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World Fair Trade Day, May 8th Choice Organic Teas Backs Student Initiatives

Choice Organic Teas / Granum, Inc. is working with students groups for Fair Trade in celebration of the upcoming World Fair Trade Day.

Contact: Autumn White
Choice Organic Teas / Granum, Inc.
Phone: (206) 525-0051

World Fair Trade Day, May 8th
Choice Organic Teas Backs Student Initiatives

Seattle, WA - April 22, 2004 - CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS advocates for Fair Trade by reaching out to student groups that are organizing events for the third annual World Fair Trade Day on May 8th. Student organizations from colleges and universities across the nation are hosting events to promote Fair Trade and lobby their schools to serve Fair Trade certified products in campus cafes and food-service venues. CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS is assisting student groups by donating Fair Trade Certified tea to campuses for their World Fair Trade Day celebrations and by providing literature explaining the benefits of purchasing Fair Trade Certified tea.

A brand of Granum, Inc., CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS was created to speak to a passion for the earth as well as a compassion for the people who inhabit it. Since becoming the first tea-crafter in the United States to Fair Trade certify many of their teas, CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS has been increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of making socially conscious purchases. By assisting student efforts, CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS advances the Fair Trade business model. "Student organization and enthusiasm for Fair Trade demonstrates concern for working conditions in developing nations," explains Blake Rankin, founder and President of Granum, Inc. "We proudly support their efforts." CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS commends student Fair Trade initiatives and encourages further nationwide participation by groups and individuals concerned with fair wages and quality of life around the world.

For information on Fair Trade Certification see:  http://www.transfairusa.org/ (TransFair USA is a non-profit certification agency and monitoring organization for Fair Trade in the US). See United Students for Fair Trade:  http://www.usft.org/ for information on Fair Trade student organizations.


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