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Thoughts on Arissa March

I attended both events, and appreciated each for what it was. I liked today's a little better. But I am upset about the people who tried to sell us all out.
Although I would like to see us move out of the "marching" rut and actually start to do something, I understand the strategic importance of working to build community first. I also thought it was an excellent tactic to go directly to the home of the mayor (because now we know where she lives).

I didn't like the fact that we were ushered about by armed pigs. I don't like that feeling. It's part of what's making me so angry about them. They are lawless thugs who shoot people down for looking at them funny, and then hordes of them descend upon us to prevent us from jaywalking? It makes no sense.

I really want to express my concern about what happened with Joe Keller, though. I don't know what he really said, or how much this was taken out of context, but it looked like he was playing "good dissenter/bad dissenter" to the corporate media. I know they lie and take things out of context, so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But if this is true, I really feel betrayed by him, and by the liberal organizers who handed out flyers last night telling people not to come to the demonstration today. Things will never, ever change if solidarity is so easily forgotten. I understand if Mr. Keller disagrees about tactics, but to undermine many, many people who are working as hard as he is to end police violence in this city? That seems almost unforgivable. Almost.

I've gone to every liberal demonstration, and every radical one as well. I understand the tactics used by each side, and I truly believe it will take us all. I thought we were starting to get beyond the stupid name calling and insults between the two sides. It really looked like people were respecting each other, having different events, attending each others' events. Then this comes up. As I said, it may very well be that the corporate media was playing this with an inaccurate spin, but it sure looks like (at least SOME) liberals (Joe Keller?) are starting in again. "Play by our rules, the system's rules, don't make anyone angry, don't do anything effective, just wallow in this mess until we're all just sick of it."

What's up with that? Mr. Keller and the other people handing out the flyers last night need to understand who their friends are. If they don't, they will drag us all down with them.
You know 25.Apr.2004 00:11


Mr Keller probably feels the same.

Doers and Stoppers 25.Apr.2004 00:25

George Bender

I used to think the main conflict was between liberals and radicals. Now I think it's between doers and stoppers. Whenever anyone tries to do anything, liberal or radical, someone tries to stop them. Stoppers apparently just can't stand to see anyone actually DO anything. Sick people. I think we feed energy to the stoppers by arguing with them, and drain our own energy, so it might be better if we just ignored them. In any case, don't let them stop you.

I couldn't attend today because I now live in another city. Congratulations to all who were there. Sounds like you did good.

Bender, I'm not sure if I ever 25.Apr.2004 00:56


once agreed with you--but I do right here. I've noticed that too. It seems like whenever any organization or individual comes up with an idea, an action, and they're willing to follow through with it, someone comes along and gets really negative about it. I say: if you don't like an action, feel it's not inclusive enough, you don't understand the point, etc., go ahead and do your own. If you're working WITHIN a group, then you have some say, but to be a "sideline activist" criticizing everyone else's efforts is useless and destructive.

APRIL 6TH 1968 25.Apr.2004 01:04


POLICE using the tactics they always use shot black panther Bobby hutton 6 times in the head, in front of 20 or so african amerikan wittness's. He had no weapon and was told to "run nigger run", and of course the police got off with only a PROMOTION.

Question for FLEETA 25.Apr.2004 11:03

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

I'm curious, did that occur here in Portland during the riots? Can you provide any more details? Would greatly appreciate it!


just a bit 25.Apr.2004 12:36


Revolutionary Bobby Hutton was the first member and also treasurer of the black panther party in Oakland california. Many african amerikans were set up and murdered that way in front of many witness's, which is why the panthers set up armed police patrols in the first place. The were sick of goin to funerals and nothin being done to the murderers.
There is a black panther history class the last saturday of every month at laughing horse books from 7 to 9 pm

black panthers 25.Apr.2004 14:25

with video cameras

We need to revamp the Black Panther's copwatching tactics except armed with video cameras, police scanners, and people able to drop what they have and get to scene as soon as possible. I know we have copwatch groups it just needs to be more widespread specifically in the North and Northeast.

False dichotomy 25.Apr.2004 17:28


Some folks think PPD should harrass coloured folks, push them around, murder a few when they don't jump quickly or highly enough, keep them in line. Some folks want to stop that.

Video Cameras 25.Apr.2004 17:40

Catalina Eddie

I know a lot of us have video cameras. Suppose we hauled them out and pointed them at the police everytime we saw them. It seems t'me that such a tactic would get into their conciousness real quick. They would never know fer sure when they were being taped, or even if every cam pointed at them was turned on. I think it would drive them nuts, and there isn't a thing they can do about it


we need to do some citizen's arrests 26.Apr.2004 07:01

and educate ourselves about it

If anyone wants to look it up and how to do it, feel free, otherwise I will produce an article about it and keep on reposting it. We need to arrest cops on the spot and press charges when they murder someone or otherwise. At the A24 march, I saw the riot squadron car make a turn without using a signal. This is the exact thing that Perez was killed for, and all of us there didn't do a thing about it. WE ARE THE POLICE OF THE POLICE, AND THERE IS NO REASON WHY WE SHOULDN'T BE SHIRKING THAT RESPONSABILITY ON THIS EASY LEVEL.
In addition to doing the actual arrests, we can press charges, too. ...Is this not what we want and need, or what!!!

Citizen's Arrests 27.Apr.2004 11:46

Educated on this issue already

I will post something shortly on this, when I have more time, as I am already educated on this topic.

It is definitely do-able, but it would have to happen in a round about way, in order to keep the citizen making the arrest safe from physical harm.

I can tell you now that NO uniformed police officer would ever let a citizen physically arrest them while they were on duty, and they have the entire bureau to back them up.