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Memory Hole Down Due to DOS Attack

And it's all about those photos you're not supposed to see .
This is what they classify
This is what they classify "unwarranted or undignified" attention
From Counterspin:  http://counterspin.blogspot.com/2004_04_18_counterspin_archive.html#108272596109753767

FREUDIAN SLIP? This is what the Pentagon said about the release of 350 photos showing flag draped coffins of our troops arriving at Dover airforce base:
"Quite frankly, we don't want the remains of our service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice to be the subject of any kind of attention that is unwarranted or undignified," said John Molino, a deputy undersecretary of defense."

This is what they classify "unwarranted or undignified" attention:
Note...can you identify any of of the soldiers, airmen or marines who were killed? I can't.
And is it "undignified" to show the photo? In what way? It's politically damaging, perhaps. But "undiginified?"
It sure as hell isn't "unwarranted," given the number of troops we are losing in Iraq.
Incidentally, The Memoryhole (who posted the photos) is under a denial of service attack this morining. Gee...I wonder why?
And will assholes like Glenn Reynolds and Steven Den Beste denounce the scumbags who are doing it?
They did absolutely nothing wrong. They obtained the photos from the Pentagon via Freedom of Information Act request.
Something, as Atrios points out, that the Goddamn "liberal media" should have done a long time ago.
UPDATE: The New York Times runs some of the "undignified" photos.
Nominate Russ Kick of the Memoryhole for a Pulitzer Prize.
Send a letter nominating Russ to the members of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Mirror of Memory Hole:  http://media.newsfrombabylon.com/war/coffin_photos/dover/

homepage: homepage: http://vision-nary.com/mediahostages/weblog.php

DOS? Why? 23.Apr.2004 10:51

Spastica Rex

What evidence do you have that this is DOS? Maybe TMH's server just can't handle the RADICAL increase in hits due to world-wide mainstream news coverage.

Memory Hole Access 23.Apr.2004 10:54

North Portlander

I was still able to access Memory Hole late yesterday evening at:


But this morning, I can't get in. Maybe it's overloaded with too many visitors?

Big article in the Oregonian this morning.

Could be... 23.Apr.2004 11:19


Point taken...
...Lots of sites are saying DOS attack, which doesn't necessarily make it true.
I have no doubt they're being slammed by a lot of traffic, as evidenced by all the mainstream press attention that MH has gotten over the past few days.
I've been following this on a lot of sites, and people seem to be split pretty evenly over what the real cause could be.
Those pictures even had to be shown on the major networks, because of all the controversy.

I visited the site earlier 23.Apr.2004 14:16


Fox news was covering this website and the surrounding controversy. It takes quite a bit of money to maintain that much internet traffic. So hyped-up interest generated by the dominant media would be enough to make access difficult.

Probably just overloaded in the traditional way 23.Apr.2004 14:19

Bison Boy

While there could be a DoS attack in progress against the Memory Hole, I think it's much more likely that the site is just buried under heavy traffic. I personally just got to TMH's front page within the last 5 minutes, although I'm not having much luck with the rest of the site. To me, it doesn't look like it's down, just very busy.

TMH has done a great public service, so I'd like to encourage anyone who can spare $10 to donate to 'em in the next week or two. Their bandwidth costs are going to be enormous due to this, and it'd suck if TMH was killed by its own success.