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Soldier Back From Iraq War Drowns Wife In Tub -- Fort Lewis, Washington

More are more are returning ...
Soldier Back From Iraq War Allegedly Drowns Wife In Tub

POSTED: 6:31 a.m. EDT April 23, 2004

TACOMA, Wash. -- An Army sergeant recently back from a year in Iraq is accused of drowning his wife in a bathtub at her apartment near Fort Lewis, Wash.

James Pitts pleaded not guilty and turned himself in to military authorities. Bail is set at $250,000.

His father and brother said Pitts returned from Iraq a changed man. The father said Pitts called him and confessed to the killing. In the father's words -- "He's not my son anymore. I feel my son is still in Iraq. You can thank George W. Bush for this."

The Army beefed up its postwar counseling programs in 2002 after three Afghan combat veterans from commando units at Fort Bragg, N.C., were accused of killing their wives.

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'kim', this story ALREADY POSTED TODAY 23.Apr.2004 14:28


on Portland IMC:

Is there a problem with reposting articles? 23.Apr.2004 15:58


Over the past few months, I've noticed that participants have been reprimanded for posting articles that have appeared in the past. Is there a "rule" abou this? I am a regular visitor to this site and am not at all put off by reading the same repost a couple of times, with different commentary. Is anyone else?

to 'curious' 24.Apr.2004 02:05

news watcher

it's not so bad when the story was perhaps earlier posted *the previous week* or *month*,

but it's a poor, wasteful use of newswire space / bandwidth when the story WAS ALREADY POSTED THE SAME DAY,

and in many cases only a few stories below it.

above repost - 14:23 Apr-23
ORIGINAL post - 02:13 Apr-23

12 hours difference - 22 stories in between.

the ORIGINAL post of this story IS STILL 50 STORIES **FROM** the bottom of today's newswire. in other words, it's not going anywhere fast.

all it takes is for folks who are posting articles:

PLEASE take a minute to scroll down to the bottom of today's newswire page,

and check to see if the story you so desperately want / need to repost has not ALREADY BEEN POSTED TODAY (even if the title may have changed or been altered slightly).


In all fairness... 24.Apr.2004 12:07


Sometimes posters will post an article with a title which is not at all descriptive of the content. Something like... "Soldiers are CRAZY! Look at this!" or "The horror continues!" In other words, sure, an article may have been posted before, but who wants to click through 50 links to determine if the article you are about to post has already gone up? Posters should be encouraged to post descriptive titles and then posts whatever commentary they like WITHIN the body of the post. However, this slip-up seems to be the exception as most posters do make an effort to sum up the content of their post in the title itself.

Still... sometimes it can be difficult to divine the content of a post based on the obscure (and creative) titles given.

'Spuds' 24.Apr.2004 18:02

news watcher

while you are correct about 'overly creative' or 'embellished' article titles,

and the difficulty of distinguishing some of those,

there are other ways to search for specific reposts than by the title. if you have basic info such as the original publisher (Associated Press, Reuters, etc.) or original author, then PDX Indymedia's very effective search function can help you.

and none of this excuses any reposter of news articles from conscientiously attempting to observe the reposting guidelines I already mentioned above.

my, aren't we retentive... 25.Apr.2004 16:44

pdx indymedia fan

soemtimes I don't see an article and repost the same thing. I do not do this intentionally. Portland indymedia is very popular, and there are many posts. I feel humiliated being called down for an honest error--feels like elementary or high school again, and I'm guilty already!! So please lay off the scolding.

my, aren't we ATTENTIVE . . . 25.Apr.2004 17:39

news watcher

"feels like elementary or high school again . . . So please lay off the scolding."

--why don't you head back there to deal with your unresolved tit-for-tat egotistic, reactive issues?

Some simple, polite, common sense, and very easy-to-comply with suggestions were made clearly above.

please have a little respect for your fellow IMC users. we're trying to run an efficient community newswire here (and there's already enough spam for the IMC volunteers to deal with and compost) - needless, repetitious reposts are a complete waste of space, bandwidth and all of our time.

sorry, newswatcher 25.Apr.2004 22:37


I will try to improve my attention skills. Naughty indymedia user will feel remorse and shame when repeating postings!

. 25.Apr.2004 23:49

news watcher

"will feel remorse and shame when repeating postings!"

--you seem to have a masochistic or self-flagellating trend in your language.

this isn't a 'contest' or 'turf war' about "punishment" or "censorship", and certainly not intended to inflict "shame" (????). it's just basic common-sense courtesy and time saving for all.