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Not Dancing

A sad day at the Clark County Legislative Democratic Convention at Hudson's Bay High School, Vancouver, WA
Ema Goldman wouldn't take part in a revolution unless she could dance. Well, I am not dancing with today's legislative district convention in Clark County Washington, not that I expected to--let alone see any revolution. The Demos showed their centrist-right side today with Kerry-dominated delegates. After the all-day event, I am left feeling as if I have a total body rash of red splotches sprinkled with black and blue bruises, and scaly skin from the stinging stress. It was NOT an event for a Green Party person with radical ideals, who supports Kucinich for President, and he happens to be a Democrat. I temporarily dropped my GP membership to be open as a Kucinich delegate. It didn't happen. It didn't happen for anybody there.

It was ugly to hear Rep. Brian Baird say Kerry will be the next president BEFORE we even begun the caucus process. To add "insult to injury" I tried to tell him it was supposed to be a grassroots effort of the people, for the people, but he was hustled away, and when I attempted to give his aide the info to pass on, it was dismissed with the same expression. What a bunch of crap.

It was unpleasant, to say the least, to be among Democrats, a party I left over 14 years ago. Some people belittled Kucinich's count as meager or talked up Kerry, who voted FOR the war, so that I told them I was moving. I couldn't take it. I joined the K group on the bleachers where Edie was holding a tall K sign and where my friends were.

Here's the results: 15th district - 2 delegates, both Kerry
17th district - 28 delegates, 20 for Kerry, and 8 for Dean
18th district - 27 delegates, 20 for Kerry, and 7 for Dean
49th district - 30 delegates, 20 for Kerry, and 9 for Dean

So it was "goodbye Louie" to all the other delegates. Again, we don't count. Our representation, as usual, is zilch. Some good news came in the Kucinich resolutions we presented. More than half of them passed! I was hurt that K's Dept. of Peace and bringing the troops home now (with UN takeover) were rejected.

I was also disappointed in the voting results which denied discussion on any of the resolutions. I spoke in favor of free speech, as we are turned away everywhere to have our voices heard. Some of the 100+ resolutions were thus passed, as a block. Outrageous.

Of the 743 delegates in attendance, it was COOL to see friends from my AFSCME Local 313, the UU Fellowship, Progressive Coalition of SW Wash, and the local Green Party. (There was one other GP delegate for K.) Matt of the progressives and Barbara H. of the K camp are appreciated for tabling. Fellow K people were outside leafleting progressive strategies.

I still intend to go to the Boston Convention. I'll participate in the K pre-convention activities, visit my church home, tour historical places, and since I'm not a delegate, I'm free to do my favorite action. I can be a PROTESTER.

peace, gk.