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Repost: TONIGHT FREE Brian Pace to Speak On '04 World Social Forum at Back 2 Back Cafe

I went to this year's World Social Forum in Bombay, India. This Sunday, the 25th at 6pm I will be talking about my impressions of WSF. I do not claim to be an expert on any subject and I went to WSF mainly as a grassroots media node, to learn more than anything.
Sunday, the 25th at 6pm
Back 2 Back Cafe 6th & E Burnside

While I was in Bombay, I posted a few updates on this site from the Media Center at the WSF. This talk is an attempt to take the global experience and disperse it to my local community. Not everyone has the luxury of galavanting off to India for a week long conference, so I hope to represent the multifaceted event as best as one person can do.

While at the WSF, I was met with an invitation to go to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh to visit those affected by the Union Carbide gas leak of 1984. Since I accepted and eventually found myself in Bhopal, one of the main topics of my talk will be how the WSF process has facilitated the coalition to hold Dow Chemical (current owner Union Carbide) accountable for its numerous toxic crimes against communities all over the world.

Below I have reposted two of my articles from when I was in Bombay.

On the World Social Forum, Professor Ritu Dewan of University of Mumbai

Activists Tell Dow: You Cannot Sweep Bhopal Under the Rug