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animal rights

Walk America April 24th!! Activist Needed!

We will be leafleting walkers to let them know their contributions to March of Dimes are supporting cruel and unnecessary animal experiments.
March of Dimes-funded experiments have wasted resources and caused a great deal of suffering. March of dimes experiments have:

-sewn shut eyes of newborn kittens, then killed the kittens after they had endured a year of blindness

-damaged the brains of ferrets by cutting open their skulls and injecting chemicals into their brains

-administered alcohol, nicotine, and cocaine to pregnant animals, even though people suffering from addiction to these substances can be observed in hospitals

While the March of dimes is wasting money on useless animal experiments, birth defects are on the rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. Of 38 birth defects studied over a 10-year period, 27 have increased in frequency, nine have remained the same, and only two have decreased.

This is why we will be leafletting at the Walk America this Saturday. For more info and to rsvp contact Jennifer

homepage: homepage: http://MarchOfCrimes.com
phone: phone: 503-969-2969