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actress/activist mimi kennedy takes on may sweeps, may pilot season and oregon's may primary!!!
Mimi Kennedy supports Peace, Anti-War, Non-Violence and Dennis Kucinich
Mimi Kennedy supports Peace, Anti-War, Non-Violence and Dennis Kucinich
WHO: Actress/Author/Activist Mimi Kennedy of stage and screen and the nationally and internationally syndicated, Golden Globe nominated sitcom"Dhama & Greg" and Oscar-winning "Erin Brockovich." Kennedy is also signer of the "Win Without War" letter, supporting activist at both the San Francisco and Los Angeles Peace Marches and an activist for PEACE, NON-VIOLENCE/ANTI-WAR. Learn more at www.mimikennedy.net - click News. To learn about her support for Dennis Kucinich, go to  http://www.kucinich.us

WHAT: HAS SHE BEEN UP TO? PLENTY! Shooting two network TV pilots, writing her second book, a novel, promoting syndication of "Dharma & Greg" in over 200+ markets, all while supporting Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich and his strong stand for peace and nonviolence - voice against war as an organizing principle for many Democratic voters.

She'll be in PORTLAND,OREGON in time for the Oregon May Primary, May 18th with Kucinich.

For media interviews on Politics, Peace and More.... contact her publicist, Stacey Kumagai at 818-506-8675 or  mediamonster@yahoo.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.mimikennedy.net