the ones not seeing what is really going on over there. The people are glad Saddam's regime is no longer there. They are glad they no longer have to fear being murdered by a man as hideous as Hitler. The soldiers have seen lots of dead bodies of men, women and children. They are buried in mass graves murdered as a family by a cruel dictator. They have seen babies who couldn't even walk yet in these graves. You think you are going to be able to convince these men and women not to do their jobs because you are being misled? I think you give yourself way too much credit. I kind of doubt you could convince one of them to disobey orders just by showing them a picture. You have no idea what they've seen that assures them that they are doing the right thing. Maybe you should check it out. How many Iraqis have you talked to? How many soldiers who have been there have you talked to? It's easy to shoot your mouth off, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just because you have one doesn't mean it's worth sharing. You need to shut up, your ignorance is showing.

Are you just plain stupid 28.Apr.2004 21:25

Proud Army MOM

What makes you think, oh sorry you are incapable of that function. Don't mean to be offensive, just honest. No matter how many hate letters you send, you cannot remove or destroy the bravery of our soldiers. Don't bother sending them photos, they see the death and destruction brought on by Saddam and his followers, and by people like you. Did you see the mass graves? Perhaps you would like to see one up close? Go on a tour of Iraq? I am sure that you would be able to find someone that will buy you a one way ticket. Please feel free to go over there and join the insurgents. They will make a special suicide bomb just for you. Maybe they will even print your name on it so you can get the 15 sec of fame for being the stupidest. Our soldiers are not ignorant. When you send that first anti-American letter to them, they will toss it. They, at least, know better. They are brave enough to stand up for what they believe in---Freedom. You have yours because some soldiers fought the American Revolution (history is not my strongest, so I may not have the correct war), but hopefully you will get the gist of this statement. Like I said, if you are not happy here in America, you are free to leave.

Good Things Are Happening! 28.Apr.2004 21:30

Proud American

This is a letter from Ray Reynolds, a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving in Iraq:


>As I head off to Baghdad for the final weeks of my stay in Iraq, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who did not believe the media. They have done a very poor job of covering everything that has happened. I am sorry that I have not been able to visit all of you during my two week leave back home. And just so you can rest at night knowing something is happening in Iraq that is noteworthy, I thought I would pass this on to you. This is the list of things that has happened in Iraq recently: (Please share it with your friends and compare it to the version that your paper is producing.)


>* Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.

>* School attendance is up 80% from levels before the war.

>* Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons stored there so education can occur.

>* The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain can be off-loaded from ships faster.

>* The country had its first 2 billion barrel export of oil in August.

>* Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever in Iraq.

>* The country now receives 2 times the electrical power it did before the war.

>* 100% of the hospitals are open and fully staffed, compared to 35% before the war.

>* Elections are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in place.

>* Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.

>* Over 60,000 police are patrolling the streets.

>* Over 100,000 Iraqi civil defense police are securing the country.

>* Over 80,000 Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side by side with US soldiers.

>* Over 400,000 people have telephones for the first time ever

>* Students are taught field sanitation and hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs.

>* An interim constitution has been signed.

>* Girls are allowed to attend school.

>* Textbooks that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time in 30 years.


>Don't believe for one second that these people do not want us there. I have met many, many people from Iraq that want us there, and in a bad way. They say they will never see the freedoms we talk about but they hope their children will. We are doing a good job in Iraq and I challenge anyone, anywhere to dispute me on these facts. So If you happen to run into John Kerry, be sure to give him my email address and send him to Denison, Iowa. This soldier will set him straight. If you are like me and very disgusted with how this period of rebuilding has been portrayed, email this to a friend and let them know there are good things happening.


>Ray Reynolds, SFC

>Iowa Army National Guard

>234th Signal Battalion

Are you the anti-christ or Judas???????????????????????? 28.Apr.2004 23:27

Mother of sons-hero's--protecting our USA--you are a traitor

To: the idiots who write this garbage--how dare your insult our soldiers. The real sad part is that our armed forces have fought and had their blood shed to give you the right to speak out and not be beheaded/killed/imprisioned. How do you think we gained our rights?
If you do not like here in the USA--leave. Go live in Iraq, Communist china, Cuba, Korea--you and anyone who you have had influence over would already be dead. Think about it. Freedom is not free and the cost for the poison you spew was bought by our soldiers---PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!!!!How dare you spew this kind of garbage. You must be insane, high on drugs or a mental moron. May God Bless our beloved soldiers and reward them for their sacrifice and dedication to preserving our rights. May he protect them from your hatred and derogatory remarks and behavior. Hope you enjoy HELL--that is where you are headed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A mom and patriotic citizen of the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't be duped by propaganda 29.Apr.2004 01:17

next time do the research

"Sgt. Reynolds is not a medic. He does communications work."

* Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations

Hmmm. UNICEF said that 3 1/2 million Iraqi children were vaccinated last year. Does this mean that the vaccination program is not being pursued as much as last year? I don't know.

[ Many vaccinations were banned under the sanctions. There were several incidents of international outcry over it. I certainly would hope more children are being vaccinated now than in the 90's under the sanctions. ]

* The country had its first 2 billion barrel export of oil in August.

Nonsense. First, there's nothing in the Fact Sheet about oil. Iraq is presently exporting approximately 1.9 million barrels of oil a day, or under 60 million barrels per month. And that's going to be difficult to maintain. You probably already know that insurgent attacks have been limiting the exports.[*] In August -- the supposed 2 billion barrel month -- Iraq was expecting to export fewer than 1.2 million barrels a day, about 37 million barrels for the month.

* Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever in Iraq.

[ This claim is ridiculous, as if Iraq was some barren wasteland prior to the war. Of course they had clean water in the past. They would have continued to have it if there water treatment facilities weren't destroyed by continual bombings in the 90's and the materials and equipment needed for repairs weren't banned by the sanctions. And now they have water, but only if they pay for it. ]

"The [water] plant seems to be working well . . . This plant is up and going and provides water for a huge number of people. Someone is constructing a new plant to expand so that there is drinking water. I have not met anyone here yet despite the poverty who is not buying drinking water."

* Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.

[ Yes, just as they were 20 years ago. ]

* The country now receives 2 times the electrical power it did before the war.

