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Dude, where's my radio?

IMC live web-radio protest coverage lacking tremendously.
Okay, so I'm stuck at work on the day of the 4/24/04 police protest and I want some updates on the action, so I pull up indymedia.org to catch up. First I must say to credit, the local updates and the website as a whole are great and always timely. However, when I went to pull up the link for the live radio updates, I found nothing but a big bummer of a let-down. First thing I tune into is a string of redundant, self-affirming, protest songs by some whiny, mid-range, cut-rate Billy Bragg trying to sound like Elliot Smith.. kinda. Now personaly, I didn't join the choir to listen to the sermon, but, to each their own.
Anyhow, so next (finally) this dude gets on the air to update us on the status of affairs downtown. He starts right in with the F-bombs, going like "whoa, shit's gettin pretty fucked up right now..." Naturally, I have no problem with someone saying "fuck" on the radio, but for the purpose of reporting the news and for the sake of some lefty granny, or mother with her kids tuning in for the same updates I gotta say c'mon dude show a little (just a little) restraint. Besides, and more importantly, he sounds like he literally just took a bong hit with his insipid demeanor trailing off topic and laughing while he's talking about riot cops and the tension that's building then returning to this faux/forced somber tone when addressing the purpose of the topic and how some cops killed some people, only to start giggling again when referring how he'd rather be playing the music. I just had to shut it off.
Moving on, I know it's all volunteer work but I have to ask, is this really the best you have to offer to people who REALLY want to know what's going on out there? I mean if so, I'll be the first to sign up cause the last thing we need is a half-wit stoned hippy kid giggling because he's so obliged to cover a potential riot cop fiasco. Right?
I certainly believe in satire, and I hate to be the one to criticize when any lefty-indy media occasionally regains it's sense of humour, but when it comes to news, it should be straight to the point and LIVE as LIVE can be.
What this movement needs for this sort of thing a Dan Rather or a Diane Sawyer, not a Jeff Spicoli. Where do I sign up?
sign up sheet 24.Apr.2004 16:09

the radio person

Word. Every saturday there are meetings at the red and black cafe, 5 pm.

Also, at many of the events around twon and all of the video showing there exists a sign up sheet for volunteers. If radio is your gig, let it be known. I am sure you arent the only one thinking that i shouldnt be doing this.

we don't need another hero 24.Apr.2004 17:47


We definitely don't need another Dan Rather... but, I hope there were some updates given... even though some may have not liked the style. hope to see the poster at meetings soon. However, respecting our differences and trusting each other and each other's style is key to effectiveness with indymedia tactics.... we don't tell each other what to do....we learn from one another.

Don't listen, radio guy 24.Apr.2004 22:33


Hey man, You rock. Dan rather=stuffed shirt. Radio guy=golden voice.