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Clear Channel Billboard Hawthorne & 20th-- circa 3/04

Re: Photo's of nice guerrilla spray paint work.
The billboard got changed real quik, like within a day of my shooting the pic's. I thought I would post the info here, in case anyone wanted some nice photographic evidence of their artwork.

Really was some nice work by the (spray) painter>>>>>>>>>>>.

can't see picture 23.Apr.2004 09:52



Billboard 23.Apr.2004 10:40


I did not include photo--it's not digi.

I figured the artist would know............which sign I mean.

yea right 23.Apr.2004 17:28


if i was the artist that did this i would never respond to a post by someone that was all like
hey if ya want a photo of your crime then get in touch with me
you can get in trouble if you get caught

could you at least give a discripion of it to satisfy my curiosity?

i hear ya, freebee 26.Apr.2004 10:49

xeno jt@axs.net

I thought of same after posting.....

could seem as a set up, I realized.

here's my trip---i took the photo's--cuz i thought it was cool work--the green spray paint matching almost perfect to the green in bb type.......WWeek was gonna use the pic's, like in murmurs, but they bailed.

if you search--hawthorne billboard on pdxindy search--there are digi phot'o's of the one i mean.

contact re email if you like,