Not true. According to the Fact Sheet, on March 11, 2004, power peaked at approximately 92% of "the pre-conflict generating level". ABC reports that power generation is off since last October and is averaging somewhere around pre-conflict generation.

* Elections are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in place.

False. In June, 2003, US authorities put a halt to local elections. We installed mayors and administrators of our choosing.

* Over 400,000 people have telephones for the first time ever.

Not true. The Fact Sheet says that before we invaded 1.2 million Iraqis had "subscribed to landline telephone service." As of March 9, 2004, "104,680 subscribers to the Iraqi landline phone network were reconnected." Repairs have reconnected some form of telephone service between Baghdad and 20 other cities.

* Girls are allowed to attend school.

True, but not because of the invasion. Girls were allowed to attend school during Saddam's rule. Between 1997-2000 82% as many girls attended primary school as did boys. 62% as many girls attended high school as did boys, during the same period.

[ People forget, or choose not to learn, that Hussein's focus on women's education caused him to be reviled by fundamentalist Muslims, including Bin Laden who had the goal in the 80's of removing Hussein from power. The purpose of this misinformation is no doubt to conflate Hussein and the Taliban. ]

* Textbooks that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time in 30 years.

[ So, the textbooks don't mention the leader in power for decades; those sound like their rife with accurate and relevant information (though I doubt this claim is true). ]

 http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?p=562432 (Check out Yazan's posts about how this email is designed to play on stereotypes held by Westerners of Arab countries)

The soldiers over there 29.Apr.2004 03:33


The soldiers over there know more about the reality of the war than any of us. I think it's kind of insulting to send them letters with our ideas and thoughts. There will be many anti-war men and women returning from Iraq. They will have learned the hard way and the real way. Those who did not learn that lesson will not be swayed by any of our words. There's nothing we can say that's more grave, that can have more impact than what they are experiencing. The idea may have good intentions, but in reality is arrogant and silly.

You are an asshole mf ! 29.Apr.2004 03:57


If you did this or encourage any person to do this to our soldiers, I would want you dead, piece of slime...HOW DARE YOU ??!!! What's your problem ?? My son is a solider and he defends your right to make comments like this lame ass comment or suggestion. Go friggin live in iraq you shithead !

soldiers angels 29.Apr.2004 05:37


let me clue you morans in on something.....send one of these sick anti american letters to my son and you will answer to me! pack your junk and get the hell outta of our country! i am sick of my son and other sons defending your right to spew your bs!

congratulations..... 29.Apr.2004 06:48


Oh good grief. Well, mission accomplished...you have gotten folks to pay attention to you. All this does is show what a coward you are. You don't have the intestional fortitude to fight for the country and to protect your fellow Americans against terrorism...so you give into it. What you have described and encouraged other weak minded individuals to do is exactly the type of militant and terroristic activity that would be endorsed by Saddam and Osama themselves. What a hero you are NOT! Coward.



Thanks for opening our eyes to the true nature of your cause. It doesn't bother me that you are against the war. Its the fact that you have nothing better to do than to harass a group of moms of military personnel and their soldiers with your propaganda. Honestly, you must have shit for brains if you think you will influence a soldier by sending anything other than supportive morale boosting material. I have seen pictures of the burn pits some of them have to use to dispose of their bodily waste. I guess thats as good a place as any to send your material.
You wouldn't be able to promote your cause destructive views if people like my son wasn't willing to risk his life for you.

stop the war 29.Apr.2004 10:08

willadean jackson

how could you even suggest this....you stupid idiot....these guys are over there
risking their life for you....... defending you freedom of speech.
If it were possible I wish they could should you instead of their officers.

May God rain fire down upon you.

War Related Photos 29.Apr.2004 10:16

Gladys S Stefany (VERY Proud Mother-in-Law of LCPL JG)

Perhaps we should send you a few photos of the dead, maimed, and wounded from 9/11? Would that open your eyes? I'm praying for you. You are VERY sick!!!!

Making the Difference 29.Apr.2004 10:33

Missy Anne

I agree that the media does not show all that is happening. The media covers whatever happens to be politically and financially driven. I have seen mass graves. I have seen the dead piled up with flies and maggots and other bugs, and rancid because the family that should be claiming the bodies are amongst those dead. Or that there is not enough to tell which of the dead is who. Not enough graves. Not enough medical care. Not enough strength. Although I am not in the military, I am grateful that the United States has such an incredible military force that they are able to protect us. I am grateful that I may be in my home and have security. And yet, even that wasn't enough to keep the terrorists from infiltrating our land and killing us. I have seen the effects of not only the physical but also the spiritual on people. I am lucky to have been born and raised in this great nation. I am blessed to be educated and that God has allowed me the ability to travel and provide medical relief to others in need in other countries as well as volunteering my medical knowledge here. If you want to do something, besides rant and rave about how bad it is, get off you behind and travel to these countries. Get moving and physical, help those that need help. Build homes, build schools, dig water wells, educate on health, teach how to grow food. Provide and teach. *That* is what makes the difference, not sitting in front of some computer and bashing others who have the morals and decency to go and do what needs to be done. Get up and actually *work*. Theory is nothing until it is proven. Don't sit and talk; Go and Do!!!

warped 29.Apr.2004 10:48

dibangel@aol.com dibangel@aol.com

I am sorry to see such trash as this posted. As a mother of a Marine I am saddened that so many people in our country have forgotten that American was formed from the blood of those who seek freedom. It is the blood of our soldiers who give people like the author of this post the right to say what he or she wants to say without fear of reprisal. What the author forgets are the people of Iraq were oppressed and many are grateful to our soldiers for helping to bring peace and freedom to their country. A country that harbored terrorists and made chemical warfare. A dictator who murdered his own people and would have continued to kill and kill again the innocent until stopped. Thank God for my son and others like him for they are God's warriors. Freedom is what this war is all about. Thank God for America and all countries who put faith in freedom and justice for all.

Marine Mom here... 29.Apr.2004 11:23

Sherrie Dunlap

I wish you were over there with my son - that way, your sorry ass could be right there with him, and he might be able to use YOU as a human shield the way the insurgents use women and children! Guess you've never heard MY motto: "Never piss off a Marine Mom!"

