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IMF/World Bank: 50 years is enough! Correct Audio File #3

On April 19,2004 a forum/teach-in was held at Reed College with activists Che Lopez(San Antonio, Texas), Fides Chades(
Tanzania-East Africa), and Gloria Vilma Ortiz Nunez(El Salvador) speaking about how the World Bank and IMF policies impact their work in their respective communities in this the 50th year of the World Bank/IMF.
Gloria Vilma Ortiz
Gloria Vilma Ortiz
From the Monday, April 19, 2004 Global Justice teach-in at Reed College, IMF/WB 50 years is Enough! forum/teach-in. This is an audio file(MP3 format) of the third of three speakers Gloria Vilma Ortiz Nunez representing El Pacun from El
Salvador speaking in Spanish with Claire Closmam translating in English
Found some links...URL type not the pink ones... 26.Apr.2004 01:57

audiopol@comcast.net audiopol@comcast.net

This being the third audio file in a series of three the other two audio files can be found at:
Che Lopez:
Fides Chades:

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Not as fast a link as promised but dis juan vil vork... 26.Apr.2004 02:39

audiopol audiopol@comcast.net

Ah yes, let me count the comments and command(error in the first comment) one plus one equals...so the second audio file cannot possibly be the same numba as the first(comment wise) audio file that being 695 so try this link to complete the set of course counting backwards from the first which in this case was the third skipping the second(error, error Will Robinson--bad URL even if it is the friendly confines of Portland Indymedia to complete the set.