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Tre's Refugee/Bail Hearing 4/26/02

Time and Place of Tre's next Hearing
Hi everyone -

Tre's immigration bail hearing is this monday at 10am in vancouver, at library square, 300 georgia street (corner hamilton),16th floor. Bring as many people as you can round up, oh beautiful people - the more, the better!

Tre is currently being held at the North Fraser Pre-Trial Corrections Centre (Prov. institution)
1451 kingsway avenue
port coquitlam, bc, canada
(1 hour drive from vancouver!)
ph# 604-468-3500

DO NOT WRITE HIM AT THIS ADDRESS! Write to him at his lawyer Tim Russell's office, provided in a previous message.

Re: bail $: looks like it will be best if we use Canadian funds upfront for now, because we need them in my account (we couldn't think of a better way to do it), by 10am monday morning, and its pricey and can take 2 businesss days to wire money from the states.

If you'd like to contribute to bail nonetheless (from the states), please do so through www.freetrearrow.org - thank you!