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Arissa Press Release for Immediate Release. April 23rd 2004

For immediate release.
Citizens of Portland target intersections to demand justice and police accountability.

PORTLAND OREGON- In response to the recent murder of James Perez by the Portland police, the Arissa organization, citizens that support it, will occupy key intersections to demand justice and police accountability. Today starting at 1pm will occupy key intersections that enter and exit this city (Portland).

It is not difficult to demonstrate a patten of state repression. People of color, the homeless, disabled, poor, and politically radical have been violently targeted by "Portland finest." Couching this discussion in the context of party politics is abusive at best. The political machinations of this local goverment have supported, and have continued to aid in repressive acts across party lines. The murder of James Perez is just one in a string of unjustifiable homicides by the Portland police.
It is time to recognize that the politial systems of this country are fundamentally corrupt, and act accordingly.

This Saturday the Arissa organization and it's supporters will March for Justice and Police Accountabillity. This march will begin at Pioneer Courthouse Square, April 24 at 12:00 Noon.

This March for Justice and Police Accountability begins an effort by the people of Portland to:

1) Ensure the prosecution of Jasen Sery, the Portland Police Officer that shot and killed the unarmed citizen James Parez.

2) Ensure the establishmen of a Citizens' Committee to Oversee the Portland Police's conduct, with disciplinary power.

For more information contact:
Rebecca Pierpont/Arissa
Yipee! 23.Apr.2004 13:57

way to go

i LOVE blocking traffic! g'luck y'all!

Solidarity 23.Apr.2004 14:11


Where are some of these actions taking place? It's been an hour since this was supposed to have started and there is nothing on the stupid ass T.V. (of course) saying where anything is going down. Are these events going to be covered by indymedia volunteers? I know for some protests this site has up to the minute continuing coverage of what is going on. I mean, if the police already know where some of the barricades are going up then shouldn't we know too? I don't have an affinity group here but it would be nice to know how we can help Arissa, that is to say, where we can bring water, food, medical attention, reinforcements, etc. Good luck!!

All around the town 23.Apr.2004 17:17


I saw some friendly radicals on the hawthorn bridge today. They weren't blocking traffic, but they were holding signs and generally looked very sexy. I bet they're all over the place.

I saw some too! Go Arissa! 23.Apr.2004 19:32


I saw a few up in north portland holding signs. One was in the middle of a street passing out small fliers to people in cars who were cought in traffic. Awesome!

Thanks... 23.Apr.2004 20:45


for making me and other people (including a lot of minorities) who actually have to work for a living, instead of living off of their parents trust fund, late for work. I am sure you will acomplish revolution and win public favor for your lifestylist "insurrection".

Were You Late? 23.Apr.2004 21:22

Den Mark

Were you in fact "late for work", or are you just being theoretical here? You know, some people are angry, with gigantic reason to be angry, & do stuff about it, using their anger as fuel. I know i do. And then there's your "trust fund" comment. How you say in your country, "baseless prejudicial comment"?

to yanqui 23.Apr.2004 22:11

Liar liar pants on fire

First, I don't care if you were late for work. The pigs are killing people. Who the fuck cares if you were late for work you selfish, useless little prig?

Second, you're a liar. I saw Arissa flyering. They weren't blocking traffic and they weren't out in the morning. You just saw this post here and made assumptions and thought you'd post a dumbass comment and make people think others were inconvenienced. Yeah, get em on your side...NOT. This isn't the corporate media. Lies are transparent here.

Yanqui 23.Apr.2004 23:19


> parents trust fund

You wish.

anybody who is flyering 24.Apr.2004 01:56

or protesting

or even thinking about it---IS WORKING!!! Activists are, anytime they are engaged in any act of actism, whether it be recharging their batteries or taking back the country--WORKING THEIR ASSES OFF FOR EVERYONE'S BENEFIT!!! They do not get paid, and the least you could do, especially if you are engaged in enriching a corporate coffer, is to thank the activist who cares a HELL of a lot more than you than your corporate master does....

damn 24.Apr.2004 02:41

i went...

but apparently arrissa decided to post a false direct action press release. I like call it crying wolf! please mean what you say. if you are going to call out for direct action, fucking do it@ Crying wolf means people won't belive you when you need it. anyone who has a question of what I am saying read the original press release then realize that all of that was three kids with signs that said "I want change" and handed out flyers. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing to do actually a very sucessful action but before you bring in the community on false pretense please, mean what you are saying. fuckers. bad joke. bad joke. fuck you. learn to rise above your white privledged media savy and have some sort of fucking integrity. white privledge can get you places. use it well. p.s. the families of the dead don't support the action tommorow. the issues are much larger than those families but arissa used their names as if they were down for what is happening they aren't... just so ya'll know. but at least someone is doing something other praying, calling for "non=violence" and standing behind Foxworthy.
fuckin politics suck. arissa be good please. I really want to stand behind and beside you or mabey in front of you.

re: i went... 24.Apr.2004 08:30


The Arissa press release was certainly unclear, but it did not call for anyone to go out and take action.

This is why no one likes you guys 24.Apr.2004 13:11

Not an anarchist

You don't care if people are late for work. You block traffic becuase the pigs killed a guy. I fail to see how standing in the street and blocking cars in any way relates to cop murder. You aren't getting anyone on your side, you are just pissing everyone off. I can't believe the arguments I am reading here. Who the fuck cares if yanqui was late for work? Lots of people aren't lucky enough to not have to work. Being late can get you fired. Oh, I'm sorry working people have to work for giant corporations, and I simply cannot understand why they don't instead do one of the many alternatives you batch of idiots are proposing. Life looks a little different when there are kids to feed and health insurance to pay, you try going out and telling poor folks that they need to eat out of dumpsters and live in shitty little group houses that they pay for either by stealing and then selling stuff (which by the way is just as consumerist as working) or by getting their middle-class parents to pay. Has it ever occurred to you anarcho-morons that you need to try and get the people on your side?

Not Does Not 24.Apr.2004 20:04

Den Mark

"Not" does not get it. "Not" does not get that nobody was late for work. Ring-Ring. Anyone home? NOBODY WAS LATE FOR WORK! Damn!

Nobody was late 24.Apr.2004 21:02

You know why

Because your group is impotent and no one thinks you are right.

Have you ever thought that the lack of support by your own white (I need a cause and the whales are already saved) friends is because you are wrong?

Idealists need to learn how to be realists first.

To anyone, but especially Yanqui and Not 24.Apr.2004 23:05

Clarise Lispector

Why action is important: It tells the public what is going on. They will not find out from the media anymore. It tells the police and the govt. that we are here and we will stand our truth. It shows that they can not oppress us. Taking over a bridge is only one step away from a street, a square, a neighborhood...... There are many reasons to be late for work. I'd rather be late because activists were protesting than because of an accident or construction work. Or because I didn't hear my alarm clock.

I don't care what people make or where their money comes from. Most activists that I know live on very little money. They actually choose to live in group settings, although some live alone. If any of them has a trust fund, they should be applauded for using it to make change instead of lolling on the beach or driving an SUV.

We need to keep reaching out to people from all communities and all walks of life. We will succeed so much more if we reach out to other 'activists waiting to happen'.

Wow 24.Apr.2004 23:21

Not an anarchist

Clarise, that is one of the first intelligent responses I have ever read on this site. I commend you. Seriously, I am not being sarcastic. See, if you write in a calm voice (I admit I wasn't in my previous post), people will actually listen to you instead of yelling back. Anyway, I just wanted to point out how folks, especially anarchists, could approach people, instead of the "fuck you and your capitalist lifestyle" approach.