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Bike Polo

Where: Alberta Park Tennis Courts
When: Every Saturday 3:00ish
New players, women and trans folk are encouraged to play. Guys are welcome. NO DUDES!
Gear and bikes provided.
Women, trans and chill guys are invited to play bike polo at Alberta park 3:00ish on Saturdays. Bikes and gear provided. No dudes or dude like behavior will be allowed. Folks that are new to bike polo are welcome.
whats a dude? 25.Apr.2004 20:41


Would you provide a definition and and example of dude-like behaviour for the lexically challenged?

Yes what is the 26.Apr.2004 09:02


between a guy and a dude?
What if you think you are a guy but others think of you as a dude?
What if I am transgenderd but am called dude bi guys?

I'm guessing 30.Apr.2004 09:01


I'm guessing a typical extreme sports jocko-type.