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Ted Koppel calls Bush hypocrite on coffin issue

At the very end of tonight's Nightline (which I only catch when channel surfing), Koppel showed video footage of the coffins coming in to Dover which have been so controversial of late. He mentioned that George Sr. was the one who halted the display of coffin photos and video footage after he was embarassed by a screen juxtaposition which showed him making a speech as coffins arrived at Dover in a split screen.

"Don't Mention the Dead"
Koppel said that it was not the image of the coffins (in the 1989 Bush Sr. incident) which was in poor taste but rather the split screen. Finally, he said that displaying flag draped coffins of firemen from 9/11 apparently was not considered in poor taste by the current White House because Koppel then showed a clip from a recent political ad by Bush Jr. where the commercial clearly displays a flag draped coffin and then the ad ends with Bush saying: "I'm George W. Bush and I approve of this message," and then Koppel said: "that's our program for tonight. Good night."

This White House is so goddamned sloppy that they can't even make it through a 24-hour news cycle without someone calling bullshit on their latest jihad/marketing effort/spin/outright motherfucking lie. And this is coming from Koppel who is pretty goddamned mainstream and only occasionally finds the spine to call a spade a spade. Apparently, even some of the mainstream administration mouthpieces are finding the White House's lies so egregious and cartoonish that they feel compelled to say SOMETHING to maintain some level of credibility.
As some would say, there's blood in the water. 24.Apr.2004 07:22


These bastards (you know, the real policy makers) put the chimp into the offal office to initiate the last step into fascism. This goal accomplished he now is viewed as a liability ( no duh) and used as a tool to give us the old bait and switch which will be Kerry.

It's kinda like being forced into the frying pan with a blow torch.

Sheepdog, please reconsider your 24.Apr.2004 17:01


use of the word "chimp" to describe an incompetent idiot. There are plenty of human words to use without helping to further the mindset of non human animals as "subhuman," i.e. worthless. We're trying to shut down a primate center in this city, and the thinking of their lives and consciences as lesser is what allows the torture of primates and others in research labs to exist.

Sheepdog should be ashamed. 24.Apr.2004 23:34


Refering to our president, George W. Bush, as a chimp, is an insult to chimps.

To compare anybody to Bush is about as low as you can go bro 24.Apr.2004 23:47

Leroy Brown

I would prefer a chimp, if it were available, to Bush.