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VIDEO FILE: Appeal for Wilderness Suppport PSA

Recently Senator Ron Wyden has called for permanent protection of 160,000 acres of wilderness forests in the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding areas on Mount Hood, including designating 36 miles of free-flowing rivers as Wild and Scenic.
Much of the proposed protected area is in the Eagle Creek area, just outside Estacada, bordering the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness.
Recently, the April monthly Bark Field Trip went to the Eagle Creek area, hiking along the Old Baldy trail to Squaw Mountain. During this hike I interviewed Ivan Maluski, of the Oregon Sierra Club,
concerning the necessity for enhanced wilderness protection for this area. This is a 3 minute video, encouraging people to write to Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith expressing their support for this legislation. Ivan also encourages sending letters to the editor
Some websites which have more detailed information about this issue:
Protect Wild
Oregon Sierra Club

56K Stream

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