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Killer cop: no indictment

The Grand Jury has decided not to indict Sery for the killing of James Perez.
The Grand Jury has decided not to indict Sery for the killing of James Perez.

That is all.
I hadn't thought there would be one 22.Apr.2004 17:55


I know that almost nothing a police officer does in uniform will ever be deemed wrong. That's why some of them do such heinous things, after all. Because they can. Because they'll get away with it.

Why Would They? 22.Apr.2004 18:19

Dire Wolf

He's Portland's top cop! How could they indict. They all have bloodlust, the shrub is rubbing off well.

BUSINESS AS USUAL 22.Apr.2004 18:54

Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

That's just the way life is these days
In places near & dear
Like NE Portland
Inbred incestuous grand jury
Hiding behind closed doors
Playing the same old ugly discordant tune
Politics of Cruelty
No justice coming soon.

Now you can sit that on your shelf and stroke it
Or you can put in your pipe and smoke it
Or you can get up, stand up
Stand up for your rights
Get up, Stand up!
Stand up for what's right
Get up, Act up!
Never give up the fight!

Any one know where I can find the riot? 22.Apr.2004 19:09


Any one know where I can find the riot?

Public hearing 22.Apr.2004 19:12


There still will be a public inquiry, right?

In Washougal, Wash. a cop tazed a Russian women 19 times in about 1.5 min. or so because she didn't understand she was supposed to sign about her dog. This is incredible. Her children thought she would die. The cop was given a small reprisal and continues his work. I wouldn't want to meet up with him. Jolts scare the b-geezes out of me. I can't want to think how the Russian women felt as she was screaming in pain.

Looking for the riot? 22.Apr.2004 19:23


I can't guarantee it will be a riot, but I think you should all show up in solidarity on the 24th despite pety differances. Now is the time to stand up and fight, not to argue amongst ourselfs like idiots.

with all the tough love and solidarity you can take,

Raven... 22.Apr.2004 19:43


I admire your zeal & respect your rage. I don't think it's "time to stand up and fight."

Take a look at that picture of Jason Sery. Look at the trapezius muscles on that boy. Look at the neck. Look at that Pillsbury Doughboy smile. This man is into his body. I wager happily that NO ONE on this thread would fight him mano a mano, much less while he's in uniform & packing many, many pieces. He is into power, & he can back it up. PLUS, he has a WHOLE LOT of well-trained frat brothers standing behind him, & they are in full body armor, carrying heavy weapons, a variety of nasty gases, mean dogs, "non-lethal" force, bullet-proof vehicles, a license to kill, & clearly no qualms about causing all kinds of bodily harm to anyone who gets in their way. We're talking major-league quasi-military Troopers.

This is a time to stand together, peacefully, and say NO to this shit.

TOGETHER. Despite petty differences, yes. There are a WHOLE LOT OF US here. We are Unitarian/Mennonite/Albina Ministerial/"baby buggy bourgeoisie" peaceful, we are cynical dropouts newly energized, we are skateboard punks, we are committed revolutionaries. But we get absolutely nowhere to fight them now. We can only stand in peace and say no. To do otherwise is to endanger the innocent.


This is a plea from the heart, & as such it will be mocked. Mock on. We MUST proceed peacefully, until Arissa et al. get our Warrior Caste in shape to do otherwise. And we must proceed together.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Take To The Streets 22.Apr.2004 20:01


where are we meeting tonite? We should be in the streets.

long hot summer 22.Apr.2004 20:02

amandla ngwethu

me say, listen
oppressin' man,
hear what I say if yu can;
we have a grevious blow fe blow.
we will fight yu in de street wid we han;
we have a plan;
so listen, man,
get ready fe tek some blows.
dose days
of de truncheon
an dose nights
of melancholy locked in a cell,
dose hours of torture touchin' hell,
dose blows dat caused me heart to swell
were well
and are now
at an end.
all we doin
is defendin;
so get yu ready
fe war...war...
freedom is a very firm ting;
all oppression
can do is bring
passion to de heights of eruption,
an songs of fire we will sing.
no... no...
no run;
yu did sound yu siren
an is war now...
de Special Patrol
will fall
like a wall force doun
or a toun turn to dus;
even dough dem think dem bold,
we know dem cold like ice wid fear
an we is fire!
choose yu weapon dem,
all we need is bottles an bricks an sticks:
we have fist
we have feet
we carry dynamite in we teeth.
send fe de riot squad,
cause we running wild
bitter like bile;
blood will guide
their way;
an I say
all we doin
is defendin;
so set yu ready
fe war...war...
freedom is a very firm thing.

