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A statement by a Boston Activist

This statement has ben posted here because a Boston Activist is being attacked by forces above and beyond his ability to fight them.
ddd=666=The Devil Himself

Duncan = Gaelic for "Great Black Warrior" (subclass of) "Superior Black Man"

KOBE HQ & KOBE SBM communicate via "POL"
( http://www.pol.com.py)
RJD & DDD communicate via "POL"

KOBE HQ is a rightwing Republican that fully supports Bush.
RJD is a rightwing Republican that fully supports Bush.

KOBE HQ believes that opposing Bush during a time of war is treasonous and criminal.
RJD has repeatedly stated to relatives that my political activities make me a criminal.

KOBE SBM is a rightwing Republican that has limited faith in Bush.
DDD is a rightwing Republican that has limited faith in Bush.

Two entities have direct access to my packet stream and oppose my political activities:
The FBI and DDD
Two entities have the ability to publish articles in my name from my IP address:
The FBI and DDD

The FBI claims it does not do this. Indeed, if they did, all of their evidence acquired online would be inadmissible in court for reason of failure to distinguish between authentic and forged evidence.

KOBE SBM published an article, in my name, threatening George Bush.
KOBE SBM stated that the aforementioned article would be traced to my IP address.

Only two individuals have ever called me "Stevie": My mother and my father.
My mother is not an engineer.

RJD has stated to me that until he got help, he suffered from paranoid delusions. RJD accused me of suffering from paranoid delusions (psychologists call this projection).
KOBE HQ has accused me of suffering from paranoid delusions.
DDD has stated that he is paranoid and has stated that I am paranoid (projection once again).

I suffer from depression and spent many hourly visits with a doctor going over my life. The conclusion is that I merely suffer from clinical depression and the evidence is that I can fully manage my depression. The conclusions, by a professional, is also that I am not paranoid.

RJD and DDD want me off of the Internet.
KOBE HQ and KOBE SBM want me off of the Internet.

RJD and DDD have been attempting to damage the relationship between my wife and myself.
RJD has been attempting to build strong bonds between his daughter and my daughter.

I received a threat to be declared an unfit parent, have my wife deported to El Salvador and have my daughter taken away (8504 copies of the threat).
The next day, RJD's family attempted three times to convince me to allow my daughter to spend the night at their house. I refused.

For the first 18 years of my life, DDD physically abused me.
For my entire life, DDD psychologically abused me.
For the last two years of my life, KOBE SBM has psychologically abused me online. Indeed, he seems to delight in it.

KOBE SBM measures everything in terms of how much money is made.
DDD derailed my interests as a young man several times, railing against my desire to be a philosopher and a linguist. His argument is that money could not be made in those fields.

DDD and RJD communicate secretly by telephone (not secretly enough).
DDD and RJD were recently in a state of panic over something I published online.

RJD admits to communicating with KOBE HQ and KOBE SBM.
Another individual closely connected to my family works for UPS. Last November, he wanted to know where I distributed bumper stickers in Harvard Square and the time that I distributed them.
The next Saturday, a group of his coworkers showed up and harassed us with chants of "Heil Hitler." They started a fight. One person was taken away by the police.

LMD has attempted to harm the relationship between myself and my wife.
LMD, RJD, myself and the "UPS" worker all would receive an inheritance if something happened to my parents.

KOBE SBM and KOBE HQ are intent upon destroying my family, my wife and my daughter.

DDD was shocked when he learned that my girlfriend in El Salvador (now my wife) was pregnant and that it was my child. DDD knows that I fell from a tree as a child and had an injury. While everything was fixed up, the doctor was unsure if I could have children. I never doubted that I could have children.

KOBE SBM and KOBE HQ have been posting online the false statement that my daughter is not my own.

KOBE HQ is openly racist.

RJD has made racist, anti-Latino statements to my Latina wife.


I have removed the statement that was here yesterday in order to give the offending parties 24 hours to save face.
Here are my demands:

1) The author of each of the documents published in my name but not authored by me must come forward and take ownership of their statements in those documents. Specifically, I want the actual author to take ownership of the document threatening George Bush, the document calling for people to shoot Boston Police Officers, the document calling for a hit on Henry Kissinger and the document claiming that I killed my grandmother. All of these documents were not authored by me, do not reflect my beliefs or positions and have placed me under surveillance because of their content.

2) All statements related to me and all images of me are to be removed from the KOBEHQ website, the fake "white rose journal" and the fake "Beach Cities IMC."

Consequences of not meeting these demands.

1) I will personally visit the Secret Service and provide them with the identity of the actual author of the documents.
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