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Come out to the Try/On Life Community Farm this Saturday

Thanks all for coming to the Village Building Convergence benefit last weekend. I had a blast, and I hope everyone else did too. But I also want to spread the word about the work groups we have every Saturday at the farm.
Goats tearing it up in the burn pile
Goats tearing it up in the burn pile
They've been pretty informal so far, but we're looking to add real workshops (know of anyone we should contact for permaculture/organic agriculture trainings?), and have things be more organized. So, to that end, I wanted to let people know what's happening this Saturday, April 24th.

On Earth Day, we got a donation of 42 fruit trees. As we all know, fruit trees are wonderful, and this represents a valuable addition to the farm. But most of them still need to be planted, and they can't hang out in their mineral root-preserving solution forever. So we're looking for helping planting apple, peach, and plum trees, we maybe even know where they should go...

We're looking at seriously planting the garden beds in early May, but there's still a lot of weeding to do. I know, lots of fun, but we could use your help if you're willing. We also need to analyze and repair the drip irrigation system before it gets too hot, and anyone interested in this could get started this weekend if they wanted to (we could definitely use experienced help with this).

A new goat pen is being built in the middle of the field where they can get at a huge number of new blackberry shoots. They eat these things like candy, but the second half of the fence still needs setting up.

Ground has been broken on the community sauna site, but it needs more grading and preparation. We could also use help with fundraising to meet the material costs.

This is all I can think of right now, there's probably more, and on a seven acre farm, there's always the possibilities of the infinite. And the state park right next door to wander around in. But the fun starts around 10-11am, and lasts as long as you want it to.

Check out our website, farm.truffula.net (on the left side of the front page), for biking, driving, and bussing directions on how to get out to the farm, and ask while you're out there for additional suggestions. You can always call, at 244-1776. Hope to see you, this weekend or the next!

homepage: homepage: http://farm.truffula.net

Food! 23.Apr.2004 08:01


WE like to share a communal meal at midday on Saturday...and have some nice muffins and friut and tea or coffee in the morning...it would be great if people brought food to share with others.

Come on out...the forest around the farm is full of birds singing thier spring sounds. It is so wonderful to work in the garden and have this amazing bird orchestra playing all around us. It is the sound of pure joy!

Try to car pool. If you bike or take the bus..(the bus to Lewis and Clark is cool) I can take people back to SE Portland at about 5:00 PM when I attend the Portland Indymedia meeting on Saturday. Check the website for directions and how to bus out to the farm.