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AUDIO FILE: The New U.S. Intervention In Latin America

On March 24, 2004, at PSU, speakers from NW Haitian Association, Bolivian Circle of Oregon and PCASC/CBLOC described the U. S. role in the recent coup in Haiti, efforts to destabilize Venezuela, and an overview of US intervention in Latin America.
After an introduction by Alder, Gunnar and Xiomara Gunderson of the Bolivian Circle of Oregon spoke about Venezuela. Xiomara stated that she has been motivated to speak out because the Media has not been giving correct analysis of what is taking place in her country. She then turns the mike over to Gunnar, who begins by giving a little history of the area. Both speakers then take turns relaying information for about a total of 16 minutes.
Taped and edited by audiopole.
On Venezuela

Next, Talisma, after giving a little history of Haiti, spoke for a total of 18 minutes about recent US intervention in that country.

Last, Chris Ferlazo of Portland Jobs with Justicespoke for about 20 minutes.
Chris Ferlazo

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