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Act for the Earth: April 30 - May 2 at Southern Oregon University in Ashland

Act for the Earth:
a bioregional ecology conference
and skills training

April 30 - May 2, 2004
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, Oregon

Peace House, OSPIRG and the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous (ECOS) are collaborating to host a weekend of workshops, panels and trainings on the campus of Southern Oregon University. With a focus on applied skills and trainings, the weekend will offer participants the opportunity to take a variety of actions on behalf of the earth and all life.

Act for the Earth is a community effort to draw connections between diverse struggles that can easily be seen as one. Consciously blending "issues" from social justice to eco-defense in order to share our experiences and learn from each other, this Conference aims to build inspiration and longevity in our actions. Join us for an exciting weekend in the shadow of the Siskiyou Mountains in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

*Friday, April 30 at 7:00 pm in the Britt Ballroom*
Military Father Speaks Out:
Fernando Suarez del Solar, Father of U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq, on the War in Iraq and Military Recruitment

Fernando lost his son Jesus when he stepped on a US cluster bomb while fighting in Iraq. Since then, Fernando has been traveling around the country speaking out against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. In December he traveled to Iraq with Global Exchange and a group of military families to listen to the needs and desires of the Iraqi people, and returned home to meet with congress people, UN officials and the media to call for the withdrawal of US troops.

*Friday, April 30 at 10:00 pm at Jazzbo's (downtown Ashland)*
Becky White and Peg Millet, performing original music !!For the Earth!!

Join members of the Oxygen Collective for an evening of music, dancing and storytelling.

*Saturday, May 1 at 7:00 pm in the Stevenson Union*
Oxygen Collective presents: The Fire and Forests Roadshow!

Join the Oxygen Collective for a multimedia presentation that seeks to educate and raise awareness around the Bush administration's plan to cut the largest timber sale in modern history: the Biscuit salvage logging proposal in the wild Siskiyous of southwest Oregon. This administration is using southwest Oregon as their playground for a radical industrysponsored policy for public lands forest management. "The Fire and Forests Roadshow" will highlight the Biscuit timber grab and offer a multitude of ways for citizens to defend our last wild places in the US. This is the final presentation wrapping up a month-long tour of West Coast universities and communities. Check out www.o2collective.org for more about the roadshow and the Biscuit Fire salvage logging proposal.

*Sunday, May 2 at 8:30 am in the Stevenson Union*
Special Guest: Dennis Kucinich (invited, NOT confirmed)

Dennis returns to southern Oregon for an early morning talk addressing environmental issues here in the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion.


**Saturday, May 1 beginning at 9:00 am in the Stevenson Union**

*Strategy and Tactics*
Tim Ream, Oxygen Collective member
Ginger Cassady, Greenpeace

The Earth wants us not merely to try hard, but to be effective. That means defining a clear, evolving path to victory, determining proper strategies for progress and aligning tactics to succeed. This workshop will present a strategic planning model and use examples from actual campaigns, including a focus on creative tactics and past Greenpeace campaigns.

*Campaign Planning*
Ben Unger, Northwest Organizing Director, OSPIRG

This panel will address planning a campaign in such a way as to mobilize and activate student participation. It will cover basics of laying out a well-organized campaign, as well as more advanced tips. Also addressed will be planning an effective campaign and influencing decision makers without lobbying in Salem or Sacramento.

*Kids Act for the Earth!*

How can we use art to create a message for the Earth? This kid-directed workshop will explore issues about our planet that need attention. We will use our minds, voices and our imagination to think, paint and build a kid’s message. The art and discussion time will be loosely facilitated by adults. This workshop is not child care. Parents are expected to be present and participate supportively. Kids of all ages are welcome. Art supplies and snacks provided.

*The Art of Nonviolent Resistance*
Dot Fisher-Smith, life-long nonviolent activist

People struggling for social change have been compared to artists; both share vision and a commitment to beauty. Dot will explore the parallels between art and activism in this inspirational, interactive discussion. Come explore the numerous mediums with which we can change the world.