—Linton Kwesi Johnson

amandla ngwethu... 22.Apr.2004 20:16


We don't have a plan. We don't have a clue. We don't have a grevious blow fe blow, whatever that means. We don't carry dynamite in we teeth. Not yet.

I write to try to guide this baby movement away from catastrophe. We are not ready for violence. Innocent people will be lined up right behind you, brave warriors of revolution, or whatever you are.

Cannon fodder=acceptable loss=martyrs for the Revolution. You cannot legitimately make that choice for innocents who follow you out of a basic agreement on the fact that shooting a motorist who is still snuggled into his seatbelt is EVIL. It is too soon to strike da grevious blow fe blow.

I play bass a lot better than I do Jamaican patois.

RIOT NOT - REVOLUTION! 22.Apr.2004 22:20

Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

Poem about Police Violence

Tell me something
what you think would happen if
everytime they kill a black boy
then we kill a cop
everytime they kill a black man
then we kill a cop

you think the accident rate would lower subsequently?
sometimes the feeling like amaze me baby
comes back to my mouth and I am quiet
like Olympian pools from the running
mountainous snows under the sun

sometimes thinking about the 12th House of the Cosmos
or the way your ear ensnares the tip
of my tongue or signs that I have never seen

I lose consciousness of ugly bestial rapid
and repetitive affront as when they tell me
18 cops in order to subdue one man
18 strangled him to death in the ensuing scuffle
(don't you idolize the diction of the powerful: subdue
and scuffle my oh my) and that the murder
that the killing of Arthur Miller on a Brooklyn
street was just a "justifiable accident" again

People been having accidents all over the globe
so long like that I reckon that the only
suitable insurance is a gun
I'm saying war is not to understand or rerun
war is to be fought and won

sometimes the feeling like amaze me baby
blots it out/the bestial but
not too often tell me something
what you think would happen if
everytime they kill a black boy
then we kill a cop
everytime they kill a black man
then we kill a cop

you think the accident rate would lower subsequently

_June Jordan

Appalling Behavior - Appalling Public Relations 22.Apr.2004 23:09

North Portlander

If the Portland Police Department has a public relations officer who is worth his/her salt, it is obviously not listening to that person's recommendations, which would be to deal honestly and ethically with the public and the family in a difficult situation.

Regardless of the verdict, this officer should (1) be making a public apology and (2) refusing to accept an Officer of the Year Award at this time. If he is deserving in other respects, he'll get it later. It's appalling that he accept it now.

I suspect that his attorney has put the kibosh on any apology that might have been offered before the inquiry because he/she probably felt it would compromise his chances of a "not-guilty" verdict. However, now that he has been "exonerated" by a secret panel, there's no reason he shouldn't show public remorse and offer some sort of compensation.

Unfortunately I doubt we'll see what would no doubt be perceived by the Portland Police as a show of "weakness."


Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

Apologize? That's assuming these devils have a conscience. maybe... if we're lucky he'll hang himself.

To Iyanna 23.Apr.2004 00:53


Sery made a mistake and he should be punished. But do not wish him dead. This only makes the law enforcement community only more spiteful. It becomes a war. And thats what we/they are looking for. Do you know what happens when cops die? Retaliation! Do you know what happens when citizens die? Retaliation! It's a paradox. Nobody wins. We need to change the cops from the inside out. We should hope that in 1, or 5, or 10 years somebody will read our stories and comments and learn. Keep the anti-cop statements comming. Hopefully someday, we will have a community of PEACE officers.

The police retaliate

And sometime the police can't live with themselves

Kucinich says....

"Our nation's police should be fully capable of protecting neighborhoods from crime and drugs, while respecting the rights of residents and communities. The U.S. government must spend the necessary money to ensure that our first defenders are our best defenders. I support strengthening civilian review boards, greater community policing, and an end to the drug war that has poisoned relations between cops and neighborhoods in too many cities. I also support legislation introduced by my colleague Rep. John Conyers to deny federal funds to police departments that continue to practice racial profiling.

