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Tre Arrows Immigration hearing Monday, 10am

Tre's immigration bail hearing this Monday at 10am, Friends from across Canada and the US will travel to the Federal Building to show their support
Also present at that hearing will be the amazing 75 letters that were written by good folks in both contries attesting to Tre's good character. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write!

Tre will get out on Monday - hold that in the light and send out your intentions and positive energy at this time (between 10am and noon pacific time) on Monday. Any support is welcome, embraced, appreciated!

Also, tre thanks everyone for all the mail folks have been sending (writen on the backs of recycled papaer)
letters of support to Tre can be addressed c/o his attorney, Tim Russel:

Tre Arrow
c/o McCollough Parsons Blazina
2nd floor, 1011 fort street
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8V 3K5

Sunday, April 25th
Rummage Sale
9am-1pm @ the Cascadia Rising Info Shop
1540 SE Clinton

Tuesday, April 27th
Peg Millett Concet
7pm @ Laughing Horse Books

homepage: homepage: http://trearrow.org

thats the Federal Building in Vancouver BC 23.Apr.2004 20:57


sleep deprivation sets in, sorry for the ommission

hunger strike 24.Apr.2004 06:06


Tre looks pretty well fed to me for someone who has been on a hunger strike for a month. I know prison food is starchy, with all of the potatoes, pasta, etc, and lack of fruits and veggies, and most people gain weight there because of it.

by the way, does anybody really believe that a judge will grant bail to someone who had a warrant on him and fled the first time? If you want to help Tre, you should send money to his legal defense, and not to his bail bondsman.