Dear Patti (From Jimmy) 29.Apr.2004 11:26


Upon receiving an email this morning regarding you using a website to contact
troops in Iraq and to even make a suggestion of killing officers.
Homeland Security, Justice Dept., DoD,and the FBI have all been notified.

No threats here...just done so they may watch you and your behavior!

Support the Troops 29.Apr.2004 12:07

Frost missfrostthepoet@aol.com

You really should back of, Jimmy. Whether or not you agree with or support the war, you should still support the troops. They are not all their by choice (Yes I realize the military is "voluntary" but they certainly don't choose where they are deployed. Also, criminals are given the choice to serve in the military, vs. go to prison.) They are brave men and women and they need our support. Morale is very low because of the extensions of their tours and they don't need to hear about what they are doing is right/wrong. They are doing what they are instructed to do. Get over it. Support them, write your legislature if you don't like the war. Considered that?

jimmy just doesn't get it 29.Apr.2004 12:32

jimmy just doesn't get it

jimmy just doesn't get it

Too Strong 29.Apr.2004 12:40


You may think you have come up with a good idea but there are some things you should know. Our military is all volunteer, made up of men and women of strong moral character. Unlike most of the liberal community those in the military have too much caracter to be swayed by left wing propaganda. This is why they show the courage to risk their lives while you sit home safely. To quote my son while he served in Iraq,"Have them send me letters we need the toilet paper. After I have used it I will gladly return to sender."

How dare you!!!! 29.Apr.2004 12:41

One ticked off Marine Grandmother

Your proposal to send our service men and women what you THINK is the truth about what they are doing overseas makes me extrememly angry. I am a srong believer in your right to protest this war, I, myself, am not sure if we should be in Iraq. However; we are there and our service men and women need our support.

Mailing to soldiers 29.Apr.2004 13:26


Sending anti-war propaganda will not really help your anti-war agenda. As a 20 veteran, I can tell you that you will be sending it to the wrong people. I would say NEARLY all soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are never thrilled about being at war. It means serveral things to us, longer separations from our loved ones, lousy living conditions, severe stress, and of course the possibility of dying never excited me much either. For those who keep bringing up "baby killer", kiss my ass. For those who discuss the killing of civilians, that is a tougher discussion. Yes, civilians do get killed, but what is a civilian in an urban war. Bad news folks, a 15 year old can shoot an RPG-7 just as easy as a 25 year old. Am I to just stand there and let the 15 year old shot me with that weapon?, or am I to defend myself and my fellow soldiers? Thankfully, I was never put into position to have to make that decision, many others are not so lucky.
No, anti-war propaganda is wasted if sent to military people. I recommend that you send it to those who send us to war. Only they can stop what has been started, not some 18-21 year old living in shitty conditions in Iraq. He/she already feels like crap, why make thier day worst by sending that kind of information to them.

Dear Jimmy 29.Apr.2004 14:24


Hey Jimmy, you don't want to send any of that garbage to my son. No law in the world could keep me from finding you. My boy is in the Army to protect fools like you and he does it voluntarily. You don't want to piss off this Army Mom.

Re: Mailing To Soldiers 29.Apr.2004 15:13

Proud Mamma of 3 who serve

MadVet, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for your post!
Non military just don't have a clue do they?
If my sons or daughter got a letter from an organization like this one, I can tell you what they would use the letter for if there is No Available Toilet Paper handy!
Portland Indymedia thanks for the comic break today.

You sick piece of SH*T 29.Apr.2004 15:23

ArmyWife armywife0708@yahoo.com

You are a sorry piece of shit to even consider such a horrible thing..These men and women put their lives on the line to protect your right to stab them in the back. They are doing their job and supporting this country. They do their best to avoid civilian casualties but considering the type of combat they encounter most of the civilians could very well be people who've been shooting at them. If you think you know so much why don't you jump on in the military and see how well you fare. or better yet why don't you sit on a missle and fire it off. that sounds like the best idea I've seen since I've been on this website...
Dick head

Great idea! 29.Apr.2004 15:23


You are a brilliant guy.
What is YOUR address?
I'd love to send you something.

my responce 29.Apr.2004 15:30

proud marine mom rose custer

well you have your freedom of speach because of our brave men and women who proudly serve our country to give assholes like you the rite!!
but if i was to ever meat you face face i would proudly slap it!
that is my rite as a mother of a marine.
its creatures like you we could do without on earth!
your worse than osma or saddom or maybe your on there side.
maybe you should be investagated as a terrorist yourself..you sound like one to me..hmmm

Here's new idea 29.Apr.2004 15:40


This is good for giving different views on subjects.
I challenge you to do even better. Why not go over to Iraq and talk with the soldiers. While you are there as a person of the world.
All the people of Iraq can hear your words too.
But dont be surprised if a few of them like what you are saying.
Oh yes, they will like it, so much that they might think " An american, i dont care what he stands for, lets kill him. He's only one american, i dont care about his views, only that he is an american.
The only problem with this, is that it is obivous that you will not go.
This is the only forum you can handle.
You are not even a proud person of the world. If you were then you would go over there and speak your peace.
Only a real man/women would put their money where there mouth is.
Come on prove what you mean.

AMERICA Love it OR Leave 29.Apr.2004 15:41


You are the same Hipocrites that say change the Pledge and Take out UNDER GOD well I have just one thing to say to you people> Why don't you just go over to Iraq or where ever the sam hill other place you think is better run than America. Just GET OUTTA DODGE we don't need your kind of trash here in our beautiful USA. Your garbage and tripe we don't need. We built this great nation from all sorts of different nations to be one great nation of all people and you are a black mark on us all. We are FREE and you are distroying that by your sick and druged minds. Are you one of the persons who helped the scum on 9-11 I bet you are and you will be found, mark my word. We are the proud Americans who love our Military and would do anything to keep them out of harms way. But also hear this if you were in front of me and I had on a uniform you would be in very big trouble. Go see how much trouble you can start over in some other country that you think is so great and see how long you last therebefore they up and shoot you where you stand. I've Had enought of your kind. Its time for the good people of the USA to stand up and be counted for once.

HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 29.Apr.2004 15:59


My son is out there putting his life on the line so that you can have the right to print this crap!!!! Do you really think that he has any control over what is going on in Iraq? Are you that Stupid!!!! It's people like you who are making this war longer than it needs to be! The enmey sees stuff like this and they ARE encouraged. If any thing happens to my son I blame YOU and all like you n, Not President Bush not even the Iraqis, BUT YOU!!! Close this down if you have any decency which I doubt you do. You may think you're funny but I don't. I am sure your mother is ashamed of you. I know I would be! My son on the other hand has ever reason for me to be proud!!
You will reap what you sew.

Disgrace! 29.Apr.2004 16:13

Liza Liza7200@yahoo.com

YOU SIR...are a disgrace for your flag and country. There are other ways to express your opinion about this instead of playing a little terrorist yourself. You know there is ONE thing I don't understand...and not ONE single protester has given me a good answer on this the last past year. Where have you been the last 30 years, the time Sadam slaughtered the Iraqi people, where have you been when all those woman where raped, where the HELL where you!!! We didn't hear you protest at that time!!!! No, you closed your eyes and pretend if it was not there!!! But I think this is particular behavior for cowards!! You dear sir, are going to hear more from this, that's for sure. I am going to write every authority I know and give them this link and I am also sure some people would love to investigate this because in my book this is criminal behavior and have to be punished. Express your opinion that is your right, the right that you earn thanks to the soldiers that fight for that right in the past? But you have NO right to organize an attack on soldiers and your government. THAT IS TERRORISM!!!!

Jimmy...be honest.... 29.Apr.2004 16:30

Lia (Proud Military Mom, Army Brat, Navy Wife)

The thing is Jimmy, you are not an honest person. In your article you say :" Here's a suggestion: Make nice the first time you contact your soldier. Then send anti-war information or whatever. Once you have the address/name and build a relationship your mail will get through. The first time it may not if it's clearly anti-war that's why it might work best to make nice at first."

Not only are you a totally dishonest person, but you are an idiot. I guess you have forgotten 9/11. Rest assured that if our brave men and women was not fighting the war on terriosm in Iraq...we would be fighting it here in the USA. How would that fit into your lifestyle? If that were to happen would it still be a good thing to send your HATE mail?

I agree with an earlier post by Sara...our soldiers are not alone. The families and friends of soldiers, airmen and sailors will not take this kind of harrassement by simply being quiet. I am always amazed at this kind of thought...biting the ones that serve and put their lives on the line day after day to protect your right to express these kinds of view. You are not fit to lick their boots.

Hmmmm.... when the people of Iraq would express these kinds of view they ended up in a MASS grave. Good thing you are an American citizen. You are an Amercian citizen, aren't you????? I wonder, because sending out a call to send HATE mail to soldiers who are protecting your freedom, sounds like you are a traitor!

I am a very proud ARMY and AIR FORCE mom, an ARMT Brat and a NAVY wife. I will be forever grateful for our MILITARY...for with out them we would be another country like IRAQ. Our MILITARY is cherished by more people than you will ever know.

Sick beyond anybody's imagination! 29.Apr.2004 16:49

Flying Eagle 911

ONLY a devious, sick, and tortured mind can come up with something like this.
If any of you are sick enough to follow the procedure of baiting, switching, and stabbing our precious soldiers' in the back, then you may, with my blessing, BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY IN BACON GREASE!!!

You Go LIZA 29.Apr.2004 16:55


This is the biggest peice of ???? that I've ever heard of. We are here to suport them because they'er doing what they are told to do. They don't need butt wipes like you Jimmy telling them anti war crap. you hate the war, the you go tell Bush that. You think our troops like to be over there, HHHEEELLLLLL NNNOOO!!! But they don't have a choice.
I'm praying for you man. God Bless.



HOW DARE YOU adopt our troops and then force your own personal beliefs on them! I suggest you go preach somewhere else and not force your own crazy beliefs on our troops. The troops are doing the job they were told to do by their Commander. Respect it! If you have a problem with what's going in Iraq, be a MAN and contact your senator and do NOT bother our troops. If it wasn't for our troops, we would never have caught the REAL "WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION" also known as Saddam Hussein, who killed, raped, mutilated his own people. Where have you been??? People like you can just sit around and not ever ponder why they have their freedoms. It is the soldier you need respect and thank for giving you the gift of freedom. I also suggest you don't go messing around with soldiers. I will report your website to the military. Perhaps, they'll send a Recon team to get you!!

I agree with Missy Anne and the veteran 29.Apr.2004 17:27

Jo civilian jo_lanier@yahoo.com

I am not a mom of any military person, nor am I in the military. I don't care what you believe or how much you insult people who disagree with you, nothing will change the fact that those soldiers are there and you are not, unless you follow missy anne's advice and put your emotions to good use. Go there and attempt to make a difference. There are lots of angry people on both sides, but anger won't help anyone. It won't help the soldiers come home earlier, nor will it help the media be unbiased, nor will it get help at election time. Use your humanity, the part of you that cares that innocent people have died here and in Iraq and anywhere else they're being killed, and GO make a difference. Go help rebuild Rwanda or help repair areas that have been devastated by civil unrest. It so easy to blast the soldiers, but it's true that they're not going to be able to do anything to change their situation. That change can only come from Washington. Until that change is made, find a way to do some good in the world, rather than tearing down the people who are trying to do good. The angels service sounds like it is doing a good work. I've never heard of them and will be checking them out next, and I expect that I will find much more positive effective energy there. Their services will make a difference. Try to find a positive way to serve and yours will too.
God bless you.

Sick Freak 29.Apr.2004 17:30


What the hell?! How selfish can you be?! These soldiers are fighting over there for your freedom. They make so many sacrifices and all you can think about is yourself? Your an asshole.

Let's you and me be pen pals, ah Jimmy? 29.Apr.2004 17:35

Another soldier's Mom -There are thousands of us

Yeah, let's you and me be pen pals. Send me your address and I'll make real nice at first. Then when my mail starts to get through, I'll send you the letter of recommendation I have all typed up just for you.... I heard they're hiring in Fallujah. Human shields wanted. See you would be able to serve your country two ways.... The first would be to leave and the second would be to spew your garbage to those who would value your sacrifice to their cause. Of course, you'd have your back to them cause you'd be doing your job. You could be a hero over there Jimmy... Saving the life of a woman or child would be a noble thing. Come on kid, step forward and make yourself a martyr... Remember the American "shields" that went to Iraq before the war started? Funny, isn't it... how they all ran back home when the shooting started... Lot's of job opportunities for ya. I've even started taking up a collection to pay for your ticket... one way of course...