It is important to emphasize that the vast majority of police officers are law abiding and committed professionals. However, the common attitude of "we protect our own" amongst some police must give way to a more enlightened attitude that the law must be truly color blind. A fraction of law enforcement officers must not be allowed to continue to endanger the lives of citizens and other law enforcement officers with intemperate and sometimes overtly racist acts.

As president, I would sign federal legislation to prosecute hate crimes, which tend to be the most violent form of crime in American society. Signing federal hate crime legislation will send a message of unity throughout our nation. America must not tolerate any citizen's human rights being denied.

The problems of policing in the minority community are complex ones. Only the best and brightest should wear badges and carry guns. There are many, many great law enforcement officers, but low pay and terrible working conditions allow some to slip into the long blue line that should not be there. For example, the "War on Drugs" has made many in the black community feel as though they live in an occupied territory. Greater minority representation on police forces would help, but a new national policy on nonviolent drug users would also help tremendously.

Funding quality after-school programs could go a long way toward taking kids off the streets during "prime crime time" hours and giving them a constructive way to spend their after-school time. I think we should also provide greater resources for the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program and make it an entitlement program for the states.

We also need to increase federal funding for the identification and treatment of substance abuse among parents in the child welfare system and do a lot more than we are to support kinship care alternatives. The amount of money required to do these things is a relative drop in the bucket, compared to what the federal government is spending to wage war in Iraq and to give the richest families in America huge, new tax cuts. If we end the racially biased war on drugs and address drug use as a medical problem, fewer parents will be incarcerated and away from their children for long periods of time.

As president, I would reduce the violence in our cities, which is a by-product of the war on drugs, and return to a sane drug policy, which our country once followed. Before there was a war on drugs, drug violence was practically unheard of. Our drug war has made all of us less safe."


All Is Not Lost... 23.Apr.2004 04:18


.....even with the grand jury refusing to indict Sery for murder or manslaughter.

There are still more chances for justice to prevail.

There's the possibility of a federal civil rights investigation and criminal 1983 charges against Sery for denying James Perez's civil rights by killing him without justification.

There will be a civil suit.

A future mayor (Vera won't fire killer cops, but will fire C.W. Jensen because he was on Kroeker's bad side) such as Posey or Busse can fire Sery, as well as other bad cops, so long as he or she can stand up to the police union.

There will be the protest Saturday, May Day, as well as other chances to make yourself heard. Write letters to ALL the corporate media - Oregonian, WillyWeek, Mercury, and call into the Air America shows and KBOO's talk shows about this travesty. (Especially Air America - nationwide publicity should bring some shame to Portland for letting this killer go, and Randi Rhodes or Janeane Garofalo won't take any guff from Vera.)

TO PEACE 23.Apr.2004 11:08

Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

fuck the police police too. handle your own muthafuckig business.

Um -- 23.Apr.2004 11:21


Lyanna, did you maybe mean "peace police"?

Rage makes it hard to type, let alone whip on Troopers in a street fight. Good luck.

This is all of our motherfucking business. Any white folks lurking, see the Oregonian piece on city settlement for Troopers beating/tasing an old blind white woman. Knocked her glass eye out of her head. This goes beyond race. My hands shake as I write this -- we are all in danger.

Live activists, not dead martyrs. We need every one we can get.


Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

stay out of my soul
handle your own
cuz i already know
you ain't got no mutha fucking backbone!
fuck tha counter-revolutionary reformist peace police!
is that clear enuf? asshole!

Lyanna -- 23.Apr.2004 11:47


Why, exactly, am I an asshole? That isn't clear. Be specific.

How much "backbone" does it take to commit suicide by cop? More specifically, why would it be good to do? That isn't clear. It's pretty easy to do. Easier for some than for others. I'm white, through no fault of my own, & so it may be just a little harder for me than for African Americans, but I'm sure I could pull it off.

Why is it good to insult people who are on your side? I don't understand. That isn't clear.

And why isn't it "Da Sistas of *Da* Revolution"?

TO GUFFMAN 23.Apr.2004 12:02

Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

why are you an asshole? cuz you stink like a muthafucking pig!

After a nice lunch & a brisk walk -- 23.Apr.2004 13:55


I'm ready to learn more!

