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The Daily Poetry Movement

This poem is by james agee. Inserted into this months Adbusters. Start brainstorming your culture jamming... Ah Bush did you listen or did you murder yoru own countrymen with a "I had to do it" shrug. Blood for oil is met by the red and black resistance. All over the red and black are aknowledged under different names but we resist you bush! Murdered-
We Soldiers of all Nations Who Lie Killed

We soldiers of all nations who lie killed
Ask little: that you never, in our name,
Dare claim we died that men might be fulfilled.
The earth should vomit us, against that shame.

We died; is that enough? Many died well,
Of both sides; most of us died senselessly.
Ask soldiers who outlived us; they may tell
How many died to make men slaves, or free.

We died. None knew, few tried to guess, just why.
No one knows now on either side the grave.
If you insist you know by all means try,
That being your trade, to make the knowledge save.

But never use, not as you honor sorrow,
Our murdered days to garnish your tomorrow.

óJames Agee