You can thank a US soldier, Marine, airman and sailor 29.Apr.2004 17:46


Jimmy, it is because of the US soldier, Marine, airman and sailor that you are able to freely express your opinion without repercussion. Because of them we can all sleep safely at night.

Are you fucking crazy 29.Apr.2004 23:49

Shatel McWilliams

My baby brother is over there fighting for your freedom you loser. If you are so against our Soldiers being over there then why don't you go put a towel on your head and go fight for the other side and see where that gets you! You are not talking anti-war you are talking anti-American. Do the world a favor and drop dead!
Proud To Be An American
Proud To Be An American

proud USMC girlfriend 30.Apr.2004 06:30

NIKI Proud USMC girlfriend

I cant believe that after 9-11 somebody can think like this! First of all my fiance had to cancle our wedding so that he could go over there and fight for your freedom to talk the way you are. I dont know where you get off saying what you think the military should get involved anyways, you odnt know half of what thoses people over there have to go through! In the letters that I have recieved from my fiance, he says that people over there are excited to see them, they feel safer because the U.S. is over there protecting them. If you were to live in Iraq or any other country over there and you would have posted something like this your own government would have sought you out and murdered you. Besides if you dont like the American rules than what are you waiting for...MOVE, you can already see from the resopnses on this site that nobody would miss you! And if you feel so strongly about yor views than why not do something more public about it, write the President a letter, broadcast on TV or even just go out on the streets and in person run you idea by some of the American people...anything just got out from behingd the safety of your computer... you wont because you are a COWARD! I hope that you dont honestly consider yourself as an American citizen! And you think that the authorities wont find you...you are so wrong. They will and then you will be able to see another benifit of living in the U.S.you will have first hand experience with the JUSTICE system. The True American people will make sure you are punished for what you are trying to do. You may think that its nothing but you are taking an active role in a plot against the United States, That is against the law. If you dont feel like spending the rest of your useless life behind bars and you still feel as srongly as you do then just go to any Marine base and tell your opinion to a few of them...Im sure that once you become concious again your opinions will be changed.

what the hell is this shit 30.Apr.2004 07:12

donna rose

sure you were born and raised in a country where you can speak your mind..sure we have to let you..but if you don't like how things are, pack your bags and get out of the USA..we would still be under the rule of england had we not gone to war and kicked their butts..if we lived under their rule, there wouldn't be a site like this, you wouldn't be able to speak your mind, and you wouldn't be able to do anything, yea england is like that..you ever thought about how it is to live under a dictators rule?? he can come into your house when he wants, rape your mother or your sister and you can't do a thing about it, you have to sit there and watch,, maybe he wants you, to have sex with you, and you have to let him or your family dies, or you die, you don't have a choice..as to doing what they did in vietnam, killing their officers, do you even understand what stress can do to a person when you are fighting a war you know you can't win..when your commander's only thought is to kill or be killed and he doesn't care anything about you anymore cause he has snapped from seeing all the death and destruction, can you even begin to understand what is going on in his mind when he has brought all of his people to a country that doesn't like americans only to see all of their lives dashed in a flash...can you, can you truely understand any of it..hell no..you don't have a clue, you don't want to truely understand anything..that's why you are speaking out against it..hell no one wants war, no one wants to see the death and destruction, the iraqi's were free, living in a free society till saddam decided he wanted to be special, to take control, to take away the freedoms of the iraqi people, islam doesn't condone that kindof behavior, it states that if someone takes control of people of islam, that those people have the right to bring people in to take him out..americans have always fought to save the underdogs of this world, to bring them out of the saddam hussains of this world to be able to live free and without fear..so what you are saying is that you want all of us to live in fear of someone coming into our homes , breaking our legs if they want, raping our women when they feel like it, you want us to just sit by and watch..HELL NO I TELL YOU, I'M A MOM AND A GRANDMA, I HAVE ASTHMA, BUT IF IT COMES TO THE POINT WHERE I HAVE TO FIGHT TO SAVE MY FREEDOM, KILL OR BE KILLED I'M GOING TO KICK SOME ASS AND KEEP MY FAMILY SAFE AND FREE,,AND TO HELL WITH YOU AND PEOPLE WHO DON'T APPRECIATE WHAT THEY HAVE BY LIVING HERE..PACK YOUR BAGS YOU COMPLAINING PIECE OF SHIT AND GO LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE YOU CAN'T SPEAK YOU MIND AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT THEN....

There are no words to describe you Jimmy 30.Apr.2004 07:43

from a PROUD Air Force mom

Hey Jimmy,
Why can't you find better things to do with your time than to try and mess with our soldiers? You don't deserve any of the freedoms that you now express. You are only promoting trash and we all know where trash belongs... either burn it or throw it in the dump with all of the other trash, only to eventually disappear.
I can't believe you would try to exploit a wonderful web site only to use it for your putrid deeds? You are pond scum. I think others had a good idea for you to go over to Iraq yourself to promote your rubbish. You are not even worthy to tie or polish my soldier's boots.
Just remember that freedom isn't free, it cost our soldiers a great price and I am damn proud of each and every one of them. I am proud to be an American. If you aren't proud to be an American, then find some other country to haunt and good riddance! We won't miss you!

