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Gale Norton Greenwashing event on Threemile Canyon Dairy SATURDAY am

Bush Administration Secretary of Interior Gale Norton will be at the Oregon Zoo Saturday, April 24 at 10 am to greenwash Threemile Canyon Dairy, Oregon largest concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). This 'farm' (and the Bush Administration for that matter) is harmful to the environmental, hurts workers, jeapordizes public health and harms animals. See below for details.


9:30 AM!
at the Oregon Zoo (4001 SW Canyon Road; accessible via the Max line or Highway 26)


Cabinet level Interior Secretary Gale Norton is coming to town TOMORROW, Saturday April 24th to announce the Bush Administration's plan to 'conserve four imperiled species' on Threemile Canyon Farms. This is the same Administration that has actively worked to undermine the federal Endangered Species Act and which should be remembered for the massive salmon die off in the Klamath River two summers ago, and for the elimination of protections for old growth forest dependent species under the Northwest Forest Plan in March.

Threemile Canyon Farms is a 30,000 head industrial dairy farm in Boardman, Oregon that sits on the banks of the Columbia River. Industrial animal agriculture has a track record of polluting our air, waterways and groundwater. In addition, Threemile Canyon Farms has recently been accused of labor violations and the inhumane treatment of animals. Working to preserve a few species at this factory farm does not make this method of production sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Please join us TOMORROW - Saturday, April 24th at 9:30 AM to protest the Bush Administration's weakening of our key environmental laws and the green-washing of industrial animal agriculture!

What: Protest

When: Saturday, April 24th

Where: Oregon Zoo - Meet in parking lot by main entrance

Time: 9:30am

Bring Signs, drums and noise-makers to let Secretary Norton know what you think!

Questions, Call Kendra Kimbirauskas 503.997.7438(cell)

Kendra Kimbirauskas
Sierra Club
2950 SE Stark St., suite 100
Portland, OR 97214

Tel: (503) 243-6656
Cell: (503)997-7438

Gale Norton and self-regulation 23.Apr.2004 17:23

Steve Greenberg

About this cartoon: James Watt protege Gale Norton brought in her environmental non-enforcement policy, otherwise called self-regulation, in which industries police themselves to protect the environment. Yeah, right.

Bush Administration guilty of 'Strategic Ignorance' on the Environment 23.Apr.2004 17:38

Kerri Glover

Hard Right Policies Propel Pattern of Special Favors, Secrecy, and Bad Science
April 22, 2004

Washington, DC--It's no secret that the Bush administration has spent the last three years dismantling America's environmental protections. Now the nation will find out why.

Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope will release his new book, Strategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration Is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress, on Earth Day in Washington, DC--co-authored by Paul Rauber, senior editor of the award-winning Sierra magazine. The book explains what happens when the administration's radical agenda contradicts public opinion, sound science, and even the law.

Publishers Weekly recently raved, "The real energy from the book comes from its accumulation of small facts to paint the picture of obsessive secrecy, crony capitalism and the administration's conscious, unabashed commitment to economic exploitation of the air America breathes, the water it drinks and the earth it walks on."

Highlights of the book include:

* Karl Rove, the President's chief political advisor, directly involved himself to remove protections for endangered fish on the Klamath River, resulting in the largest fish kill in the river's history.

* The Bush administration fired its top mining safety official after he recommended enforcement actions against a coal company responsible for an accident that spilled 250 million gallons of slurry into two Kentucky creeks.

* Anti-government extremists with the administration removed protections from an area the size of Texas and Oklahoma as part of a scheme to privatize public lands.

* The adultery of the "Scientific Method" by the Bush administration--using scientific findings as "the raw material of spin to be dribbled out, manipulated, or suppressed as suits the political needs of the moment"

For additional notes and updates not in the book visit  http://www.strategicignorance.com

3-mile canyon is an ILLEGAL UNION BUSTER 23.Apr.2004 19:32

threatens organizing workers physically

3-mile canyon is an ILLEGAL UNION BUSTER

they threaten organizing workers physically,

and spontaneously fire workers for talking to each other about their work conditions.

check out jobs with justice and what they have to say about the Industrial Boardman Dairy Farm