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Exactly How and When Could the WTC Be Wired With Explosives? Answer...

Many people have suspected the World Trade Center was wired with explosives, causing the unprecedented collapse following the impacts of two jumbo jets. In fact, NYC firefighters remarked that day that it seemed like bombs were going off in the buildings, just prior to the tower's collapse. One glaring question remains unanswered: exactly how and when could such a monumental undertaking be accomplished. Read on for the answer...
Feedback from the Progressive Review's Undernews for April 22, 2004.

||| SEP 11

WE RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING from someone who worked for Fiduciary Trust on the 90th, 94-97th floors of the South Tower:

"On the weekend of 9/8,9/9 there was a 'power down' condition in WTC tower 2, the south tower. This power down condition meant there was no electrical supply for approx 36 hrs from floor 50 up. I am aware of this situation since I work in IT and had to work with many others that weekend to ensure that all systems were cleanly shutdown beforehand ... and then brought back up afterwards. The reason given by the WTC for the power down was that cabling in the tower was being upgraded ...

"Of course without power there were no security cameras, no security locks on doors and many, many 'engineers' coming in and out of the tower. I was at home on the morning of 9/11 on the shore of Jersey City, right opposite the Towers, and watching events unfold I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the weekend work."

homepage: homepage: http://prorev.com/indexa.htm

No 23.Apr.2004 10:30


Uhh, no.

First, the "report" is from "someone" (never a reliable source).
Second, independent inspectors by the hundreds have reviewed the architectural plans, the insulating foams on the I-beams, the I-beams themselves, and thousands of computer simulations of the WTC's odd behavior during the events of 9/11. Virtually all of them agreed that the towers should have survived the actual collisions of the jets with the towers, but that explosive sprays of jet fuel (travelling at 500 mph) were enough to ablate the I-beams' insulating foam, causing extreme heat-related progressive failure of the structure and eventually, the "pancake effect" that has been seared into all of our brains forever.

I don't really see any reason for this sort of wild conspiracy--are you suggesting that Al Qaida planted bombs to insure the towers would collapse? Or that the Bush Administration planted them there to make sure that Osama's plan would be fully carried out, sufficiently enraging the American populace enough to back Bush in an unjust war?

If Al Qaida, you may want to review some of Osama's soundbites from the time immediately following 9/11. The cheeky former CIA operative indicated that the collapsing of the towers was more than he could have hoped for.

If Bush, you are (A) crediting these chuckleheads with more planning and forethought than they have EVER shown, and (B) taking away any reason to suggest that their bungling before and after the events of 9/11 was criminal or negligent.

Are you part of the audience, or do you participate?

NYC Firefighters Discuss Bombs In WTC (video) 23.Apr.2004 10:41

Black Ops

NYC Firefighters Discuss Bombs In WTC (video):

Eyewitnesses discuss explosions at WTC prior to collapse 23.Apr.2004 10:42


Eyewitnesses discuss explosions at WTC prior to collapse:

Operation Northwoods: Government Stages Terror Attacks To Manipulate Public 23.Apr.2004 10:47


Operation Northwoods: Government stages terror attacks to manipulate public support for foreign wars:

Not Convinced 23.Apr.2004 11:16


Seems to me that Bush admin allowed attack to happen is a more plausible/attractive explanation. Easier to explain and Bush et al still EVIL.

NORAD Pactices Remote Control Flight Technology Prior To 9-11 23.Apr.2004 11:21


Much noise, little signal 23.Apr.2004 11:34


So what happened to WTC #7?
I thought so.

Bomb Sniffing Dogs Pulled from WTC Detail One Day Before "Rewiring," On 9-6-2001 23.Apr.2004 12:16


Bomb Sniffing Dogs Pulled from WTC Detail One Day Before "Rewiring," On 9-6-2001
What a perfect cover for CIA agents wiring the towers with explosives...
 link to www.nynewsday.com

Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted

By Curtis L. Taylor and Sean Gardiner

September 12, 2001

The World Trade Center was destroyed just days after a heightened security alert was lifted at the landmark 110-story towers, security personnel said yesterday.

Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One, said the security detail had been working 12-hour shifts for the past two weeks because of numerous phone threats. But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed.

"Today was the first day there was not the extra security," Coard said. "We were protecting below. We had the ground covered. We didn't figure they would do it with planes. There is no way anyone could have stopped that."

Security guard Hermina Jones said officials had recently taken steps to secure the towers against aerial attacks by installing bulletproof windows and fireproof doors in the 22nd-floor computer command center.

"When the fire started, the room was sealed," said Jones, who was in the command center when explosions rocked the building. "Flames were shooting off the walls....We started putting wet towels under the doors. The Fire Department unsealed the door and grabbed us by the hand and said, 'Run!' "

Security worker Diane Easton said she was out front writing tickets when notice of "a plane flying too low" placed security personal on alert.

"The plane went right through the building...and debris started falling everywhere, then 15 minutes later the second plane," Easton said.

Nancy Joyner said several police officers were knocked down and then were stampeded in the ensuing frenzy.

"People were flying out of the windows; there was nothing we could do," Joyner said. "People were pulled from the top floors by the wind tunnel created."

Copyright 2004, Newsday, Inc.

WHO DID THE WORK 23.Apr.2004 12:33


lets find out

Explosives attached to WTC core columns 23.Apr.2004 12:54

George Trinkaus tesla@teslapress.com

The analysis of the WTC collapse most respected by engineers is the HERA Report by G. Charles Clifton. HERA is the Heavy Engineering Research Association. Clifton poo-poos the meltdown theory ( as in PBS "Nova," etc.) from the get go. Core columns had to be severly damaged for such a collapse to occur.


To see what a controlled demolition looks like do a search for the website of Controlled Demolition, Inc.

Building Seven had to be demolished because it had severe tell-tale damage from the explosions at the base of the nearby tower.

Why was Controlled Demolition, Inc. already in NYC on 911? They got the clean-up contract. Also for Okla. City, another controlled demolition.

Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down 23.Apr.2004 13:04

Victor Thorn

Did the World Trade Center towers undergo a deliberate "power-down" on the weekend prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks? According to Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc. - a high-net investment bank which was later acquired by Franklin Templeton - this is precisely what took place. Forbes, who was hired by Fiduciary in 1999 and is now stationed at a U.K. branch office, was working on the weekend of September 8-9, 2001, and said that his company was given three weeks advance notice that New York's Port Authority would take out power in the South Tower from the 48th floor up. The reason: the Port Authority was performing a cabling upgrade to increase the WTC's computer bandwidth.

Forbes stated that Fiduciary Trust was one of the WTC's first occupants after it was erected, and that a "power-down" had never been initiated prior to this occasion. He also stated that his company put forth a huge investment in time and resources to take down their computer systems due to the deliberate power outage. This process, Forbes recalled, began early Saturday morning (September 8th) and continued until mid-Sunday afternoon (September 9th) - approximately 30 hours. As a result of having its electricity cut, the WTC's security cameras were rendered inoperative, as were its I.D. systems, and elevators to the upper floors.

Forbes did stress, though, that there was power to the WTC's lower floors, and that there were plenty of engineers going in-and-out of the WTC who had free access throughout the building due to its security system being knocked out. In an e-mail to journalist John Kaminski, author of The Day America Died (Sisyphus Press) and America's Autopsy Report (Dandelion Books), Forbes wrote: "Without power there were no security cameras, no security locks on doors, and many, many 'engineers' coming in and out of the tower."

Forbes didn't think much of these occurrences at the time, and said that he worked until Monday morning (September 10th) to get all the computer systems back online. Due to his IT-related duties on Saturday & Sunday, Forbes had Tuesday, September 11th off, and thus watched the World Trade Center towers collapse from his apartment. While doing so, he recalled, "I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the weekend work."

In addition, Forbes says there were other peculiarities revolving around this unreported event, including:

1) Fiduciary employees trapped between the 90-97th floors of the South Tower told family members (via cell-phone calls) that they were hearing "bomb-like explosions" throughout the towers.

