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Tre Arrow's Earth Day Message

Tre Arrow's Earth Day Message
Day 40 of Hunger Strike Day against corporate polluters and unjust prisons -- 4/22/4

This is Tre Arrow putting a shout out to everyone. I am doing well and staying strong.

Every day is Earth Day -- the earth deserves more respect and honor than just one day a year.

In honor of the 34th anniversary of the first Earth Day, we can all be part of the solution in ending corporate greed and planetary domination.

In our individual daily actions, intentions, and purchases, we can manifest a heathier and happier planet.

Some kind reminders: Consume less, buy in bulk, buy organic vegan food. Walk, bike, and skate instead of driving. Use containers that won't end up in landfills. Buy local, support co-ops, buy used instead of new. Use scrap paper, not virgin paper.

If everyone does these things they will impact the world in amazingly powerful ways.

We have the power to create a healthier happier planet for every living thing with our own two hands. May we stand as one to protect all life on earth mother.

For if not now, then when?
If not me and you, then who?

Thanks to everyone for your love and support. Right now in the federal facility I have no access to fresh air or sunlight. I was just given water for the first time in two days. The guards are very unfreindly and leave me alone in a cell 23 hours a day. I have little access to the phones.

I hope you can send some money to Martha and Westwind, who have been paying devastating collect call charges.

Please send your positive envery on Monday, 4/26 from 10am -- noon, when I have my next hearing. I am confident this judge will allow me to post bail so that I may be freed on Monday.

Please write to me at:
Tre arrow
c/o Tim Russell
McCollough parsons Blazina
2nd floor, 1011 fort street
victoria, bc, canada
V8V 3K5

phone: phone: 503.234.2694
address: address: 3430 SE Belmont #101

stop shop-lifting 22.Apr.2004 16:51

and stealing

it really does not help your cause. It just makes you seem like a criminal to John Q Public.

Don't mean to rag on you, you are in some serious shit. I do wish you luck and just a word to everyone. There are consequences for our actions and our inactions.

Laugh 22.Apr.2004 17:17


Telling the FBI's most wanted fugitive-on-the-run to stop stealing. Might as well tell him to stop trying to change the world.

Don't give up, keep going 22.Apr.2004 20:15

politics as possible

I am not convinced about the shop-lifting charges. Don't give up, Tre Arrow, Sparrow lives!

unbeliever 22.Apr.2004 20:34


Tre Arrow is right on with his advice on how to live an eco friendly life.

Although it is a consumer based view! Buy this and that! Why not make it yourself! Grow it yourself, and if you can sell the organic products!

Oh, sorry, selling to make a profit is wrong, my bad.

Run Tre Run 22.Apr.2004 21:24

Bern Haggerty votehaggerty@yahoo.com

Good luck with your refugee claim Tre, and I hope you can get out on Monday!

You should have a pretty good case. Canada should not deport refugees--certainly not someone accused of just shoplifting!--to any totalitarian country.

Consider the USA today. Under the patriot Act any violation of a public safety law that is intended to influence public policy is "domestic terrorism." This is so vague it gives prosecutors complete discretion to arrest and jail anyone who criticizes them--or their campaign contributors, or their politician friends. Anyone who holds a sign outside the crosswalk is a terrorist, and anyone who they know is a suspected terrorist, and subject to secret searches. Secret Warrants, Secret Home Invasions, Secret Wiretaps, Secret Email Monitoring, Library Spying, . . . And, even without the patriot Act, the FBI and local police have a proven history of targeting environmentalists (and trade unionists, gay rights activists, black elected officials, native americans, even black and hispanic FBI agents themselves) for illegal investigations, harassment, disproportionate punishment, smear campaigns, and even assasination. Just membership in the Green Party gets you on a secret "no fly" list preventing you from traveling by airplane, and we don't even know what Secret Lists we are on. A convicted felon is running a Secret Office that collects Secret Evidence against people on the Secret Lists about their (our?) telephone, credit card, ATM, and internet communications. And, don't look for any of this to change after the next election--the patriot Act was, and still is, a BI-partisan consensus. And, whereas all politicians and prosecutors like to grandstand against outspoken environmentalists, the Democratic Party in particular considers any Green Party activist public enemy number one right now.

So, good luck on Monday, and stay out of the US if you can, for your personal safety.

By the way, even though I think you should stay out of the US, I still believe you should run for Congress. America needs your voice. In fact, you, John Graham, and the three (?) US soldiers also seeking asylum in Canada would all be great candidates, in my opinion. You would make an excellent slate. As long as you are all over 25, I believe you remain eligible. As a refugee, I think you will remain a resident of your latest Congressional District before leaving the US, and even if this doesn't work, the Constitution only requires you to establish a residence in your district before the day you are sworn into office--usually late January. This means you are entitled to run in any Congressional District in the US.

Here's a story: Just a few years after the US revolution, after the government was formed, there was once a guy who was critical of the President--President John Adams, I think. This guy was rounded up, charged with and convicted of sedition, and sent to prison. The guy was a member of Congress, and he served from prison--they can take away your right to vote, but not your right to run for Congress! He served from prison for some time. When the next Presidential election rolled around, the electoral college broke down in a tie. In the event of a tie the US House picks the winner (note our Supreme Court didn't seem to get this idea last election). But, the House vote was a tie too! The tie-breaking vote, I think the vote that put Jefferson into the White House, was this same guy, who began by speaking his mind and getting arrested for it.

My point: Even if you are in exile (or in jail), you would make a great Member of Congress! I for one am with you if you decide to run.

Peace. Bern Haggerty.