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Breaking News: Spies Hit North Korea

Over 3000 people killed.
Two trains carrying oil and gas sabotaged and made to crash.
North Korea's phone system sabotaged.

Stay tuned...
Fundies primed to attack N. Korea 22.Apr.2004 10:35

theresa mitchell

This is pasted from the Traditional Values Coalition site:

"Summary: The North Korea Freedom Coalition is urging participation in a lobbying day on Capitol Hill on April 28th.

The North Korea Freedom Coalition (NKFC) is urging grassroots support for a lobbying day in Washington, DC, on April 28th to protest the violation of human rights in North Korea-and to secure passage of legislation that will bring about peaceful change in how North Korea treats its citizens.

North Korea is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world and routinely persecutes and kills Christians and other non-Communists for opposing that nation's dictatorship.

If you live in the Washington, DC, area, please plan on attending the NKFC rally and lobbying day events."


Since the Bush Administration uses fundies as ideological stormtroopers, I have to wonder if some covert provocation is planned. The Bushies have been fulminating for some time about nuking North Korea.

Spies! 22.Apr.2004 17:49

Happily Licking The Boots Of Dear Leader!

Spies! Spies! Spies and Saboteurs Everywhere!

All hail the heroic North Korean telephone workers, who in the true spirit of Juche, cut the international telephone lines so North Korean traitors could not spread evil lies about the wonderful standards of railway safety in the Worker's Paradise!

Dear Leader, however, is going to have to deal with KCNA, who more than 20 hours after this act of perfidious sabotage, have yet to blame the US imperialists for this (or to provide any explanation whatsoever for this act of sabotage).

The peoples' blood runs cold when we realize that Dear Leader had passed down that railway track just a few hours before the act of sabotage.

Clearly the prison camps of glorious North Korea are not yet big enough!

Do Not Listen To CIA Provocations! 23.Apr.2004 00:26

True Friend Of Juche


Do not pay attention to the CIA disinformationalist troll postings in this thread! Comrade "Various", and subsequent posters, although superficially following a politically correct line, are in fact agents of US imperialism!

Consider Comrade "Various" posting:
"Over 3000 people killed. Two trains carrying oil and gas sabotaged and made to crash. North Korea's phone system sabotaged."

Comrade "Various" fails to consider that he is being duped, because Comrade "Various" is relying on **Imperialist Corporate Media** in making his wild claims! The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has said nothing about any claimed explosion. Comrade "Various" is the dupe of a rather obvious and pathetic ruse of the imperialist media to libel the glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea. If there had been an exploision in Democratic People's Republic of Korea, KCNA would have reported it. If KCNA has not reported an explosion in Democratic People's Republic of Korea, then there has been no explosion in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Despite his show of superfical leftism, Comrade "Various" demonstrates that he considers Imperialist Media to be more reliable than KCNA. Comrades, consider where this leads us. If you think that Imperialist Media is more reliable than KCNA in regards to claimed explosions, it is a short step to believing that Imperialist Media is also more reliable than KCNA in its wild reports of mass starvation in Democratic People's Republic of Korea, claims that the DPRK is the world's most brutal police state, and claims that chemical weapons are tested on political prisoners in the DPRK; as opposed to trusting only in reports from KCNA and correctly following the line set out by Kim Il Sung, and loyally adhered to by Kim Jong Il.

Comrades, we must ask ourselves whether Comrade "Various" and subsquent posters are unwitting dupes of US Imperialism, or whether they are active agents in support of US Imperialism. We realize that Comrade "Various" and subsquent posters are ideologically weakened by not living in the DPRK (after all, if they lived in the DPRK, they would not have Internet accounts), so the possibility that they are unwitting dupes cannot be ruled out, despite their love for Imperialist Media as opposed to the correct Party line, as set out by KCNA. However we can all agree that Comrade "Various" and subsquent posters would benefit from a lengthy term in a reeducation camp, so they can learn the rudiments of true leftist thinking.