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I got involved with this march first because I wanted to get to know someone I was attracted to. Later I was shocked and sadened by the lack of solidarity shown by folks I have alot of respect for. Today while marching at one point I said "this really sucks". Now I feel good that no one was hurt besides the TOKEN (police inside joke) Mike D arrest, and that we actually got to the mayors house.
I am going to climb out on a limb and be totally honest (save what I omit for security reasons) about how I feel the rally went.
I thought the speakers were good, but not enough, so what,it was still cool hearing some new-er voices. I feel much was NOT said, and that too much was repeated into oblivion. We are suppossed to be activists yet I did not see the classically wonderfull trait of activists using any issue to talk about the other issues. No one was tying it all into capitalism, well there was one guy I heard while marching who was going off about mind control and slavery, that was cool. Police are just a symptom of the disease of capitalism. They are just underpaid pawns otherwise known as the enforcers of capitalist greed, and it's still BUY OR DIE.

I was really appaled at that flyer I saw that said "go home don't be here", that is counter productive and it makes me really sit back and study on whether these leaders I looked up to were ever radical or were they always LIBERAL. Malcolm X sex that the liberal is far worse than the republican because the liberal is the fox, the right wing nut will come right at ya POW but the fox is sneaky. I also have been thinking about cointelpro and how we were all raised breed and fed, with the instutionalized REACTION to the second revolutionary war that spawned cointelpro. It is still alive and now more legal than it was, but I feel of course that they have bred us to be our own cointelpro. If this bastard whose name I keep NOT mentioning would have just thought what is best for the NON WHITE RICH MEN, or even the burning EARTH, he would have kept his mouth shut and supported another step in the-lets use our one chance to save our fucking humanity department. I was shown that flyer today and I just burned inside (and it wasn't because the earth is on FIRE, I got my sunscreen for that).
I feel that there would have been less police if they had got a permit yes, but we would not have gone KATZ'S house and we would feel like shit as we watched them pleasantly guide us to safety. It is of course better that the rich white males call the shots and send the more machine than man posse to do a "fear based society" street performance. SCHOOL IS NOT IMPORTANT WORK IS NOT IMPORTNAT NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN STOPING FASCISM BECAUSE FASCISM WILL STOP US ALL. Maybe we should all wash away our murderously stinky amerikan genocide blood stains with several self inflicted blows to the head so that the LAW ENFORCEMENT wont ever have to touch us again. WAKE UP. See I don't think that these portland peacefull response types are NOT in touch with how enraged I feel at what these rich white capitalist imperialists are doing and murdering to keep dead amerikan decadence alive. I think they ARE in touch with it but they are still too trained to report, to disrupt and to destroy. We are the cointelpro. They are NOT peacefull when they refuse to take action and let the corporate oppressor get away with countless accounts of murder, rape, and slavery DAILY. They are laying there dying while they sit at kinko's printing up flyers that say don't go to this march these folks are violent.
We must defend those who cannot, we must save our humanity and use our priveledge to ease the suffering at the hands of these war mongers.
APRIL 6TH 1968 25.Apr.2004 01:08

Fleeta, sends kisses from the grave

POLICE using the tactics they always use shot black panther Bobby hutton 6 times in the head, in front of 20 or so african amerikan wittness's. He had no weapon and was told to "run nigger run", and of course the police got off with only a PROMOTION.

I agree 25.Apr.2004 17:51

with you