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March for Justice and Police Accountability

This March for Justice and Police Accountability begins an effort by the people of Portland to:

1) Ensure Jason Sery, the Portland Police Bureau officer who shot and killed unarmed James Perez is prosecuted for murder.
2) Ensure a Citizen's Committee to Oversee the Portland Police conduct is established with independent disciplinary power.
March for Justice and Police Accountability
Saturday, April 24th 12:00 Noon
Pioneer Square

The Portland Police are getting away with murder. District Attorney Michael Schrunk refuses to prosecute these murderous cops and Mayor Vera Katz refuses to not only push for their prosecution, but she also consistently opposes a citizen's committee to oversee the police. We have got to take matters into our own hands. We have got to stand up for ourselves, for our families, our friends, and our community. The inquest process is an insult to the people of Portland and those who have been brutalized and murdered by the police. The last two inquests in 1975 and 1985 resulted in no prosecution of the cops, who murdered people and got away with it. Past grand juries have refused to indict Portland cops who were guilty of murder. Our liberal and religious leaders and politicians are telling us to remain calm, to have faith in the system and justice will come. What exactly has ever changed by remaining calm and trusting the system? It is the very system that is committing the murder. It is the very system that is creating the injustice and allowing it to continue. Believing that justice will come from this system is not only foolish, but sheer suicide. How many more funerals do we have to plan before we stand up for ourselves and say NO MORE? We demand an end to these murderous cops!

This March for Justice and Police Accountability begins an effort by the people of Portland to:

1) Ensure Jason Sery, the Portland Police Bureau officer who shot and killed unarmed James Perez is prosecuted for murder.
2) Ensure a Citizen's Committee to Oversee the Portland Police conduct is established with independent disciplinary power.

Join the people of Portland for this March for Justice and Police Accountability. Meet at 12:00 Noon, April 24th at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland.

Volunteers are needed to help promote the March. Download the pdf poster at  http://www.arissa.org and distribute or call us at (503) 972-1140.

homepage:  http://www.arissa.org
phone: (503) 972-1140
address: P.O. Box 6058, Portland, OR 97228

phone: phone: 503-972-1140

F Y I 24.Apr.2004 12:41

Wake Up

I've been listening to people bad-mouth and criticize the Portland Police officers about the shooting of James Perez. The people posting all the information about what happened always seem to leave out the part about James Perez having extreme amounts of cocaine in his blood. They also seem to forget that when the police told James Perez to put his hands on his heads he shoved his hands in his pockets. The police then struggled with James Perez and when they (police) lost control of him, that's when they shot him. They did not pull him over and then just shoot him for no reason. I know the escalation of deadly force, and when it's authorized. Officer Jason Sery was well within his right to fire, and it was the correct decision.

Numero uno -- 24.Apr.2004 13:07


-- none of us were there. We don't know exactly how this went down prior to shooting.

Numero two-o: Exteme amounts of cocaine in the system is irrelevant here. Had Perez been full of horse tranquilizers & bathtub gin, the only thing the Troopers would have known was that they had a twitchy guy behind the wheel with his seatbelt on.

Numero three-o: The Continuum of Force includes nonlethal means such as the Asp Tactical Baton, which I believe the PPB officers carry, a very effective tool. Perez might have got away with a broken arm or fractured skull. The PPB certainly carry tasers, another very effective tool if your perp hasn't taken a slug in the heart. They tased him for a long, long time -- after they shot him. That strikes me as odd.

Lastly, we've all seen that Eastwood movie where the cops have to roam through a field of pop-up targets & choose when to fire. This would be a perfect situation for that training game. If Sery had already drawn down on Perez, he would have had time and opportunity IMO to tell, when that hand came out of that pocket, whether there was a gun, a cellphone, or an English-Spanish phrasebook in Perez' hand.

Sery was "well within his right to fire" -- and that troubles a hell of a lot of us.

A name and address 24.Apr.2004 13:54

Petros Evdokas petros@cyprus-org.net

Since I was the only person with a name and address - other than Arissa activists - who made a public endorsement of their call for this Protest, I feel a responsibility to share with you all the dilemmas involved here.
Protests against police brutality must be supported, but more important than that, is building Unity within our community - how are we to do that in light of these facts?:

1. No other organization or individual beside Arissa has endorsed the protest so far. The only signed public endorsement was from the person undersigned, and it was scorned by the organization.

2. Leaflets were distributed by members and supporters of the families of those who were murdered in recent racist police brutality actions, with the following text:

"We the families listed on the announcement
issued by the Arissa Organization for their
Aril 24th rally and march to be held at
Pioneer Square would like for the public to
know that WE ARE NOT a part of and
WILL NOT be participating in this event.

The organizer, without the permission of
the families, sed the names in violation of
an existing agreement to further his
personal agenda.

ATTEND this event due to the message tha
will be presented. We are not supporters of
groups that promote violence. We do not
want our loved ones name to be used in vain.

Thanks for your support;
The Perez, James, and Keller Family"

{use of capitals for emphasis, is reproduced from the original text}

3. Someone reported in the pages of IndyMedia, that the above announcement was also read out loud from the podium at a protest against racism and police brutality yesterday downtown:

In light of all these (I believe well- intentioned) blunders, we need to see things as they are: the actions and statements building toward this Protest, instead of building up the cause of anti-racism and empowering our community to challenge the ideological influence of the kkk within the police, have instead lead to a poisoning of relationships among anti- racist forces.

These were preventable blunders. An honest dialogue among colleagues could have helped re-direct everything. It was not allowed (and Arissa was not the only barrier to that dialogue). I still believe many of the activists working for this event are excellent people, but at this particular moment they seem to be going in the wrong direction politically.

I am for Unity, whenever its possible to build it. I will not be at this Protest, and I remove my endorsement from it, hoping to see better politics guiding the next actions.

Petros Evdokas
from within the Belly of the Beast

yeah really 24.Apr.2004 14:01


yeah the cops always have the right to say when someone is 'out of control'.what the cops in bellingham washington think is out of control is any man with some african descent that doesent appear to be able disceren how much bootlicking is necessary to assuage the fears of bellingham residents as to why said african american descended man is doing in this fair (haired) community!

Go Back To Sleep, Wake Up 24.Apr.2004 20:20

Den Mark

"Wake Up" seems to think that the scenario which police gave him is the truth, & that all that he described could've happened in 24 seconds. Bullshit.