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hello police!

.hi officers we here in belligham wa. are wathching the racial murder situation in portland.we are also closely monitoring the bellingham wa. police dept.we have badge numbers and we know the beer pub restaurants that you hang out in after work(lets hope its AFTER work,but judging by most police behavior ,you must drink BEFORE work).say hello to your buddy cop in bellingham,kent l. poortinga cause he needs your help.he is an extremely violent person and needs help.badge 208 is full of hate!
yes i know 25.Apr.2004 14:23


we know the bham. police dept.505 grand ave ,bellingham wa.the glass palace where they have weapons on display on the mezzanine.the local paper ,gannets bellingham herald.com has an article about crime in bham.the chief ,randy carrol' says the cops comply with the wishes of the 'community' in how they police the town.he really means comply with comfortable meek (and sometimes violent) middle class white citizens.do i have to tell you about the amount of death threats to blacks i have counted?