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fox 12 falsely states...
http://kptv.com/global/story.asp?s=1811865&ClientType=Printable Protesters criticize police for fatal shooting decision

PORTLAND - Protesters stage another rally Saturday?after a grand jury's refusal to indict a Portland police officer who shot anunarmed black motorist in north Portland.

The protest follows another on the steps of city hall yesterday, with protesters demanding more openness in the grand jury system and more police accountability.

On Thursday the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office said it didn't have enough evidence to seek criminal charges against officer Jason Sery, who shot James Jahar Perez on March 28. The grand jury heard from 40 witnesses in three days before making its decision.

The family of Perez said they did not support Saturday's rally, attended by a handful of protesters in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The Portland police says Sery saw Perez reaching into his pocket and that he refused officers' orders to stop even after being warned he could be shot.

An inquest is scheduled for next week.


As we all know, there were far more than a mere "handful of protesters"!

Handful? 24.Apr.2004 19:07


then why were 200 cops needed to block intersections?

anybody who was downtown today knows how many people were there, no matter what Fox blurts.

you were so on that 24.Apr.2004 19:19

LB-Pacific Students

I just saw that Fox report and was about to tell everyone, but by the time I got here, it was already up...good job. Yes, there were far more than a handful...I think even Vera could see that peeking out of the curtains in her home.

Nobody seems to be able to count 24.Apr.2004 20:48

You all exagerate

200 cops. Give me a break. There wasn't even 200 protestors.

Sounds like the community is really behind you on this one.

"You all exagerate" 24.Apr.2004 21:18



Yesterday, when I was mad 24.Apr.2004 21:34

and quite prepared to give up everything

admitting, I don't believe
in anyones sincerity
and thats what really got to me
then when I was lonely
I thought again
and changed my mind

"You all exagerate" - FOX 12 10:00 p.m. News Broadcast 24.Apr.2004 22:09

Exact Quote:

"SEVERAL HUNDRED protestors"

"HUNDREDS of police"

. 24.Apr.2004 22:18


There were about 100 police escorting the march, and there were others waiting in reserve.

Pretty much 25.Apr.2004 10:25


as usual for Fox. They are corporate media by definition. Robotic talking heads. "Pin-point forecast" my ass.

To "You All Exaggerate" 25.Apr.2004 12:49

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

The above article that I posted was taken DIRECTLY from their website at approximately 6:30pm, so "attended by a handful of protesters in Pioneer Courthouse Square" WAS A DIRECT QUOTE.

I am assuming that they corrected their story after myself and others sent emails requesting accurate reporting.

At least Fox 12 is willing to correct their errors, UNLIKE KOIN 6!

Also, I can only assume that you were NOT present at the rally or the march. There were approximately 300 protestors at the square, and approximately 200 that walked in the march after the rally.

There were approximately 100 officers/supervisors assigned to the event, and likely there were even more that they had staged at Central Precinct or somewhere else out of sight. A very common practice by the Bureau.

not suprisingly... 25.Apr.2004 19:25


The news CAN legally lie. In fact, it was Fox's case that established that.