Have ALL your Brain Cells Been Killed by AO? 30.Apr.2004 07:55

Diane M. Weller dweller@rrbiznet.com

I was sent the link to this site as a WARNING. I didn't believe this BS till I actually see it with my own eyes. YOU ALL JUST BREAK MY HEART OF HEARTS. Isn't it difficult enough on these young men and women to have to go face the horrors and realities of war let alone consider that this RUBBISH is some sort of SUPPORT FOR THEM? Why send them pictures of a dead Iraqi? You think HONESTLY they haven't already seen it? Maybe even done it? And are going to have to try to adjust to living with that the rest of their lives? Anyone who considers killing fun, exciting, and the ultimate is a very VERY Sick puppy and seriously needs psychological assistance. I've walked a mile in their mocassins, have YOU? Cause if you have, you sure as hell wouldn't be thinking that THIS SORT OF SHIT IS SUPPORT for our Military Heroes of Today. I'm not only a veteran, daughter of a WWII veteran, but the military mother of a Marine and Sailor. Neither one would EVER want the type of support that you seem to think is appropriate. In all actuality this is the biggest DISGRACE I have ever seen. And believe you me, many military families are going to get angered by this website and we WILL shut you down. If anything, the original website builder must not be an American but someone impersonating one. And if they are an American, they're most assuredly trying to IMPERSONATE A HUMAN BEING AND FAILING MISERABLY. PEOPLE, STOP THIS INSANE ABUSE OF OUR TROOPS, TO OUR TROOPS. THIS IS THE LAST BUNCH OF BS THESE HEROES NEED OR WANT. PROUD MARINE MOM, PROUD NAVY MOM, PROUD VETERAN, PROUD PATRIOT, PROUD AMERICAN DIANE M. WELLER CEO/WWW.MILITARYMOMSONLINE.ORG VETERANS RIGHTS AMERICAS ANGELS MILITARY OPS HONORING OUR FALLEN MILITARY HEROES

idiotic idea 30.Apr.2004 08:06

patriotic american

Jimmy, maybe you should go live in Iraq. You seem to enjoy the freedoms our military has earned you. No matter what you think of the war, it is a must to support our young men and women in the military. They are doing their jobs, protecting our country so you can act stupid without being shot down in the street as you would in Iraq. I applaude the military for standing up for our country and keeping us safe. I am only sorry that they are risking their lives for asses like you.

JIMMY 30.Apr.2004 08:23


These replies are just a small number of those who represent and support our troops.
The thousands of us that support them will easily squash any attempts by your preverted mind to hurt our troops.

How dare you LOSER 30.Apr.2004 08:38

Proud Scout Mom

I cannot believe that you have the gall to post this garbage. Especially to the families of soldiers who are fighting so we can stop terrorism and promote freedom.
We are at war. We lose soldiers and unfortunately civilians. We lost over 3000 of innocent people on 9/11 from all walks of life and countries. The insurgents are killing more civilians than we ever have and in a war innocents get killed. It is a sad fact of war. Was it okay what Hussein did to his own people?? Was it okay what Bin Laden did to us?? How can you as an American (which I suspect is questionable)
even post such a thing. If you EVER sent anything to our son like this or any other soldier you would be making a big mistake. Sounds like you are pro terrorism even suggesting our soldiers should kill their officers. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM???

Our son joined 2 months before 9/11. It was his passion to be a soldier since he was little. He has been in Irag for 6 months, almost lost his life a couple of weeks ago and you know what?? I AM PROUD OF HIM AND HE WANTS TO STAY AND DO HIS JOB SO IDIOTS LIKE YOU CAN WRITE BS LIKE THIS. We are a PROUD mother and father of a true patriot who is living in less than desirable conditions and risking his life and I would never ever have tried to talk him out of enlisting and I hope he makes it his career.

You are a very sad example of someone who has no concept of how this country became what it is today and why young men and women would volunteer to serve our country and fight for our freedom as well as the freedom of Iraq. I am sickened by your comments and suggestions.

Shame on you. You will not succeed in this sick propaganda you are spewing.And I am glad that someone on here notified the authorities on what you are doing and I hope it brings nothing but trouble for you. Get out of the USA and go live somewhere that would support your sickness.

Poor poor Jimmy~ 30.Apr.2004 08:40


How the hell old are you, Jimbo?????
Does your mother know what you do with your time, and your words?
I think it is amazing that you have put this stuff on the net but even more amazing that the idiots who seem to be friends of yours, think it's funny that people like me, even care to comment on your badmouthing of the American soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere.
None of your words or your friends' words even make sense....
Was your dad in the military, or your grandfather? Or were they gay pacifists? Or maybe you don't even know who your dad was?
Are you too wimpy to have served in the military?
My gut feeling tells me you are either 14 years old, or perhaps just stunted and delayed mentally at that age.
The very best of your talent seems to be this: You are the consummate button-pusher.
Whether you believe in the war or not, you shouldn't be asking people to harass the soldiers.
You don't think that the people over there already know what a charred or broken body looks like? You think that perhaps they won't have nightmares?
And where were you on 9-11? Perhaps laughing as the towers came down?
Please send me your mother's home address so I can inform her of your antics.
And BTW, leave the SoldierAngels group out of your stupidity...they are good people, doing good works, and you are a feeble-minded simpleton.

Operation Military Pride 30.Apr.2004 08:51

arlyn mcclaughry Armywife2@aol.com

THAT is sick! Why not show support by sending a card and care packages and show them you care!!! Operation Military Pride This Web site contains how-to instructions for putting together and sending care packages to troops, a ZIP code link for information about package restrictions to particular areas, and a suggested list of items for both male and female personnel. There is also information for and about kids, and an "adopt-a-soldier" program. Operation Yellow Ribbon supplies information about and organization of counter-demonstrations planned for Armed Forces Day on May 17. Go to www.operationmilitarypride.org

dont all you "muthas" realize.... 30.Apr.2004 09:31


that you are openly threatening this jimmy characters life for making his thoughts known? repeatedly promises have been made to find " jimmy" and hurt/kill etc......what the fuck people.
first off jimmy is baiting you, laughing at all your asinine remarks.
all of your " thought police" shit really scares me. i dont want your kids to die, but i can see why the are so war like coming from families like ya'lls. you guys are practically calling for peoples heads, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
most of you seem also to be christians, no jesus based religion has anything to do with that behavior besides comdemn it. allot of you PEOPLE should be ashamed.

whatever i guess, im sure "jimmy" is having good laugh at all of your idiiotic responses..........

