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MORE Breaking News re: todays March

The Mayor was home!
Well, it turns out the Mayor was indeed home to hear what the people had to say.

In fact, she called 911 stating that there were "50" people in front of her house, and she wanted the group to be MOVED ALONG! I'm guessing she called pretty quickly, since by the time the rest of the group caught up with those at the front, there were about 200 people in front of her house!

Fortunately, the cops actually respected the protestors rights to free speech and allowed them to remain.

But, a note to those who were there...the police WERE preparing to move the crowd to the east, just before the leaders of the March made the decision to head back downtown.
Where did this come from? 25.Apr.2004 22:48

just wondering

I was just wondering where the information of the 911 call came from...?.... Is it posted somewhere?, do you have access to recorded 911 calls?.....or did you hear it from someone? I just want to know how true this really is.............