You have clarified that I'm an asshole cuz I stink like a muthafucking pig. Fine. Thanks for sharing.

Lyanna, why is it good to heat up a hot situation? Why is it good to build the rage before we go into a dangerous confrontation with highly armed & trained Troopers?

Did you know the human adrenal glands are only good for an average of like six minutes of high-powered confrontation before the adrenaline supply runs out entirely? That's when you can't run from the cop-horses or dogs or Humvees.

Did you know that a badge & a weapon confers, on most bearers, great calm & confidence? Did you know that Troopers are trained not to rely on their adrenal glands, to stay calm in confrontation? (This makes the PPB freakouts all the more puzzling. How is it they felt so threatened that they blew their tops like that?? It's highly unprofessional.)

Why is it good to insult people who are on your side, Lyanna? or are you a cop TRYING to goad people into doing something stoopid?? because some of them would like nothing better.

I don't want to see your picture on the front page of Sunday's Oregonian like we saw Kendra's.

BTW, your shift key is stuck. Thought you should know.

GUFFMAN TUFFMAN 23.Apr.2004 15:49

Iyanna & Da Sistas of The Revolution

watch your own muthafucking back! my pic on front page like kendra's sounds like a threat to me. you must be a filthy pig!

Yo, Guffman 23.Apr.2004 19:48


Why are you baiting Iyanna?

Dio -- 23.Apr.2004 21:57


I've spent much of this week trying to hip folks to the logical results of getting hotheaded at Arissa's rally, or elsewhere.

Hotheaded action without the means to back it up means hurt activists, or dead ones. It is also likely to mean "collateral damage." Most important to me, it will make relations with PPD even more strained than they already are.

Walking to the bus mall today after AMA Ad Hoc rally, I made a casual joke to a bike cop, one of three who were hassling a couple kids with skateboards. The fucker followed me -- not far, but far enough for me to realize these guys are freaked. This is a dangerous situation. I've been trying to cool it.

My first to Lyanna was to point out how rage gets in our way.

My second was pretty straightforward, other than the last line, which was obviously in fun.

My third expanded on the first two & tried to explain, again, that I don't want to watch people die unnecessarily. Again, the last line was in fun. Fun is a rare commodity on these pages & may not be recognized at once.

I kept at it because I thought the process might enlighten somebody out there, if not Lyanna. Also because it's fun, if mean, to poke at someone who's irrationally worked up, particularly after being called an asshole. (Cops know this & enjoy it. Watch them sometime when they have some helpless fucker backed into a corner at a traffic stop or similar encounter. Watch their faces.)

I read your stuff on here. I respect your opinion. I hope for the same. Lyanna & I reached a truce, if not an understanding, on another thread. (Correct me if I'm wrong, L.) The news this week has sickened me. I do not want to see more pointless injury or death.

And I'm done.

Yeah, Guffman, I know that 24.Apr.2004 01:02


Also, I saw, later, your rapprochemant in the other thread. You two settled quickly. It is good that you can do that.

Here, Iyanna posted angry poetry, which is not the signal for imminent mayhem. Rather, the opposite. OK, maybe you didn't know that.

However, it was obvious that, regardless of your intent, you were stoking her anger. And even after lunch, you were losing your own cool. We need to watch for those. When either happens, it is time to back off.

I have seen you quote me a couple of times. Thanks. It feels good.

We're all on the same side here. Well, a bunch of us are. On the same side of the mountain, if not of the street. Sometimes we need to know when to tolerate a little more.

Dio -- 24.Apr.2004 09:48


Good points all.

I appreciate civil criticism. Thanks.

Still learning the ropes & the personalities here. Like any other community, it has its tricky points, clearly. I like reasoned debate & rational argument & will sometimes push too hard to get it (ask Mrs. Guffman). And that's not my worst flaw, either....

Now it's time to set up the Media Command Center for watching Arissa's show from a few miles away. I figure between Channel 8, KBOO, KXL & IMC, we ought to get a pretty good picture of what's going on. Will the revolution be televised?

Listen to Mrs. Guffman 24.Apr.2004 18:03


My partner spent more than six months here trying to get reasoned debate & rational argument. He's frustrated and a bit pissed.

I have had better luck. But I'm a bitch and he's only a man.

A nice one, though.