Hey there Poop ! 30.Apr.2004 10:23


Poop ! ROFL..I know you picked the right name for yourself.
First off, while I agree to an extent that this little moron jimmy is probably laughing at all the attention that he is getting. You have no right to say those things about us being ashamed about the outrage we feel about his intent to harm our soldiers with what he calls " words". If little prick jimmy has issues, let him do what the rest of those pacifists have done and deal with it through the proper channels, i.e. voting, demonstrations, etc. You do get the idea, right dummie ?
In a way, the best thing that has happened is just this, because now the proper authorities are aware of his site.
Further, on behalf of all Military family, just as our sons and daughters fight for your right to post shit like jimmy does, we also fight for our soldiers and there's enough going on in Iraq without vermin like him to agitate the situations. Give it a rest POOP.
Dee-PAM of Ryan ( A HERO )

RIGHT ON DEE 30.Apr.2004 10:38

Proud Scout Mom

Great job Dee. I am done looking at this crap. And all you anti soldier/anti military people can go to hell. You disgust me. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. Cowards

POOP YOU MISS THE POINT 30.Apr.2004 11:27

Proud Mother of an American soldier

You don't get it do you? I wonder if you are a parent. If someone threatens to do something that has the potential to bring, emotional physical or spiritual harm to your child what do you do? Do you sit there and say well he has the right you know. Or do you come to your child's defense? I don't excpect you or Jimmy to even begin to understand this. And I am sorry if your parents never loved you enough to stand in your defense. Unless you have been in battle you have NO IDEA of what our children are going through over there. They need to be focused so that they come back home alive. They don't need to be distracted by someone who has no clue. As for Jesus. Well Poop by your language I can see that you don't personally know Jesus and so do not try to defend Him. He came in Peace the first time. Not so when He returns. Yes His is a gospel of love. But He also showed justified anger. So really think very carefully about what you're saying and what you're doing. With freedom there comes sponsibilty which we will ALL be held accountable for. Our children are doing their jobs. Just leave them alone let them do it and this war will be over.

cat got your tongue, jimmy? 30.Apr.2004 12:34


What's the matter, Jimmy - cat got your tongue? I don't see any response from you to the MANY, MANY e-mails from proud families of our soldiers! Typical bully - start something and then run away! Well, Jimmy, why don't you run all the way to Iraq and join your brothers and sisters, the insurgents?? We don't want you here in the good old USA and we certainly won't miss you!! And thank you for once again proving that there are so many people in this world that support our troops, as evidenced by the the e-mails sent in protest!!! You can't win this one, Jimmy!! You are far too outnumbered!!!
Karen, proud mom of an American soldier

I have seen somethings,but this is the lowest 30.Apr.2004 12:37

Paulette wimmer PROUD AMERICAN and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS 100% TgrshFl2003@yahoo.com

Let me tell you something,I recently visited GROUND ZERO and my heart dropped greatly when i saw what was there,that used to be a land mark now its just a memory....Amemory taht will stay with me for ever.I will tell you something I don't like..People who use our technology against us...and who have the nerve to threaten our TROOPS...For those who threaten our troops GET A LIFE and leave our men and woemn alone...... AMERICA NUMBER 1 PROUD TO BE AMERICAN WHERE AT LEAST I KNOW I AM FREE.... WAY TO GO ALL TROOPS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

To Poop (aka Jimmy) 30.Apr.2004 13:52

Gladys S Stefany (VERY Proud Mother-in-Law of LCPL JG)

Are you intelligent enough to express yourself in words that have more than four letters? Just curious........

YOU ARE AN ASSS 30.Apr.2004 16:00

VANESSIA sweetorchid38@yahoo.com

You know to PRETEND to be a friend and supporter of our troops just to be able to send them the ANTI-WAR shit is a disgrace..YOU think these men and women are doing this because they want to? You think they leave their families and friends and the saftey and comfort of their homes just to go live in a hell hole without some of the basic pleasantries and even the basics just to KILL some IRAQI????..Where do you get your INFO and where is your MIND?...Why are you here in this country in the first place?..You know NO matter what you feel about this war..FACTS ARE SIMPLE...It's a WAR and IT's HAPPENING and WE ARE LOSING many Of our own to these cowards who use kids and women as shields and bombs. I think it's time that the Majority of us PUT a STOP to the likes of you!.. No matter what my personal beliefs are..I will always BACK my Military and be there to support and care for them..They need that, not this BS..They see the anti-war parades and articles and Bs even over there..To pretend to be a supporter and then throw this in their faces..I hope and pray you can look yourself in the morror and be happy with what you see.Cause what I see is a Sad and pathetic excuse for a human being..I have many friends, and a few family members serving and I"M PROUD of them..I cry every night worried that one day I'll wake up and find out they were killed..I write and support so many who are over there and I worry about them...I don't know them, but I care and worry... This world is so screwy to allow such idiots as you to do this to our men and women..I think it's a crime and if you ask me..I think you should be held accountable for it..Now quote me how it's your RIGHT and a FREEDOM to PROTEST..UMMMM..WELL GUESS WHERE YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!..YES, Right on the backs and the blood of all those who have served and do serve and WILL CONtinue to SERVE THis Great NATION of OURS...I say You don't like it here..GO..Pack YOUR bags and GO live with the IRAQI'S..Just GO we don't need you!

JIMMIE BOY 30.Apr.2004 18:11

Keri PROUD mother of a Marine

I feel sorry for you son that you and your friends are so depraved that you would promote such a evil idea. I agree with the other patriots that our men and woman would just use your letters for toliet paper anyway. Jimmie, our soldiers do not need your approval to know that they are doing the right thing and that this nation is behind them. They know they are because they see it everyday in the eyes of the Iraqi's that they are freeing and in our letters of real support to them. They also know enough not to depend on the liberal media propaganda to get the true facts, as you did. Jimmie, I prefer to believe the people who are doing the actual work. My son is among them.We could not be prouder of him for being so selfless that he could join up during war time. I am not surprized though because that is how we raised him. He has many brothers and sisters in Arms that share the same core values. We have no words to express the gratitude we have for all of the brave, wonderful men and woman who have choosen to put themselves in harms way to save the innoccent by stopping tyrants. That makes them hero's Jimmie. Do you know what good values are? I can read that you do not and that makes me sad for you. By the way, Mr. Poop was so concerned about threats from old ladies against you, well, please let Mr. Poop know that encouraging soliders to shoot their superiors over the enternet is also a crime. One for which I hope you rott in jail. You and your ilk can never diminished the work of our military. My son fights for our rights Jimmie, your right to shoot off your sad little mouth and my right to close it.

ret marine 30.Apr.2004 18:40

ed rogers

you sob;s what to come in my yard and say this to my face.my son is over there and doing a good job like the othere men and women are doing.i was in two wars nam and the golf war.but you fuckers wouldnt under stand.i wish i could get my hands on you.tell you what you tell me where your at and ill come there.please do that for me.ed

the Truth 30.Apr.2004 21:04

Naomi Mauricio

I have never seen anything so IDIOTIC in my entire life.
You are nothing but a bunch of ignorant people with nothing constructive to do with your lives.
Freedom of speech is great. I would LOVE to see you express this particular viewpoint in the presence of one of our soldiers- that ywould be a very sad day for you wouldn't it?!?!

