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Portland Police deck of cards finally uploaded!

The deck of cards, intended to help save citizens from attack and opression, has finally been uploaded. We are at least a year away from being able to legally force the PPB to give up photographs of these cops, but many of these cops are known to indymedia readers. Send in those photos!
I wanted to post the actual photos here, but the 54 pictures took way too long to post. I have thrown in a few samples for kicks, but to view the actual deck, go to  http://www.geocities.com/policedeck/index.html and it will load the entire deck for you.

That is the official page, and will be updated continuously. There is no copyright on this deck, and anybody can print, download, sell or otherwise pass out the deck as long as it is not altered for cash (but you can alter it for your own use).

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/policedeck/index.html

More cards 23.Apr.2004 21:58


More cards

And more 23.Apr.2004 21:59


Fun fun fun

Last chunk 23.Apr.2004 22:16


This is the last pics I will upload, most of the remaining cards don't yet have photos anyway.

The link doesn't work GPFX 23.Apr.2004 22:23

just curious

is the link wrong?

Good Lord 23.Apr.2004 23:00


These are...brilliant.

Hippies are good 23.Apr.2004 23:33

Peace is good

God bless the North West social movement

Bravo! 24.Apr.2004 00:27


These cards are EXCELLENT!

By the way, you misspelled "rogues" as "rouges" on Chief Foxworth's multicolored Joker card. It immediately put an image of rosy cheeks in my head.

Keep doing what you're doing, card-maker(s).

Too bad that the site you linked to is "temporarily unavailable... has exceeded its allocated data transfer." Bummer. Please let us know if the site comes up again.

What a giant waste of time! 24.Apr.2004 08:21


So, now you've got the whole department printing these things out, playing poker, driving in their SUVs and deciding how their going to top each other at our next peace rally!

How about you use your time more effectively....!

1) Go offer food and shelter to a homeless man or woman, take them into your home and help them
2) Campaign for Ralph Nader, the only candidate with any sort of plan to protect our planet
3) Pick up some trash (for god sakes, this place is filthy)
4) Rather than hide behind a deck of cards, make a sign and get out there - protest!

I'll tell you this, we didn't stop the War and create the peace movement by sitting behind a lap-top playing with PhotoShop.

If you are not willing to work for change, the gun-toting, god-loving, job-having righties will win.



Onthe 24.Apr.2004 08:35


Hey! Great Job!

and don't listen to GreenDaddy - He is just a frustrated old fart.

Also, you should move the deck to a different server that can handle the traffic you are going to get. If you ask around the community, there are quite possibly people that will host it for you.

Thanks for doing this.

Jackson? 24.Apr.2004 09:12


Sgt. Harry Jackson (of the NE precinct) should be in there.

Green Daddy 24.Apr.2004 09:46

Red Mama

Green Daddy,You appear to be a very bitter and lonely person.I hope you can find some happiness and love in your life before you die.

bad cops should be exposed but.... 24.Apr.2004 10:12

what about

Any good cops known, worth having a card? There must be some. The people should know who is a good cop too.... someone they can 'go to' for help.

Lovely things... 24.Apr.2004 10:36


...can spring from the most unlikely places. I never thought I'd see something positive & useful emerge from that clusterfuck in Iraq. Seattle's got a deck of cards going as well? Excellent....

I'm pretty sure it was the 10 of clubs who started to follow me yesterday after the AMA Ad Hoc march. These cards serve a purpose. Some of these guys you can joke with, some you just shouldn't turn your back on.

hey just a question.... 24.Apr.2004 10:50


These are great... My connection is so slow... I had trouble looking at all of them on link. Wanted to know if the police officer responsible for the gay-bashing on stark street about two years back made the cut and if anyone even knows the names of those involved?

to andi 24.Apr.2004 12:07

ed harley

the 2 officers involved in the assault on stark street were fired and convicted of assault, and are now in prison. they now belong in a deck of card for dangerous and idiotic citizens (when they get out, anyway).

I'm with greendaddy 24.Apr.2004 12:13


Green daddy is right, i mean, obviously the way the war ended was by supporting politicians and holding up signs. That's what really saves lives and ends wars...obviously.

Sarcasticly Yours,

Cop Killa

Traffic on teh server 24.Apr.2004 12:47


Well, the sheer number of folks that hit the server looking at the cards knocked the site offline for 24 hours (and this was about fifteen minutes after it was posted). The demand is just too huge for geocities to handle! I do have to catch more of those typoes though :)

I will look into finding another server (any suggestions anyone?). Phase III of this project is about to start and we will need volunteers.

