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Seeing The Real God

"I've had all I can stands, I can't stands no more."
Popeye The Sailor Man

"God? Well. Lemme tell ya aboutcha God....God, he can trow a boat, right ovuh a hedge..."
George Carlin

"This is going to make a lot of people mad. Its really too bad that ignorance isn't painful."
Louis Darkowitz
Earths God is not a he, or a she, it is an It, and it is AWESOME. There is most definitely something huge and complex alive on this planet of which humanity is but a vector, alongwith everything else alive, and this It is comprised of both male and female (The two halves of God), as well as a vast reservoir of experience from Its many millions of years of existance. This It, this GOD, also possesses a propensity to build things. God is a building Id-entity. Identity.

Earths God is brutal beyond measure, as one should expect, in a do-or-die universe such as this, and besides the obvious brutality of eat-or-be eaten, any study of history, right down to, and especially at, the Geo-logical level, will blatantly define the necessities of Earths God in no uncertain terms. God continuously digests itself, It is a runaway chemical reaction within the very dirt of the Earth, utilizing the matter of the planet and the energy of the sun to further its agenda of survival, in a place where survival is the exception, not the norm. In some ways the entire Life process here on Earth, and in other places where Life lives, can be viewed as a slow Reflection of Light. Light imposes its own order, and it is inexorable, and omnipresent. Light Happens. All matter strives towards becoming Light, flows toward that state, and the order light imposes on matter facilitates this.

Still with me? Good.

So this being, God, of which we are a part, is reacting to Its environment here in eternity by creating organisms within itself which will eventually perform Gods Will. God too is trying to understand what all this is about, and the Earth God, the super-entity incorporating humans as its prime motive force, is Very aware of the vastness of its environment, and perhaps it even senses others of its type, out there in the sickening abyss, though so far it has only managed to remain alive here on Earth, and Its Life has been nearly extinguished more than 5 times since Its birth. Talk about your brutal universes. Bad bad bad bad bad. And God remembers. The Layered dirt of this planet is truly a book of God, and this book tells the tale starkly and succinctly. Deny it at our peril, for if Gods Will cannot be done by our life form, then God will just build another, that will.

Gods Will is our mission, and no Holier mission must there be. The events which nearly took Gods Life were horrible beyond imagining, and we are all lucky to still be here, to be one with God. It was not so on many other planets, and the careening collisions going on everywhere are just par-for-the-course in the milieu of the REAL GOD, the lifeform that calls all of life in this universe ONE. Cataclysm and Catastrophe, both large and small, have plagued the Earth God all Its Life. And God is still young, here, too.
There are many evidences of God, that can be seen by anyone taking the time to look carefully beyond the blinders of human conditioning. This is because God itself has a plan, again, Survival, and growth. God is procreative.
We, being one with God, exemplify this pro-creativeness, and it is the main force behind everything we do. Because most of the time it works. I say most of the time because there are cases where supplys of available energy cease to exist in necessary quantities for the number of organisms involved. One of the most blatant pieces of evidence of God here on Earth is the reccurence of homosexuality, whenever population grows beyond available energy. Homosexuality has been with us, and most other sexual life forms, since the beginning. It is generally quasi-dormant, but never erased, and thats because it serves a major purpose in the overall scheme of things. This is because population growth beyond available energy resources (FOOD) happens quite a lot here among our oh-so-primitive selves, and it is not so much a matter of available land, or resources, but the lazy habit of most humans to allow just a few people to take over and control available energy, so that the availability of said energy becomes less and less to more and more. This is modus operandi to scum like the bush crime family, and the other bankers of the world. And when this happens, as it has countless times over our relatively short span as dominant species here, then a fail-safe comes into play, where population growth is halted. War is the drug of choice among the profiteers/bankers who like to control available energy, but God is not so brutal as THAT, and has made arrangements to shut down population growth whenever it exceeds available energy. Thats what homosexuality is about, and they who take it upon themselves to halt population growth by becoming homosexual have literally been touched by God. Its easy to see. Homosexuality is not an aberration of Mind, it is our organisms reaction to overpopulation. Ours is not the only species here that exhibits this either. And remember, most of the time over-population is not caused by too much breeding, but by the greed of a few warped and distinctly anti-survival types. If there is a devil here, as well as a God, then these greedy apes, like the bush family, are its agents. And they too have been around forever although that may cease, and soon. God teaches.
Consider also these examples of God, or Gods messages: The yin and yang, which is an ancient symbol supposedly created by man long before such a thing as microscopes, very plainly resembles the uniting of the sperm and the ova. Also consider the cadeuceus, the very ancient symbol for medicine, and its surprising similarity to the DNA helix. Then look at the five extinction events that we are aware of, and notice that after each there were relatively prolonged periods of inactivity, only to be replaced by a virtual explosion of life. Many cool things can be understood by studying these events, not least of which are the recurrences of some life forms (With Improvements!) and stark evidence that God REMEMBERS. GOD LEARNS.
Finally, there are many artifacts, of civilizations before ours, which make all religions of this present 5th world appear ridiculous. As they are. Monkeys attempting to make sense of things they do not understand. Homo Sapiens sapiens has been around at least 50,000 years. Our known history extends only 8000 or so, at most. That leaves a lot of time unaccounted for. Only by understanding God, and by doing Gods will, can we hope to escape this violent trap of one step forward, two steps back.
There are many more hints and messages, just waiting for you to see them.
God is everywhere. God is Life. Gods will shall be done, either by us, or not.


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Great article! 25.Apr.2004 14:23

Tony Blair's dog

Thank's for posting it.

Our god is not an awesome god 25.Apr.2004 14:28



We could get so much more work done on this planet if we stopped carrying on imaginary conversations with Magic Carpenters, fairies, talking trees, and celestial nannies.

The list is long Potato lover 26.Apr.2004 09:17


you should add to your list Spud; fanatical Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus who each have their own version of God.
Imagine the work that could be accomplished if these man-made religions were not fucking everyone up.