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George Bush War Criminal

The United States is commiting war crimes right now in Iraq, meanwhile calling a popular uprising '200 guys from syria', drug dealers, thugs etc. The Iraqi governing councel has 'officially' reduced the number of Iraqis the US coalition killed in Fallujah, saying only 18% were civilians. We need to tell people what is really going on in Iraq, and hold this government accountable. This is ridiculous!
Collective punishment is a war crime
Collective punishment is a war crime
We must stop the madman
We must stop the madman
Shooting at ambulances is a war crime
Shooting at ambulances is a war crime
Does anyone really believe the Iraqis want us to stay?
Does anyone really believe the Iraqis want us to stay?
Fallujah siege brings Shia, Sunni together
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"We are not terrorists. This is our country and we want to liberate it, like our brothers did in 1920," said Nadawi, the Shia youth who tried to fight in Fallujah. "Sunnis and Shia are working as one hand. Together, we can drive out the Americans."

Fallujah Residents Report U.S. Forces Engaged in Collective Punishment

"My neighbors saw the bomblets," he said, "and I heard the horrible sound that only the cluster bombs make when they are dropped on us. My home was hit by their shrapnel. I was too afraid to leave my home to look for myself because of the snipers."
UK forces 'involved' in Basra blasts
The coalition say the attacks bore all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda, but Sadr's spokesman in Basra, Sheikh al-Bahadli, told the 300 supporters gathered in front of his office that there was evidence that British occupation forces were involved.

The targets of the attacks were Iraqi police stations and a uniformed policeman who joined the protest said "the British were the ones who attacked us".
Why George W. Bush Must be Tried as a War Criminal

Article VI of the Nuremberg Charter, which legally defines "Crimes Against Peace."

To commit a crime against peace, one must engage in "planning, preparation, initiation or waging of war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties . . . or participation in a common plan or conspiracy . . . to wage an aggressive war." Bush is guilty on all these counts. The most damning evidence coming not from the liberal left, but in a series of well-documented books providing revelations by people in his own administration or party.