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Seattle starts to collect SPD cop photos/names for worst cop card deck

Inspired by PDX's cop card deck, I have begun to pursue names/photos for a Seattle Worst Cop deck. In trying to get photos/names of officers ON DUTY IN PUBLIC, I am encountering a literal circus, even with a muni code says I have a right to ask their names...
Larame's face, hiding his right torso where his name tag is...4/23/04
Larame's face, hiding his right torso where his name tag is...4/23/04
Officers bolt as a camera approaches...
Officers bolt as a camera approaches...
As I ask for his name as per Muni Code 3.28, Larame hides nametag on his right
As I ask for his name as per Muni Code 3.28, Larame hides nametag on his right
Again, Larame not telling name when asked, hiding nametag, running
Again, Larame not telling name when asked, hiding nametag, running
Inspired by Portland's Worst Cop Card Deck, I have decided to get photos and names of Seattle cops to do the same. So, on Friday, April 23, 2004, I approached 4 Seattle police officers at the Westlake "protest" and watched Officer Larame proceed to break the law, as other officers just chuckled. According to Muni Code 3.28 all citizens HAVE A RIGHT TO ASK ANY Seattle COP ON DUTY HIS NAME, AND AGENCY AND PER LAW, THE COP MUST ANSWER, and also the code says the cops MAY NOT interpret asking their names as harassment. So why is it that today, when I walked up to this group of cops on duty, every one of them, (but Officer Williams who I commend) BOLTED, TRYING TO HIDE THEIR FACES? Officer Larame (Larabee?) put on a spectacular show today, twisting his body so I could not see his name tag, riding in circles trying to avoid my camera catching his right side with his name, and outright violating my rights as a citizen and breaking the actual law. Notice in the accompanying pictures he is purposely hiding his right upper torso where his name tag is from me repeatedly.

Larame immediately said "You are rude!" when I walked up to take their picture. He kept twisting away from me so I could not see his nametag, over and over, saying "this is really rude." I said "what's rude is you are on city dollars, on city property, violating city codes, I have every right to photograph you out here." He said "The way you are going about it is rude..." Yeah, right. I walked up silently and tried to click a picture without incident. It was Larame who turned it into a circus. You will notice Officer Williams is laughing in the background of the picture, as I am telling Larame he needs to follow the law. You will also note Officer Williams does not bolt or run, he just stands openly the whole time, in the same place, hiding nothing, which I respect. I told Officer Larame that BY LAW HE MUST REVEAL HIS NAME, and he refused, REPEATEDLY. HE broke the law SEVERAL TIMES TODAY. Damn those citizens who know the law, eh, Occifer Larame?

I went up to the paddy wagon on site and told the cops inside that this officer was refusing to follow the law and tell me his name. They just looked at me through their locked window laughing. I then approached Officer Ibuki and told him to please tell Officer Larame to obey Muni Code 3.28 and he laughed in my face and said he was not going to do any such thing! But then, he was one of the 3 officers who bolted when I showed up with the camera to take their group picture. SO, SEATTLE POLICE WIPE THEIR BUTTS WITH SEATTLE MUNI CODE 3.28 apparently.

So, let me get this straight, Seattle police expect us to follow the law while they break them in front of us? And since the POLICE ARE SUPPOSED TO ENFORCE THE LAW, AND APPARENTLY WILL NOT ENFORCE THE LAW ON EACH OTHER, then that is pretty creepy, gross and scary. AND THAT IDEA OF CITIZEN'S ARREST ON A COP, IS AN URBAN MYTH, AT BEST. THERE IS NO ACTUAL WAY TO DO IT. If these men will break that law, what other laws will they break? Another notoriously immature and potentially dangerous Seattle cop is David Fitzgerald. He also twisted his body, ran in circles and flat out defiled Muni Code 3.28 last year in front of me. I will be profiling him next with pictures, watch for it next week.

If Seattle Police expect any respect, perhaps THEY SHOULD START FOLLOWING THE LAW TO SET AN EXAMPLE?!

I am tired of these cops disobeying their own laws. I am sick of cops like Larame trying to HIDE their identity while on CITY TAXPAYER DIMES. I am tired of cops not enforcing the law on their own (BRAME, ANYONE REMEMBER THAT NAME?)...

What I saw Officer Larame do today made me sick to my stomach. WHAT IS HE HIDING? WHY DOES HE WANT TO BE UNIDENTIFIED WHILE ON DUTY IN PUBLIC? WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING?! MEMORIZE THIS COP'S FACE TODAY. KNOW HIS FACE...so it does not matter if he hides his name or not, WE KNOW WHO HE IS, BY FACE. His name is Larame or Larabee, again proving he violated the law as I never was allowed to see his nametag...but I found out his name because after many many requests, I cannot remember if he or another cop blurted his name out in a way I could barely understand, but it was something like Larame or Larabe, I will find the correct spelling, you bet. Just trying to get a picture of a Seattle cop who will not let you see his name tag, and does not want to be identified, should not be such hard work. THAT IS WHY MUNI CODE 3.28 IS ON THE BOOKS PEOPLE.

Just start by memorizing this law breaking cop's FACE TODAY.

If I had walked up to that row of cops today with my camera, and just taken their picture, all would be okay. But Larame, I think Ibuki, and another cop, bolted when I showed up with a camera and you have got to wonder why. Apparently Officer Williams is the only one who has any integrity at all out of that cast of clowns. He had no problem with me taking his picture and I have no problem with him. The other hiders and the law-breaker Larame, I have SEVERE problems with his law breaking, yes I do. And no, I am not wasting time "reporting" this to the City or the SPD, OPA, et al. I already reported the machine gun aimed recklessly a foot from my son's head on March 22, 2003, they need to rectify that first. I have NO faith in the SPD policing itself any longer, the OPA is a joke since it allowed that unprovoked beating on Tim Young and others that my son and I witnessed on March 22, 2003 on Marion and First Avenue. Not to mention that unprovoked and what seems to be an illegal false imprisonment of hundreds of nonviolent, unarmed protesters obeying every law, even crossing with the lights, that day! No, to report these incidents to the police themselves is humorous. No thanks. How about instead I take their pictures, tell the public what happened, and we collectively memorize these faces. Yes, let's try that method, since the other way did/does not work.

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yeah 24.Apr.2004 10:04

ka rox

put Whelan on there, that pig is the worst

Martin 24.Apr.2004 11:05

pig eater

Officer Martin of the East Precint should get the award. He for years has harassed young Black kids in the CD. He also has a history of stalking activists. You van't miss him; he has a large flat forhead.

GO FOR IT 03.May.2004 17:09

GPFX (the guys behind the Portland deck)

We use an informal voting system on indymedia to manage our deck, and so far it is working. Indymeida folks have come forward with dozens of photos in a short time, and we are well on our way!