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yesterday's arrestee released, court date monday

the police released Mike D at 3:30am this morning after his arrest during the march for police accountability yesterday.
yesterday Mike D was arrested for walking at a legally implied crosswalk. presumably, he was arrested for "being constantly in and out of traffic", although it is also very likely he was being arrested for being Mike D [which is a crime in portland].
He was taken and booked for disorderly conduct and interference with a peace officer. his bail was set to $400 and he was expecting to sit in jail all weekend until his court on monday, but was matrixed out at 3:30 this morning.
He will be seeing the judge in courtroom 4 at 2pm on monday, although when asked today he indicated he wasn't particularly concerned with people coming... he "doesn't think people need to take time out of their day" for his court.
When asked if there was anything else important he told me that I should "throw something in about freeing mumia and justice for perez".
souvenier 25.Apr.2004 12:02


Keeping people on the sidewalk was the police's big challenge of the day...not too exciting...but Mik D is a big score for those guys...even if he's harmless, not even an organizer with arissa, he looks super radical...they were pretty decent to him around by the police van after the march proceeded on. I think it was just something to do for the police. They have practice you know.

Information 25.Apr.2004 14:31


Is anything being planned for Wednesday's inquest? Can anyone explain the purpose behind an inquest? From what have I read about them they serve no real purpose other than making the public feel that something is being done when in reality we know it is only a stall tactic.

Going down to the hearing 25.Apr.2004 16:37

Mike Dee's friend

If he doesn't want people/support/etc....then that is fine.....

Mike Dee was in and out of the court hearings the day after Idiot Bush visit 2003. He was helping/supporting/documenting/etc all the arrestees and their hearings. He is a great person, hardworking and I think he'd appreciate some support/kind words/a hug especially on Monday. I know he has attended other court hearings for protestors in the past and is always helping with jail and legal support. This is not the time to be shy, show some love for Mike Dee.

??? 25.Apr.2004 21:32


what was he charged with??? - disorderly conduct and interference with a peace officer??? I saw video of him just standing there doing nothing... on the sidewalk... unbelievable!!! I hope someone throws the idiot officer who ordered his arrest from across the street face first into the toilet.

I was arrested for interfering with a peace officer 25.Apr.2004 22:43

for standing in my own lawn

doing nothing, except for watching the cops a neighbors house. I was arrested because the police were looking for me. No charges wer filed in court. I wasn't even allowed to plead not guilty. Mike D got arrested for being Mike D. They were looking for him. Good luck Mike!