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The Portland Police Suck

The IPR is (supposed to be the link between the police and the city). Civilian review boards are crucial. Public inquest is crucial. But where's the justice? WE ARE THE PEOPLE! I think the city could give a shit about the citizens. So they limit the IPR behavior. It's our jobs as citizens to show the city that we will not stand for their laziness and lame duck behavior. Take to the streets. I will be there if you ask me.

Words from Kucinich...
"It is important to emphasize that the vast majority of police officers are law abiding and committed professionals. However, the common attitude of "we protect our own" amongst some police must give way to a more enlightened attitude that the law must be truly color blind. A fraction of law enforcement officers must not be allowed to continue to endanger the lives of citizens and other law enforcement officers with intemperate and sometimes overtly racist acts."

"As president, I would sign federal legislation to prosecute hate crimes, which tend to be the most violent form of crime in American society. Signing federal hate crime legislation will send a message of unity throughout our nation. America must not tolerate any citizen's human rights being denied."
Get out there people 23.Apr.2004 07:10


Still there is very little being done about this in our community, Why? Sure there are some people protesting in front of the courthouse and there is a march tommarow, but that's not going to change any thing and we all know it. We need to keep to are word, We need to do some real damage to the system then maybe there's a chance that justice will prevail. Then again we could sit around and do nothing. I'm sure the city and the police will take us real seriously next time. Come on people if you don't wont to see any more innocent people gunned down by the police in your city, get out there and take it back.

Why 23.Apr.2004 20:58


Perhaps the community is thinking carefully about what will actually be effective.

The oppressor will not consider the system damaged until it begins to obey the people.

What you propose will strengthen the system.

Police botch investigation to cover own ass 18.May.2004 22:41

Mo Lautz bigdaddy6939@aol.com

I am sure many of you saw the media releases of the motorcycle accident that occurred on August 29,2003 on N. Cornelous Pass road, killing the driver and passenger. The police told the media the motorcycle involved was traveling at 100 MPH. Some papers printed that the driver of the motorcycle even tried to hit the Officer, "the million dollar question" one asked is "why did the driver run". I am so tired of explaining what really happened and I am convinced it is a police cover up. The facts are, the Hillsboro Police Officer who took chase afer the motorcycles was out of his jursidiction, Hillsboro has a "no pursuit policy", they use when only convenient to serve themselves. The motorcycles were travelling at "45MPH", the Officer was travelling "100+ MPH" (the officer was at a dead stop doing paperwork, his engine wasn't running and he was at least 1/4 mile from the four way stop light when he "heard" the motorcycles)to catch up to the cyclists who had done nothing wrong, they had just left Starbucks! The officer passed a mini van in his pursuit to catch up to the cyclists. The Officer turned on his overhead lights and pulled over the last cyclist in the line of three. The cycelist pulls over immediately, the Police car pulls along side and rolls his passenger window down and yells at the driver "follow me", the Officer wanted the driver to follow him in pursuit to catch the other two motorcycles. What the hell kind of Police Officer is this, a Hillsboro Police Officer, who was in Multnomah County, who never informed dispatch he pulled over the motorcycle. Bullshit, I believe either he hit the kids on the motorcyle and kept going or the mini van driver because of the timeline, hit the kids as they were pulling out to follow the officer, I do have pictures of the mini van with silver paint on the bumper (same as the motorcycle) and a dent on the hood, the "shit team" investigators let the van driver go from the scene. Multnomah County Special "shit team" shows up to finish the cover up. The Police reports back up everything I have printed, I have them all. The passenger of that motorcycle was my 18 year old daughter, the driver her boyfriend of two years. The DA has deaf ears. I requested an Internal Investigation, which was a load of crap, as nothing was ever released to me because of their privacy policy. The Officer is still working his shift and everyone just keeps going on with their lives while two innocent people are dead. I even sent the pictures of the mini van to the Mulnomah County Sheriff's department, they just say the case is closed! They are covering for the Officer and themselves for their shoddy investigation, so I have no justice and they can hold their heads up and no light will be shed on this? I don't think so, I am one pissed off mother. We need to take back our rights and hold the Police and Government accountable for their actions. Being a Police Officer does not make you above the law that we the people must live by. I am sorry if you find my story not relevent, but I need to let people know what really happened that night. We had just moved our daughter to Hillsboro so she could attend PSU, we thought Hillsboro was a safe place, we were wrong, dead wrong.

PO Box 844 Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601

Police are scum 13.Nov.2005 03:23


All but a few police are the scum of the earth...I'm a law abiding citizen and have repeatedly seen first hand how the police are less than human sadistic filth. They cover up murders just to save face, they are overtly rude and continue to be tools for government wrongdoings, they are purveyors of fear and ransackers of our freedoms, they spread hatred and violence everywhere, and they only occassionaly protect and serve in a proper manner. If you are a police officer, please do us all a favor and kill yourself (unless you are the rare exception that is a good, true, honest, law abiding officer...a rare breed). All other police are pond scum and should burn in hell.