2) Video cameras positioned atop the World Trade Center which were used to feed daily images to local television stations were inexplicably inoperative that morning.

3) A Fiduciary employee who was on one of the lower floors and escaped immediately after the first (North) tower was struck, reported that he was amazed by the large number of FBI agents that were already on the streets surrounding the WTC complex only minutes after the initial strike.

4) Last but not least, Ann Tatlock, CEO of Fiduciary Trust and now a board member of Franklin Templeton, had just arrived at a conference hosted by Warren Buffet at the Offutt Air Force Base (home of the U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska) when the 9-11 attacks took place. Coincidentally, later that day President George W. Bush flew into this very same base on Air Force One for "security reasons." Even more chilling are the Offutt AFB ties to the CIA's MK ULTRA experiments, Project Monarch, the Franklin Cover-Up, and the diabolical practices of Michael Aquino. (Type any of these words into a search engine for more information.)

In the end, Forbes says that even though these disclosures could jeopardize his current employment, he has stepped forward because, "I have mailed this information to many people, including the 9/11 Commission, but no one seems to be registering these facts."

Obviously there are many unanswered questions to this story, and we will keep you updated as more information arrives.

For discussion 23.Apr.2004 15:49


I read about the engineer who said extremely tall buildings such as the WTC are pre-set with demolition charges along with secret codes for detonation in the footers of the support columns for the eventuality of a controlled demolition. The obsolescence of the structure is figured into the engineering at the initial stage. This engineer also commented that each engineer has very specialized duties with individual engineers working in a compartmentalized area with the big picture not readily apparent to the individuals working piecemeal on a project. Also, he mentioned his work engineering the demolition needed for the footer columns on a project similar to the WTC that he was currently working on. So according to this engineer it is known that all modern skyscrapers are engineered to be controlled demolition at some future date.

"tall buildings such as the WTC are pre-set" 23.Apr.2004 17:03

waste of time to discuss

1. This info would devastate the US business community, were it true, as all large skyscrapers would likely experience complete vacancy upon the exposure of the fact that they may be 'wired' to blow. Thus, this act would be absurd, assuming any landlords and businesses would like to continue to function. Corporate media could spin until they passed out and the public would not continue to enter towers rigged to explode.

2. While WTC obviously was classic controlled demolition (and recall, this was many hours past the plane impacts into the towers), the demolition of the towers shows no evidence of that type of work - they collapse from the top down and literally transform into micron sized dust particles before they even hit the ground. This suggests an entirely different mechanism than explosives.

3. What is the purpose of this faulty meme? And what is it's source? So far, no one I know has been able to obtain the original source info on this myth.

"Progressive" Review is BOGUS 23.Apr.2004 17:06


This site puts out MISINFORMATION related to 911 - they make false claims about the construction of the towers and attempt to redirect away from the clear evidence that the buildings were demolished.

It's a left gate-keeper site that should be avoided. One can obtain the same news in 20 other places that are not putting out misinfo and are based in DC.

"tall buildings such as the WTC are pre-set" 23.Apr.2004 18:22

Tony Blair's dog

Not at all impossible.

There was a comment by a guy just days after 9/11 which said
that the highest scrapers are all wired in case of an emergency
so they can be safely levelled without risk for the neighboring buildings.

It should probably be a simple thing to ask the big architect firms
to find if it is indeed true or not.

And Silverstein's infamous comment that they "decided to pull #7"
indicates that it's very likely.

Which in turn puts the whole event into a very different light.

Thanks For The Post 24.Apr.2004 02:57


very informative, and could lead to more results on who perpetrated this.

see also this recent repost by Dire Wolf of the NYC Firefighters discussing bombs in WTC towers, with good commentary including WTC 7:

slew of emergency test evacuations the weeks prior to 9-11 26.Apr.2004 07:15


I have read of a slew of emergency evacuations the weeks prior to 9-11 as well--sort of to 'get people in the mood' for when they blew up the towers in a few weeks.