*Rap Music: From Hip-Hop to Hip Homicide*
Wind Woods, president of Black Student Union at SOU

An interactive workshop and discussion on Hip-Hop and the culture that surrounds it. What is Hip-Hop? Where did it come from? Where is it going? Workshop lead by Wind, from the local Hip-Hop group Triphonix. He considers himself a fan, product and active member of Hip-Hop culture and an advocate for Hip-Hop as a means of activism and education.

*Coalition Building*
Laura Etherton, OSPIRG
Wes Brain, Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE)

In addition to a basic overview of the importance of building alliances and tips for working effectively in coalition, this panel will address the mutual and far-reaching benefits of coalition building with unlikely allies.

*Media Training*
Joseph Flaherty, Media Collective
Kerul Dyer, Independent Journalist

This training will cover generating positive and thorough media coverage for grassroots events and movements, as well as alternative and independent media options.

*Nonviolent Communication*
Selene Aitken, long-time peace & justice and environmental activist
Daniel Wise, long-time peace & justice activist

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, is a reliable process which helps create communication bridges between individuals. NVC enables individuals to work through conflict with compassion and success. People attending this workshop will learn the basics of nonviolent communication and begin to develop tools to enhance collaborative efforts and to create bridges with people of differing views.

*Workshop on Depleted Uranium (DU)*
Marla Benoist, Info-Mission Director

The film, "Axis Of Whose Evil”, a new release by the Japanese organization No DU Hiroshima Project, will be shown followed by an overview to educate the audience about DU, what it is, where it's used, why the military prefers DU, and movements/ strategies for action to eliminate its use. Information will also be presented on MAIC, Medical Aid to Iraqi Children, a group working to provide supplies for Iraqi medical facilities.

*Hanford: Nuclear Activism*
Dr. Jay Mullen, professor of history at SOU

Dr. Mullen will present "A Case Study for Nuclear Activism: Hanford Downwinders". Dr. Mullen was exposed to nuclear pollution growing up downwind of Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

*Conflict in the Middle East*
Janet Brown and Jon Roy Wilson, Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
Bonnie Broderson and Gene Robbins, peace activists

Janet and Jon were on the FOR Interfaith Peace Builders Delegation to Isreal/Palestine and will be speaking about their recent trip from March 20 through April 3. Bonnie and Gene are actively involved in the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and bringing awareness and visibilty to the conditions in occupied Palestine that their niece Rachel Corrie witnessed in the Gaza Strip.

*Klamath-Siskiyou Timber Sale Review*
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS Wild) staff

The KS Wild staff will give a concise and thorough summary of upcoming threats to the spectacular Klamath-Siskiyou region. They will highlight timber sales that exemplify the negligent management of our public lands and will also talk about public lands projects that they support.

*Market Campaigning Workshop*
Jessica Bell, Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of the process of campaigning against corporations in order to pressure them to abide by environmentally responsible agreements. This interactive workshop will address the following questions: How do you choose a corporate target within a particular industry? How do you create a campaign strategy that is designed to pressure your corporate target? How do you negotiate and communicate with your corporate target? The workshop will also explore RAN's campaign against the Weyerhaeuser Corporation.

*Organizing 101*
Jessica Bell, RAN

Recruitment and organizing are two of the most critical skills that activists and campaigners should possess. This interactive workshop will outline the basics of recruiting and managing volunteers; building the size and power of your local group; and creating leadership.

*Bioregional Sustainable Economies: A Case Study in the Little Applegate Valley*
Michael Moss & Kris Hoien, Boone's Farm and Spirit Gardens

Michael and Kris, farmers from the Little Applegate valley, will discuss there travels on the road to bioregional sustainable economics through organic agriculture and whole systems farming. Topics will include the creation of agricultural guilds to encourage cooperation, niche farming within bioregions, and some of the struggles and solutions encountered along the way. Kris and Michael will also talk about the systems they're developing on there respective farms and how those systems relate to one another.

*Struggle In The Woods*
James "Duff" Ficklin, video activist and documentary filmmaker

Duff will present the new 30 minute film: "STRUGGLE IN THE WOODS - Views of Extraction". Narrated and told through the eyes of Remedy, who sat one year in an ancient redwood to protect it from the chainsaws of Maxxam/Pacific Lumber in Humboldt county. The film brings up disturbing questions about the nature of forced tree-sit extractions as well as the ecological damage of deforestation. A brief talk and Q & A will follow the screening.

