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C.C. Homeless Count Details on 4/28

Check it out! Clackamas Housing Action Network's next meeting on
Wednesday, April 28th at 10 am, will be the site of
(what I believe is) the first complete report on the the recent
attempt to do a Homeless Count in Clackamas County.
Clackamas Housing Action Network's April meeting includes a
very interesting & important presentation:

Clackamas County Homeless Count 2004: Results and Key Issues

Wednesday, April 28th from 10 am- Noon
Office of Children & Families, 504 SE 12th in Oregon City

RSVP is appreciated.

(C.C. Continuum of Care meets 9-10 am on the same date/location.
The presentation will be between 10-11, an overlap).

About CHAN:

The Clackamas Housing Action Network (CHAN) advocates for housing
resources that meet the needs of low and moderate income people in
Clackamas County with a priority for those with the greatest need.

CHAN members are activists, service providers, faith groups, community
organizations and other interested people. We invite you to join us as
we educate ourselves and the general public about local housing issues
and solutions, and work collectively to make positive change. Join us!

Consider joining our listserve for updates and action alerts even
if your schedule does not allow you to attend regular meetings.

Kelly Caldwell, Affordable Housing Organizer

P.S. East Mult. County has a new housing advocates group too! Contact me for info.!