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fuck the racist fucks at american legion post #1

here's where the american legion post #1 in portland is located. these are the racist fucks that gave an award to jason sery, the MURDERER of James Perez.
the address of their post is:

1830 SE 122nd Ave
Portland, OR 97233-1302
(503) 252-2201

give 'em a call or drop by and let 'em know whatcha think.
these fuckers need to hear from the community 23.Apr.2004 00:42

fuck the legion

their website is at:  http://www.oregonpost1.org/

ohmygod this webpage is disgusting. turn down your volume when you hit it. simply awful patriotic music plays when you're there.

here's a photo of their legion hall, so you'll recognize it if you happen to drop by to deliver commentary to them.

What Will We Never Forget? 23.Apr.2004 04:05


We will never forget the killing of James Perez by Jason Seay.

The Legion post deserves to be given a "Two Dimes" award for giving Seay an award when he was being investigated for the killing of Perez, which, even though it wasn't murder, was probably manslaughter, and certainly showed irresponsibility worthy of him being fired.

The Pigs Lied To Ya'll 24.Apr.2004 12:00

Shocking...Just Shocking

I found out the procedure for electing the officer of the year or whatever and the American Legion doesn't vote on it or anything, the Police Department and the Fire Bureau vote on it. The American Legion just makes a plaque and gives it to them. The pigs have been denying all responsibility and pinning it on the American Legion. Not to side with the AL though, they still gave out the plaque and the reasonable thing to do would be to ask for a re-vote or at least wait till the inquest is over before awarding him.

In response to the last post, it's not manslaughter it's murder, if i went over to a friends house and 24 seconds after pulling up to his house he was dead, there wouldn't be a fucking doubt in anybody's head what my intentions were. His badge does not put him above the law.