*Shoestring Video Production for Activists*
James "Duff" Ficklin, video activist and documentary filmmaker

A one hour workshop offered by Duff covering the basics of cameras, gear, digital video formats, capturing good audio, shooting in high risk situations, basics of editing, how to tell a quick effective story, distribution, and webcasting.

*Medicine Lake - Energy Development Threatens Sacred Site*
Regina Chichizola

A film screening addressing Calpine’s plans for geothermal development at the Medicine Lake sacred site followed by a presentation and discussion.

*Sacred Activism: Having an Indigenous Sense of Place*
Mokstleloos (Jeff Painter), director of Siwash Native Resources, member of the Clatsop Tribe

Mokstleloos, an activist, storyteller, ceremonial singer, counselor, and international trainer will help you to add a new dimension to your activism strategy, whatever your cause. He is an expert in the field of social justice and diversity.In this presentation we will: look for the Sacred in our activism, identify how this could be enhanced and placed prominently in our strategies and organizations, discuss how to prevent activism burnout, and other topics. This workshop is a learning-by-doing (fairly intense at times) shifting of some of our major assumptions and habits as activists. Great for the new activist or well-seasoned (possibly "welldone") activist in the trenches.

*Direct Action Training*
Kim Marks

This training will cover affinity group formation and roles, action planning and preparation, strategies for effective actions that are energized and creative. It will cover different kinds of direct action tactics, both high tech and low tech, in the forest and the city.

**Sunday, May 2 carpools leave at 10:00 am from the Stevenson Union**
(please bring vehicles for carpooling!!)

*Radical Art Training: Block Printing 101*

Block prints can present a strong, vivid message. Local Artisans will teach basic design, carving and printing techniques for creating your very own radical block print. Linoleum Block, carving tools, paint and recycled paper will be provided.

*Sacred Sites: Field Trip to Mt. Ashland*
Mokstleloos (Jeff Painter), director of Siwash Native Resources, member of the Clatsop Tribe

All environmental activism is rooted in a particular Place, in a particular watershed - and these are rooted in a local Indigenous Culture. These places have a living memory of thousands of years shared with the indigenous people that lived there, laughed there, and prayed there...and are still there. Apply the skills you learned in the Sacred Activism training on this field trip with Mokstleloos and other Native leaders. We will be practicing Sacred Activism to address the proposed Mt. Ashland ski area expansion and the "thinning" project in the Ashland Watershed. Participants will meet at 10:00 and carpool to the Mt-A parking lot. From there, we will take a short hike (difficulty: easy to moderate) to a sacred site overlooking the watershed for a community council (discussion) and ceremony. From the top of Mt-A, our guide will help us to identify several of the sacred sites in and around the watershed.

*Climbing Training*
Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (NEST)

*Blockades Training*

A direct action skills training will be presented by seasoned activists and will examine the planning and construction of blockades in various non-violent direct action settings. This is information you can take into the streets and forests.

*Hike the Zane Grey Roadless Area*
KS Wild staff

Join KS Wild and friends for a hike in the Zane Grey roadless area on the lower Rogue River. The Zane Grey is the largest forested BLM roadless area in America and it is currently threatened by the Kelsey-Whisky timber sale. KS Wild is actively fighting to stop this old-growth sale, but we need your support! Come see this beautiful landscape on a gorgeous southern Oregon spring day and find out how you can support our efforts to protect this national treasure.

*Hands-on Permaculture Workshop*
Micheal Moss and Kris Hoein, Boone's Farm and Spirit Gardens

Michael and Kris, farmers in the Little Applegate Valley, will lead a hands-on permaculture workshop at Boone's Farm or Spirit Gardens.

For more information, please call Peace House at 541-482-9625, OSPIRG at 541-552-8514 or ECOS at 541-552-8512. E-mail us at  actfortheearth@riseup.net.

All events are free. Donations will be gladly accepted.
Carpool from Portland 23.Apr.2004 09:34

Cascadia Rising

Cascadia Rising would like to help organize carpools to this awesome activist conference. If you have need a ride, or have space in your vehicle to share, please post it here, or give us a call at (503) 493-7495, or email at action(at)cascadiarising.org