For phase III, we will be pulling court records and attending any hearing where the officers that have not been photographed will testify. They can not hide from us in a court of law, so we will basically stake out the entry doors and snap photos of them as then come and go (or if that fails, send sketch artists into the courtroom). I will throw up a topic monday night with times for some of the worst officers.

And GreenDaddy, you have some great points on changing the world, but we are not trying to change the world here. We are just trying to help a few Portlanders survive the looming threat pose by our police. If they avoid being killed/crippled/jailed, then THEY can change thw world.

Disgusting 24.Apr.2004 15:09

DEA Agent

I hope each officer gets a few money hungry lawyers and sues you. Heck, maybe in a few years the entire police department will OWN you.

Why don't you post a picture of yourself?

"DEA Agent" -- 24.Apr.2004 15:19


"I hope each officer gets a few money hungry lawyers and sues you." On what grounds, precisely, please? Be specific.

Are there factual problems with the depictions of officers on the deck? Please point them out.

You, Sir or Madame, are a flaming, bogus Troll, and unworthy of further banter. Reply if you dare.

Cop Watch 101 24.Apr.2004 16:10

Seargent Shirker

Check out Infoshop's new booklet on how to do Cop Watch:


other servers/bandwidth? 24.Apr.2004 17:52


can the poster post the cards as a PDF from a faster machine? This will make it faster and mo' betta'.

revolt might be able to help 24.Apr.2004 20:13


The ReVolt computer collective might be able to help with your hosting needs. To contact ReVolt just send an email to  info@revoltltd.org.

*thank you* 24.Apr.2004 20:32


Thank you - these are great - keep em coming -

The police have images of the "bad guys" - why shouldn't we?

Oxygen is precious, why waste it? 25.Apr.2004 08:54


Very clever use of wasted oxygen. Whether or not these cops are guilty of what's on the cards, some poor schmuck is going to get him/herself arrested or possibly hurt if they attempt to interfere with these officers' doing their jobs because they are in fear of what they read on this web site.

I've seen smarter things done by dumber people.

law-abiding-schmo 25.Apr.2004 13:09


Bring 'em on.

How can you be a "law-abiding-schmo" if you don't even know the law? Do some research, dumbass. Nothing in this project is illegal. Go to college, study journalism. Go to the police academy, go to law school. Open a damn law book. Get some kind of useful credential or knowledge before you go flapping your ignorant mouth.

And yes, the cops read this. I know some of them personally, this site is well-read by both the anti-activist cops, and the pro-activist cops (yes they do exist, some even try to fix the system from within, they just are not doing a very effective job of it). Anything written here is going to make its way into the working knowledge fo the police force, and we act accordingly.

Very cool 25.Apr.2004 14:21

loves to hunt cop killas

Very cool. So can I have my picture on a card to? Or do I have to beat someone first?

Getting your picture on the card 25.Apr.2004 15:09


Ya gotta beat somebody first, or at least steal a bunch of cash from the city by claiming a lot of false overtime :)

Picture of Robert King 25.Apr.2004 19:55

The master of disaster

This guy's in charge of the coverups.
Robert King
Robert King

This guy King acts like the old TV-character 25.Apr.2004 20:52

Joe Friday

from DRAGNET. He gets to play DRAGNET everyday...cops 'n' robbers...with ALL of us out here being the
"bad guys" cause we don't recognize his godlike "greatness". I say put the guy on meds and give him a
medical disability and be rid of his ass! He is as much the problem as anyone! Get rid of him and a lot
of the problem will sort itself out.

All fine and dandy 26.Apr.2004 04:41

Cop in TX

Ya'll need to post pictures of yourself, so when you call us to help you, we can check the 'roster' and just ignore you.

Seriously, tho, I hope ya'll get sued.

what's a cop from 26.Apr.2004 08:40


trolling here @ Portland Indymedia for? Don't they have Indymedia in Texas?

cop in TX 26.Apr.2004 09:33


thats right, since you have no obligation to ever protect anyone except your own ass.
not that you care, but you can start your research here:


so much for my tax dollars at work, more like my tax dollars eating a dozen donuts...