GOD have mercy on your pathetic, miserable souls.

Jimmy you are an Ass! 30.Apr.2004 21:09

Patriot in Ca

I can not believe you would post this filth on here! What kind of American are you? Or are you American at all? This is the most stupidest, degrading pile of crap I've ever heard of. Where were you on 911? The USS Cole? Kenyan embassy Bombing? Invasion of Kuwait? You have a serious case of rectalcranialinversion. Also known as head up the ass! You make me sick.

Enough Said 30.Apr.2004 21:47

We the People

I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the republic
for which it stands
for liberty
and justice for all...........

If you don't like it, get the fuck out

my opinion 01.May.2004 05:11


Its the president you should be saying this to. leave the soliders alone they dont need or deserve this type of abuse

poop-& Jimmy THINK AGAIN! 01.May.2004 18:49

poop & jimmy

Well are you the appointed protector of Jimmy or is Jimmy your protector poop. he may be injoying his 15 minutes of fame-by getting responses--but the fact that you are so hep on what he means and what the meaning of what others write--I am not sure you are any better!!! I am a christian and I did not threaten Jimmy or you by stating I was going after him nor do I care what you are or who you are. I do not care if you think I am a chriatian nor no--God will make judgement in the end and so what you say does not matter.
What matters here is that my sons, my friends sons and daughter are in the armed forces. My sons were both in the Army. One still is--they went and they served in Iraq. Neither one of them refused--they have and will continue to serve. They did not go there to kill little babies, or innocents. But they stood and still stand up and do not use children and women as shields. They did it to keep terrorists from coming here onto our homeland like before. It appears that so many have forgotten 9/11 and all those children, men and women of all nations that died. My sons are heroes! The soldiers that serve their country of all branches from the USA, England and the coalition forces are heroe's. It does not matter what you think!!!!!It is between the believer and their God who is and who is not Christian--not you!!! Jimmy is an idiot. If he choses to go to Iraq and speak face to face with our soldiers--then he may have room to talk, as if you walk a mile in there shoes--you will see reality. Proud MOM--Noralee

Namvet 01.May.2004 20:14

Penthouse 8thwood@8thwood.com

Jimmy, you've just about accomplished the impossible; you've forced me to disagree with someone more than I disagree with Dubya. While I don't know if you've experienced war, I doubt it. I'm a Viet Nam vet and a Lifer (20 year man) and I have friends still attempting to cope with their memories of that long ago war in Viet Nam. Whatever your motives are, take it from me: you are not helping the soldiers fighting in Iraq one little bit. Your actions are ill-advised and actually cruel. I suggest you rethink what you're doing.


there seems to be a lot of confusion here 02.May.2004 01:28

let me help

People seem to think that Saddam Hussein was involved with 9/11 despite statements from the administration to the contrary. Bush himself said "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with September the 11th." I wonder, do people conflating Iraq and 9/11 think the president is a liar? What's truly sad is that in the rest of the world it's common knowledge that Bin Laden and Hussein were enemies and that by ousting Hussein from power we've helped Bin Laden accomplish one of his goals in the 80's. By removing US military bases from Saudi Arabia we've allowed Bin Laden a second goal to be completed. And now with growing anti-US sentiment to allow for the recruiting of terrorists I do believe that like George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden has hit the trifecta.

Well, some people need to learn things the hard way. There were no terrorists in Iraq before the invasion but the longer we stay the more there will be there now. I only pray that they will choose not to take up arms against the US once the US occupation comes to an end. That's one similarity to Vietnam I'm not dreading to see again. I just hope we will not need to see so many deaths before we realize that invasion and occupation are never a sound strategy.

Don't any of you recognize a troll when you see one? 04.May.2004 13:21

Criminently J. Geezer

Knock it off with the wailings and lamentations, or you'll all be remanded to Usenet for a six-week refresher course in Online Behavior 101. You've been had.

"Jimmy" there is what you call a troll. He gets off on yanking people's chains, then sitting back to watch the feathers fly. It's a perversion of sorts. I've never seen the appeal myself, but enough people do to make trolls a very recognizable online type. Letting yourself get upset like this, denouncing him, arguing with him, all that nonsense, is exactly what he wants you to do. He gets off on it. It's like those guys who make obscene phone calls, hoping that the women they call will be upset by the nasty things they're saying. If you make the mistake of getting all weepy and telling them how vile and depraved they are, they only breathe faster.

Pretty icky, huh?

Jimmy, you're a jerk, and I hope it falls off the next time you play with it.

Anyway. That link of Jimmy's leads to a perfectly nice organization that provides small goodies and kindly human contact to servicemen stationed overseas. There's no way they'd have anything to do with fragging. Put that out of your mind. Remember: Jimmy lied. Letting yourself get upset over what he said just gives him more heavy breathing time, and I'm sure you don't want to do that for him.

Anti-War, Anti-Indymedia 04.May.2004 15:08

Brad Reed

As someone who took to the streets to protest this war, let me say: "Jimmy, you're a moron." There are a lot of fine, decent people who serve in our military, and they don't deserve stooges like you advocating their deaths. What the anti-war movement should be doing is convincing more Americans of the merits of our position. The way to convince people of the justness of our cause is through intelligent discussion, not through advocating peoples' deaths. It's people like you who give the right-wing screamers at Fox News ammo in the propaganda war.