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ice cream truck won't sell me ice cream.

yesterday I was rejected yet again from being able to purchase ice cream from an ice cream truck.
yesterday I joined the march for police accountability. and anyone was out yesterday knows that the sun was definitly out as well. So I was just thinking about how hungry I was when an ice cream truck rolled up the street near vera katz's house, with big speakers on top and everything. I was a little surprised to see police driving it, but I figured what with budget cuts maybe the portland police department was trying to raise money other ways.
but they wouldn't sell me ice cream. I asked politely if they had any soy ice cream (cause i'm vegan) but they only laughed at me. I was thinking maybe they don't cater to vegans, but neither me or my friend could get any ice cream out of them at all.
This wasn't the first time I was rejected from purchasing ice cream... they also wouldn't sell to me on august 21st last year.
I believe that the portland police are using discrimanatory business pratices in their ice cream retail business. I think the public needs to address this. One way I suggest is to have everyone ask to purchase ice cream from the truck when they see it. and if we, their customers, demand access to vegan ice cream, then we can eat vegan ice cream at every protest!
give me a break 25.Apr.2004 12:21

SSG Bryant

You gotta be kidding me. Vegan icecream?
It's just milk! To pathetic animals died to give it to you! Are you against breast feeding newborns? Should we ban that too?!

you should try it sometime 25.Apr.2004 12:42

vegan ice cream aficionado

Tofuti Cuties are damn good. I'm not vegan but I do enjoy tasty vegan treats. And, of course, it's silly to ignore a market, particularly a growing market, just from a business perspective.

As for breast feeding, that's the passing of milk from mother to child and no one objects to it. People object to the way animals are treated on many factory farms. Not to mention the health risks associated with the hormones pumped into cows. It's not proven but there is a correlation between hormones in beef and milk (and milk products) and the increasingly early onset on puberty in young girls. The average age for puberty is now 9-10 years old for girls and 1% of girls are showing signs of puberty by age 3. That's some scary shit. Maybe it's not the hormones being pumped into cows but I haven't heard a better explanation yet.

shut up SSG Bryant 25.Apr.2004 13:08

ben maras

Way to go for ridiculing another persons choices.

How about we all start ridiculing you for eating the seared muscle tissue of mistreated and malformed animals?


Ashcroft: "No more ice cream for lefties" 25.Apr.2004 14:10


Most people don't know this, but part of the Patriot Act is that only registered Republicans can eat ice cream.

Patriot Act 2 will mandate that the only flavor of jellybeans non-Republicans can purchase are licorice and those ones that taste like "popcorn." That's not really a problem for me, because my favorite jellybeans are licorice but I wouldn't eat those icky-ass "popcorn" ones even if it were the last source of food at Gitmo.

mmm, ice cream 25.Apr.2004 14:52


Being the "friend" that also tried to purchase ice cream I would like to make it known that I am not vegan and did ask for normal ice cream...however was denied, then pleasently asked for soy...this is discrimination at its worst when you get denied all kinds of ice cream. Purhaps these ice cream truck employees need a little lesson tought to them.

Frozen Out! 25.Apr.2004 16:11

Curious George

Correct me if I'm wrong, but those ice cream trucks look about as hard to push over as the pooper scoopers that follow horses during a parade. A couple of enraged would-be customers could probably take it out in a heartbeat. I find it completely bizarre that the police would be operating one because it is completely indefensible, does not strike terror into anybody's heart, and certainly doesn't fool anybody as an undercover scam.

Here's another idea . . . during the next demonstration, why not rent one of these things yourself? You can stock up at the ice cream place on Killingsworth and sell ONLY to demonstrators and sympathizers.

It's not an ice cream truck 25.Apr.2004 16:39


It's a common mistake, but that is a bread truck, not an ice cream truck.

You should try their spicy bean loaf, it is great. It tastes a little like red pepper spray and beanbag shotgun rounds, but with a hint of coffee and a doughnut glaze, fried over a small handheld toaster that can toast things from as far as 21 feet away using their state-of-the-art electric current toasting unit. Portland Police make more of these wonderful confections than any other department.

LOL Great post margaret, you made my day :)