Trolls can't read 26.Apr.2004 11:58


For the last fucking time, quit threatening me with lawsuits unless you are willing to spend five minutes surfing through findlaw.com or other legal resources. This is legal, there is nothing illegal or civilly actionalble in making a deck of cards with the pictures of police officers on them, nor is there anything illegal about quoting news articles and court cases where these officer's misbehaved, nor is there anything illegal about warning people to stay away from these cops.

If you can think of something that I have done illegally here, I actually would change it. Because unlike the 5% of the active cops on our city's payroll that are featured on the cards, I am a law-abiding citizen.

Besides 26.Apr.2004 12:01


One last thing: I am quite certain the police have photographs of me. They know who I am, and they know I am acting in a legal, if assholish, manner. But since I pose no public threat, there is no need of a card with my photo.

this business about the 26.Apr.2004 12:38


I know what the problem is...it isn't that they can't read, but rather it's they're from Texas.

At least those that have identified themselves as such are, and we all know what kind of dumb-
asses come from Texas don't we? Look at the resident in the White House...terrible dumbass!

So, what we gonna expect from the trolls coming out of Texas? Same kind of stupidity!

Phase III 26.Apr.2004 14:51


As far as Phase III goes...what do you need?

There's a lot of indy media video footage that probably has images of many of these cops. Is there a way to look through protest videos to capture stills of those cops?

I don't know of many court hearing related to protests. What about getting court dockets? Is there an easier way?

What time is the cop shift change? If they work in the Central Precinct they all walk through the same door on 3rd and SW Madison.

On May day there will be a lot of cops out. That would be a good time to get some pictures.

Phase III 26.Apr.2004 17:52


Well the court cases we will be targeting are not protest-related (those are few and far between), but mostly traffic-oriented. Most full time cops spend around one day per week in court for various things, we will need volunteers to go in the courtrooms and eyeball these guys.

To do this, we need to look at the dockets. Two of our volunteers tried just that today, but the court's computer system did not have a search function that made chewing through all that data very easy. It will take time to re-learn this out of date system (it even uses old keyboard commands from a decade ago).

That footage people shoot at protests will be of immense value, especially for the Spades suit. If everyone that has shot footage for their own use would look through it and see if they have any of these cops, that would help a bunch. Even really grainy photographs are of value, if that is the only photo we have.

I will also check to see if there is a way to do an alert system, so when somebody gets a parking ticket or whatnot from these cops, they can post their court date. That, however, is a long way off.

To GPFX 27.Apr.2004 02:20

typo on the 3 of spades

at the end of the thomas brennan card reads "reders" instead of "readers". Don't mean to be anal, just thought you might want to know.

Thanks 27.Apr.2004 12:04


Will fix it during next upload, thanks for pointing it out. After a few dozen cards, it is hard to proofread :)

servers for website 27.Apr.2004 17:57


I bet geocities will kick you off within a day or so:

I'd reccomend non-US based servers who won't buckle if threatened with litigation:

www.espora.org (en espanol)

closing post 28.Apr.2004 05:45


This thread has closed off and there will be no more updates from GPFX. So if you want to insult or threaten us without having to read a snappy comeback, this is the place to post!

www.geocities.com/policedeck is the URL of the deck, and fresh indymedia postings will go up from time to time.

HAHA 30.Apr.2004 11:56


"If you are not willing to work for change, the gun-toting, god-loving, job-having righties will win."

Your just jealous.

To those outside Portland... 04.May.2004 06:42

Former PDX'er

Know the background before you go sticking up for these guys. I have a family member who is a cop in the Portland area. Even he is worried by the PPD. They have some seriously bad apples.

Being a cop is a tough, thankless job that attracts two different types of people. Those who want to serve their community, and those who want to carry handcuffs, a baton and a Glock. Sticking up for the latter doesn't make the job any easier for the former.

TX cop needs to find another job! 25.May.2004 10:23

Watching over your shoulder

Cop in TX- Ya'll need to post pictures of yourself, so when you call us to help you, we can check the 'roster' and just ignore you.

That sounds like a public servent doesnt it? Too protect and serve whom he choose! My guess this cop would protect one of his own and not a citizen!

Hell cops in Houston Texas can't even protect, they now have KIDS walking the streets with sticks and baseball bats. " They did catch a crook!" When the HPD was off eating their Dunkin Donuts.

officer.corrupt 05.Aug.2004 09:02

joseph friday

check out what the nice folk at officer.com say

they want to beat us with rubber hoses

 link to forums.officer.com

public servants making threats and more, ooh...something is rotton in the state of portland