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you wana do something about killer cops?

print this and put it everywhere...
I belive that Jason sery lives in Beaverton...
wheat paste is your best option but things like staplers and tape work well too.
Listen Up Peace Police - Non-violent Grass Roots Resistence 23.Apr.2004 23:18

Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

check it out! that's what we're talking about! by any means necessary - be creative use - your imagination. we don't need no fucking leaders!

nice poster.... 24.Apr.2004 18:50

eric blair

I love the poster...

I wonder how many times the pigs pull over yuppy soccer moms in their SUV's in Beaverton for failing to signal within 100 feet of a turn. And I wonder how many would then immediately draw their guns as they walked up to the car. These are proven facts in Perez's murder - a blatant cowardly cold-blooded murder of an unarmed man.

And no one seems to think anything needs to be done about this. Do you think the courts, etc. will do what is just? If you do, then you are one naive moron, that's for sure.

And Sery is not some anomaly - the entire Portland pig bureau is dominated by a racist, fascist culture - a culture that dates back at least 100 years. The majority of the present pigs were recruited from all around the country - the biggest block-headed racist, fascist motherfuckers that they could find. This tactic of recruitment from outside is an old standby - check out the practices of the murderous Civil Guard in Spain - as well as many other fascist organizations. Shouldn't police be chosen from the neighborhoods in which they police?

No justice will be served by the courts. The murders will continue - until effective direct action is taken by the people of Portland - independent of any political or community leadership.