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Deck of Cards Cop Featured on The TV Show Cops

Lookout for Joe Luiz
Joe Luiz
Joe Luiz
"Officer Joe Luiz and Officer Davis Kile arrest a male suspect who has been a continuing problem at a local eatery and threat to the police department. THE SUSPECT PUBLICLY ANNOUNCES THAT THE POLICE ARE HARRASSING HIM as he's searched and placed in a police vehicle."

More pictures of Luiz 25.Apr.2004 02:17

This guy is dangerous

I know

Thanks for the pics! 25.Apr.2004 13:03


I will update the deck with this one tonight! ONE MORE DOWN! KEEP THEM COMING!

Got him! 25.Apr.2004 15:23


One down. . .

Luiz is a Real Psycho 25.Apr.2004 16:26

ed harley

luiz is usually one of the chief assholes along on the critical mass rides... probably not one to unload his 9mm on an unarmed suspect, but more along the lines of a career brutality/petty harassment expert. watch out for him, he's a power-hungry shit-eater.

I agree with ed harley 25.Apr.2004 18:49

Luiz is crazy

He injured me in many ways