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This is a ranscript of the calls that were made to the web radio today and then posted as breaking news to the website. I wanted to archive them here before I took them down!
24-Apr-2004 15:30: THIS JUST IN: Officer Jeff Myers (aka Pretty Boy, aka Surfer Cop, aka Peppersprayer-of-12-year-old) has been spotted today. The caller wants to report that his hair is thinning out.

24-Apr-2004 14:44: The march is leaving the home of Vera Katz now. There are eyewitnesses of Mike D's arrest that say he was completely legal when he crossed the street.

24-Apr-2004 14:24: The march is now between 20th and 21st NW around Glisan. They are outside the home of Vera Katz, yelling up. The police are in riot gear and on horses, becoming more aggressive.

24-Apr-2004 14:07: The person arrested was Mike D. Rosie Sizer explained the arrest as "he kept jumpng in and out of traffic."

24-Apr-2004 14:02: The march is now at 23rd and Flanders NW. There was one arrest there. Apparently 6 police officers took away one man for no reason. The march is very tense, the police are not happy.

24-Apr-2004 13:15: The rally has ended. The march is headed up 9th at Morrison. They have tried to take the streets, it is unclear the status currently.

24-Apr-2004 12:15: There are now a couple hundred people gathered at Pioneer Square. The police are discouraging people to involve themselves with the march.

24-Apr-2004 12:02: PIONEER SQUARE: Initial Report says that there are about one hundred people there for the march. Also, that there are too many police to count. Rosie Sizer says "business as usual."

24-Apr-2004 10:35: pdx imc web radio will have live updates from the Police Accountability March today. TUNE IN!
Aww, it's sad to have your hair 24.Apr.2004 16:56

mine is too

thinning out

Just a question 24.Apr.2004 19:35


where were all the "people of color". How come they were not involved in this protest.

Mike D 24.Apr.2004 21:12

Den Mark, Vancouver

Mike was indeed legal. Rosie was not there. The cops were out-of-line, especially one (supposedly) black sergeant (Elmore?) who ordered the arrest, with no basis except his own rage. I saw his face. Mike was arrested because Mike happens to be Mike. I definitely WILL offer myself as witness. Disgusting.
Oh, & as to why no "people of color"? Well, there were a few but not many, & not many at yesterday's rally either, considering. The "leaders of color" yesterday discouraged people from attending today. I suppose that black ministers don't like competition. Mostly, it appears that blacks & whites share the same I-don't-care-till-it-directly-affects-me attitude. Again: disgusting.

The less lovely officer meyers 24.Apr.2004 22:30


I saw it! His hair IS thinning. Definitely. What's up, officer meyers? The stress getting to you? Maybe it's that hex I placed on you when you tore out the children's garden.

Militant authority 24.Apr.2004 22:36


By discouraging people from attending, it's as if a troubled atmosphere was expected. People have had it with staying behind fences like caged cast-offs, and the militant police scuba power.

'dude' - where were all the "people of color". 24.Apr.2004 22:48

at the demonstration

were you blind, or not in attendance?

Den Mark... 25.Apr.2004 00:25


You might want to contact Stu Sugarman and Paul Loney (for Mike D's defense) and Alan Graf (for a possible civil suit against the city and all officers involved by Mike D).