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Glasnost (frankness) for DPRK train disaster

Kim Jong Il is responsible for the horrible train accident in Ryongchon in North Korea.
He invested millions of dollars in his own security with an armor-plated luxury train, guarded palaces and so on. But he did not care a cent for the North Korean people's security.

This disaster happened, because yesterday all rail workers were concentrating on Kim Jong Il's secret trip from Beijing and neglecting other duties.

Now that the accident is there Kim Jong Il's priority is to cut telephone lines and block information from foreign media. He could immediately ask the Chinese and South Korean Red Cross for help and get it within hours to save the lives of hundreds of seriously injured people. But he only cares about his personal power and the image of his country.

The DPRK needs Glasnost (frankness) to avoid such disasters. Ask Michael Gorbatchev what he learnt from the Czernobyl disaster to know more about Glasnost. It is really a shame that we must listen to Chinese and South Korean sources to know about traffic accidents in the DPRK.

Our deepest sympathies are with the innocent victims.
Army Gala Show in Pyongyang after the Train Blast 26.Apr.2004 09:47

Songun Politics Are Disgusting

While injured people were starving in Ryongchon, the Korean People's Army had an evening gala extravaganza with merry dances on Saturday as reported by KCNA.
Really disgusting and beneath human dignity.